Angry Birds Rio Free in Amazon Appstore for Today Only


In celebration of the launch of their brand-spanking new Appstore, or more likely to entice new customers to sign up, Amazon is offering their Rovio exclusive Angry Birds Rio for free for the remainder of the day. Just head over to the Amazon, sign up for the Appstore, and enjoy your free download!

[Thanks, Jimmie!]

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  1. How about an Amazon App Store review??? I think it looks good but I worry that millions of people will become confused by having two big App Markets for Android. I have a feeling that if they start making a lot of money then Google might shut it down or charge Amazon a fee.

  2. It’s listed as ‘’ not the Amazon App Store which i think may confuse people.

  3. Wow that’s great, thanks Amazon.

    Oh wait, I live in the UK and your app store only works in America. So I miss out entirely.

    And what’s that? No news on a global launch for your app store? Great. You’re doing the Android app scene a power of good. NOT.

  4. I dont think the one is the same thing. i have one that is actually titled amazon app store but i had to get it from the amazon site.

  5. Correction i found the link but it says i can’t open the application for my own safety :o

  6. @Alec, are you on AT+T? If so you are currently out of luck. If not, you need to enable installation of non-market apps.

  7. @meeple
    Same problem, Once again a company completely restricting it’s market from the off. I was actually pretty excited for the ‘free app every day’ feature on there too, but no, that’s not going to happen either!

    In future, they should completely restrict downloading of the appstore itself or just not release until all countries can use it!

    So now what, early American adopters get Rio free, the rest of us wait until Angry Birds 3 comes out before they make the Appstore available?

  8. Yeah, i am ><. At least till the Bionic comes out.

  9. Useless US only shite. Uninstalled

  10. The game itself is good and about what you’d expect.

    Getting the application for Amazon’s App market will confuse many and they’ll give up, then blame Google.

    I do see a major mistake as they are giving away the biggest title they currently have. Amazon spent so much to lure Rovio and today they give away the product??? Better get it ASAP because I’m not sure I’ll be back.

  11. For all those complaining about how companies run their business, how about YOU open your own application store in your own country and run it the way you see fit…I mean really, when a business setups up and runs in a free country, they can run it and sell where and to whom they want. Some other countries may be restrictive, or punitive in their tax code, overseas regs can be a hassle, even online,etc etc etc. Android is open to all is it not, and it;s all about choice is it not and freedoms? You don’t see another Apple App store anywhere do you? Quit complaining about what American companies do in America and you open your own business in your country…

  12. @ Bill – typical American view:

    ” Quit complaining about what American companies do in America and you open your own business in your country…”

    I suppose we should stop all companies operating in foreign territory (whether software based or not, and whether open sourced or not). What a silly idea, whoever thought of that must be insane!!

  13. You really do have to jump through hurdles for this release…

    1. Download
    2. Download Amazon app store
    3. Create an Amazon account
    4. Supply your credit card information to make a purchase of $0.00.

    I gave up, I don’t have the patience for this. I’m finding Rio elsewhere…

  14. The App Store is USA only. Worthless.

    I hate it how the international Android community consistently gets second-class support from pretty much everyone, from google to vendors.

  15. It’s weird because the Amazon store holds much the same apps as the Google Store, I wonder what the point is

  16. Who is stopping Amazon from doing anything? If they want to do business in another country, it is their perrogative…

  17. The point is amazon wants a cut of the 30% app distribution market. Angry Birds isn’t as interesting to me anymore, after hundreds of levels i’m a bit bored with the concept. We’ll see if rovio is more than a one trick pony

  18. I downloaded it, but it will not install on my Droid X. I called Amazon, and they’re aware of the problem and it will be fixed soon (they’re saying as early as today, but likely tomorrow). They applied a $5 credit to my account (nice) and since I downloaded it today, it’s mine and will remain free.
    It downloaded fine on my wife’s Droid 2 and my friend’s Incredible.

  19. Do you hear people in the US complain about business in the UK or Ireland or Germany about them not doing business here? No, because we realize they would do business here if they wanted too, so why whine about what they do with their own company. Typical European attitude if you ask me. Again, why not open your own business and you run it as you see fit…then you can sell to whomever where ever at what ever price you want to. Really? REALLY? Puh-lease!!!

