QuickOffice Pro HD Optimized For Android 3.0 [VIDEO]


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Apple’s assertion that the iPad has 65,000 apps and Android Tablets only have 100 is absolutely ridiculous. It’s clearly stretching the truth and spinning an angle to make Apple look superior when in reality, everyone knows it’s a ludicrous exaggeration and only makes Apple and Steve Jobs look scared.

That being said… Apple is only stretching the truth: there is some original truth with which they’re basing the stretching. As a XOOM owner I know that many Android Apps downloaded to the XOOM are either stretched and grainy, look super small and framed, or are mirror images of the phone version that aren’t optimized for tablets.

You don’t need to defend Android in the comments. It’s just nice to see some quality developers taking Android 3.0 to the limits, the latest of which is QuickOffice with QuickOffice Pro HD demoed below:

Our XOOM Forums are already filled with people asking what apps are XOOM optimized and what apps don’t work on the XOOM. I’m guessing we’ll see the same discussions pop up in our other Android Tablet Forums.

Do you have an Android 3.0 Tablet? What apps are Honeycomb optimized that you love? What of your favorite apps are totally wonk on tablets that you’re eagerly hoping get upgraded?

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  1. Some people like to respond to whatever Steve Jobs says about Android. Others just shrug, roll their sleeves up and work on good stuff for Android.

  2. It’s not a ridiculous assertion. Steve Jobs said Honeycomb only has 100 apps, which is correct. Android tablets can run thousands more, but Honeycomb itself only has about 100 tablet-optimized apps, which is exactly what Steve Jobs was saying. At least pay attention next time.

  3. Sorry folks. The Xoom is doomed:

    Dead in the water….don’t shoot the messenger….read it for yourself

  4. As for the actual app, besides the sluggishness (which is to be expected since it’s not a final build yet), it looks REALLY good. The design looks slick and simple and it’s good to know more productive and work related Honeycomb apps are being worked on.

  5. who cares what digitimes says? I bet they said the same thing about android phones when the G1 came out.

  6. @rickyd
    There is an article on that right here on phandroid. Plus it seems moto has already denied this as being untrue

  7. @rickyd in a way who cares if the xoom is doomed? Honeycomb is the thing. Honeycomb is going to continue to improve and the xoom will always run honeycomb. That’s an advantage of the software not being tied to the hardware.

  8. This is fantastic stuff. As someone who does presentations for their work, if they can get the HDMI out to show the presentation while the tablet screen shows notes, I’ll buy it at any cost.

  9. At Xoom launch the Market had only 60 apps optimized for Honeycomb with the Xoom resolution of 1280×800, so Jobs was right (he said about 100 apps, but that the number were even lower). Google and Motorola confirmed it. There were also many apps optimized for the Galaxy Tab (1024×600) that perform well in the Xoom, and most of the apps at least work, but can´t use all the screen space available. Compared to the ipad 1 launch, it was not that bad and in 6 months all the useful apps will be optimized anyway.

  10. Site isn’t working to sign up! Keeps timing out on me…

  11. Xoom maybe doomed but that is because by June there will be almost a dozen high quality lower priced tablets hitting the market with most running Honeycomb. Some will succeed (Samsung, Toshiba, Dell?, Acer, HP-yeah I know it’s WebOS) and others will fail (HTC-price/software version/stylus-really a stylus?!?, LG-Price/price/price- Is 3D really that popular?!?) I know I am waiting and I’m sure others are as well!

  12. Yea nothing to defend here, “the ipad is better cause… its a giant $#@#ing iphone”
    I actually think its akin to comparing 2 different things, like apples and oranges (sure they’re both fruit but their not the same) Apple provides a polished locked down experience while android gives you the options. Some people are sheep and dont want options, just shit fed apps

  13. well if honeycomb needs apps then this is one of the most important apps to have. Once people work with files they will not be able to tolerate OS’s with no file system, such as ios.

  14. Still no Netflix or Hulu Plus.

  15. Not sure how playon works on honeycomb devices with larger screens, but I have seen it running well on a galaxy tab. Forget waiting for netflix or hulu to announce an app, just use playon for streaming netflix, hulu, and now march madness basketball. I have been using it for some time now with my evo 4g and at this point I could care less if netflix or hulu bring out an app.

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