Watch the Samsung CTIA Event Live at 11:00AM EST


So you weren’t among those invited to attend Samsung’s CTIA press event? No problem. The whole thing kicks off in a few minutes at 11:00AM EST (though we know these always get going late) and you can watch it right from the comfort of your own home. We expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, but there may be a few more surprises in store. Head on over to Samsung’s site to watch the live stream.

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  1. Who cares about samsung!!! They will never listen to there customers when we want something like an update.

  2. @brad. Get over yourself and know realize it’s the not Samsung. Simply carrier. The G2 stock doesn’t even have an update. So many phones dint have updates that are claimed to get one. Get used to it. Notice the native Galaxy was well mannered.

    Anyways I hope they announce US variants.

  3. WOW Samsung just put a hurtin’ on Apple!

  4. Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi 16GB – $469 early summer <– This is the 1st Android tablet to peak my interest.

  5. I didnt see the galaxy s2 phone…Are they here? Cant wait to get it this summer for t-mobile..Yeah I know but the deal hasnt finalized yet and both 4G bands will be in it.

  6. @brad
    Its the shitty US carries that delayed the updates.
    Here in Europe we have had the 2.2 update for a long long time.
    And you could always root it you idiot

  7. The bluetooth PEN/PHONE accessory is AWESOME!

  8. nothing about Galaxy S2 phones… wow

  9. Where are the US Galaxy S II phones??

  10. iPad & iPad2 with old and low 1024×768 resolution can suck Sammys balls now!

  11. I have a Samsung 3d TV, 3d blu ray player, but never being a fan of their mobile devices because of their crappy support, but after hearing pricing for their 10.1 I’m hooked. I’m not too fond of the Tegra2 chip, but I’ll have to see. The enterprise offering looks good and it may become a benefit as many companies want to have that capability in tablets. Too bad I have to wait so long. 3 months is a lifetime in gadget timeline.

  12. OMG $499 for the 10.1!!!! June 8th it is mine!!

  13. It isn’t the carrier who is responsible for the update; it is the manufacturer. I’ve been in direct contact with Samsung inquiring as to when the Fascinate will receive 2.2 or higher. They say “we are working hard on developing an update…” and give no timeline as to when US Samsung Galaxy owners will see an update from 2.1. In my opinion, rooting is only an option for those comfortable enough risking the process. Being that the majority are consumers and not tech savvy phone hackers, it isn’t unjustified to be pissed that an OTA update hasn’t been pushed out. Verizon continues to sell the Fascinate for $199.99, and with that said, being that it is still leading in cost, one could only assume an update is inevitable.

  14. Hmmm… Phandroid, you do realize that 11:00am EST was an hour before you made this post, right?

  15. @Lukas


  16. 1.brad

    stfu brad. You don’t know f.all.
    The Galaxy S is one of the only two handsets (inc HTC Desire) to receive 2 official firmwares. Stop giving the U.S a bad name with your usual bs on here. It’s tiring.

    Credit to Samsung getting hell of a lot of Android powered tech throughout the world. It will be this company mostly that will win the OS war for us. Thanks to their Nexus S Android certainly is in nearly every part of the world now.

  17. Wonder how much Quentyn fapped to the video.

  18. @16 part of the problem was that samsung released 4 different versions of the SGS for the 4 US carriers.

  19. Since when did everybody jump on board to defend Samsung? Remember HTC has been the fastest of all OEMs to deliver an update. Why is it taking Samsung and Sony Ericcson and even Motorola so long to get an update out? Poor software? Or is it more convenient to blame everything on carriers? No one is innocent here.

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