  20. Its rubbish, just tried it…dont bother Android market is heaps better and you dont have to give your address and life away to join. It gets a big Zero from me. I uninstalled after 5 minutes.

  21. You have to jump through so many settings just to get RIO. I’ll pass.

  22. OK sorry Bill. Didn’t mean to step on your feet.

    I suggest you tell Amazon and the rest or your yank companies to fuck off back to the monopolistic USA.

    I’d be quite happy if they did.

  23. I don’t understand why the people on the other side of the pond are complaining. Stateside, we don’t complain about how all of the good phones that go to Europe instead of here so in plain English……get a fucking life.

  24. hell no, I don’t want a stupid amazon “appstore” installed on my phone. Angry birds has just sold out more and more over time too, it’s incredibly disturbing. In-game ads even.

  25. Think Google will let Amazon put their appstore up on the Android market? I had no trouble getting the Amazon appstore installed but I know non tech-saavy people might get confused about having to allow unknown sources/etc. I think Google will allow the Amazon appstore to be DL from the Android Marketplace, they generally don’t deny apps even if it presents great competition to their apps. Which is more than we can say for Apple (:

  26. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that some apps that are free on the android app market – are .99 and up on the amazon market. And then there some apps that are more expensive on the phone app than they are through amazon. (example fruit ninja – 1.20 on the app market – .99 through amazon.)

    The whole thing is ridiculous!

  27. Tried the usual, a VPN connection to get a US IP adresse and that didn’t work either.

  28. funny people are saying amazon can do what they want in their territories but the same people bitched when the Galaxy S doesn’t get update in the US when Europe had the update for months.

    Amazon is a global company and only starting in one country when android is used across the globe is a poor start which would only have people putting two fingers up and getting frustrated if something like angry birds rio is made free for US users but others have to pay. Probably which is why the didn’t promote the launch much.

  29. Did not work!. I am in Canada and it is asking for mt credit card!

  30. If Amazon doesn’t want my money, it’s their loss. If they don’t want to sell me apps, I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  31. @bill And yours is a typical American attitude which only makes me embarrassed to share the same country as you.

  32. one word – FAIL

  33. Is it true that att phones can’t download this new app store.

  34. It works on AT&T, you just need to be rooted. Just installed it on my Inspire.

  35. @Bill @ Sean.
    I’m sure Amazon will have an international presence for App stores. It will take time to roll out and coordinate with taxes, fees, intellectual property rights, etc. This is also probably a test run to see if it is even worth pursuing on a world wide basis.

    Do you guys really think Amazon is deliberately holding out on offering this to everyone just because you aren’t in America? The complaining is ridiculous.

    I’ve put up with the music industry not offering cd’s and mp3’s of some of my favorite international bands for years. If I want that music, I need to find a store tht is willing to ship internationally. I haven’t found a legitimate download store where I can just buy mp3s instantly.

  36. US only isn’t really that big a surprise but it is still fairly short sighted. If Amazon had launched world wide when all the rumours started flying then they would have managed to get into a lot of countries before the official Android Market had paid apps (they still can).

    @bill I see plenty of Americans complaining any time the EU regulates how American companies behave in Europe. It is kinda amusing watching them foam at the mouth. Almost enough to make me like the EU.

  37. I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!! What do WE as the consumer stand to gain from this! Sure, I downloaded the app store and got my copy of Angry Birds Rio. BUT, the original Angry Birds is 99c…its FREE in Android Market. Why would I want this on my phone…

  38. Same issue here, doesn’t work in Canada yet. And it makes me set up all my payment details before giving me the error message. It really should give the error first so as to not waste my time. Oh well…

  39. I think the 99c version has no ads.
    Some people dislike ads more than they like 99c.

  40. This is worthless to have two app stores. Plus it was too much crap to sign up and into. The regular market works just the same and angry birds isn’t worth the hassle I’ll just wait till it comes to the android market

  41. I do like the fact that 1 purchase on Amazon can be used on devices that my wife, daughter and I each have. Google will only use the market for the primary Google account on the phone which is frustrating.

  42. @Justin i believe there are 2 versions.. ad-free and ad-supported..

  43. It’s only 2 levels for now, but it’s a different beast than the original angry birds slightly. Better graphics and different animals than the pigs. Decent for a free ad free version.

  44. @scott, what attitude, that they are free to sell to whom they please, or your attitude they should be forced by government to do business how they say? What is the problem really scott? so should companies in the UK be forced to sell their stuff here also? who will force this and who decides this and why? what about being in a free country do you not get? They can sell or not sell to whomever they want.

  45. @peter, US companies should go by their foreign countries rules in their country..what does this have to do with it? Amazon is a US company that decided for now to sell only in the US, a foreign country cannot make Amazon sell something in their country if they do not want too, just as the us cannot tell a foreign company here what to sell or not.

  46. Useless US only shite. Uninstalled

    + 1

    (Does not work in the U.K)

  47. @ Bill

    ” just as the us cannot tell a foreign company here what to sell or not.”

    Haggis, anyone? Example.

  48. I guarantee Amazon execs didn’t gather around some big jewel encrusted table in the heart of the American midwest and declare on high “SCREW THOSE COMMIE EUROS, MEXICANS AND JUST PLAIN WEIRD CANADIANS”

    In a weird, ranting, xenophobic way bill is right. Complain to Amazon UK (or Canada, or MX or wherever), which is your regional Amazon “distributor” to add the app store. Even Amazon US doesn’t offer all their services through the entire US because of policy and distribution problems.

  49. Amazon has timed-exclusive rights to Rovio’s new “Angry Birds – Rio” and attempting to get it another way won`t allow you to play it (trust me, I tried) because it validates it through the Amazon App Store app.

    So, here`s how you do it:

    1) Download the Amazon App Store (from your device or if using your PC you will have to transfer the .apk to your device after)
    2) Install it to your Android device
    3) Run the Amazon App Store application
    4) Log in with a US account
    5) Ensure your “1-Click Setting” points to a US address (Log in using a PC to check)
    6) In the Amazon App Store locate “Angry Birds – Rio (99cents)”
    7) Download & install

    For today the full no-ads version is 100% free. Soon it goes to 99cents and the ad-supported version will be the only free one

  50. So, I can sign in to in the UK and buy stuff and can sign into appstore in the UK but can’t get free stuff? And this is because of spurious “tax” excuses? Is the appstore not a branch of the main site where these issues don’t apply? If there was physical product to ship then there might be reason to restrict by country but seeing as apps are just a download (and I downloaded the appstore app from I don’t get the restriction…

  51. Anyone able to get the game installed? It downloads but won’t install.

  52. @bill my problem is that our Finnish smash-hit game is only available in the US, thanks to Amazon. that’s the only reason i even bothered to try their app store.

  53. Id like to say rio didnt work on my rooted htc evo something about settings but lets all get along here europeans and americans europe just may,be my first international,vacation spot

  54. *smh*


    Whiny a@@ Europeans!!

    Boo Hoo.. Suck it up cupcake.. Cry me a river, build a bridge and GET OVER IT!!

    Typical European ELITIST attitudes!!

  55. @40 I’m pretty sure Nokia’s Ovi store wasn’t available to the US on its first day.

  56. I was a bit miffed, living in the UK; but that was a good point up there about handsets. I’m constantly amazed by the news on handsets or OS updates reaching the US up to a year later than the UK, and the whole handset-tied-to-a-carrier thing. We do have it a hell of a lot better than the US, on reflection, so let them have something first for a change. It doesn’t happen with too much stuff; the odd game and book and film maybe. Things are a lot better than they were 15 years ago.

  57. That said, it would have been nice for exceptions to be made for Finland and, well, Brazil of course.

  58. Basically they get you to:
    – make an account
    – download and install the amazon appsotre app
    – activate everything
    – insert your credit card info, phone number and billing address…. EVEN THOUGH it’s a free app
    – and finally say sorry your not allowed to download this

    “We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions.

    We apologize if we fu**ed your brain and took your money and for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

    Well… I’mma one happy customer that will never return ;)

  59. Download the Amazon APP store couldn’t find the game. SO I SAY FUCK YOU AMAZON!

  60. Some of you guys argue in a highly retarded way.

    The point is not, that evil American decided not to deliver to the rest of the world, nor is the point that communist European customers try to force Americas proud workers to selle the appe abroad.

    The point is that I can order all kinds of goods at and they get shipped across the Atlantic ocean without any problems, while simple files that fly all around the web are not sold outside a countries borders.

    The rant is not directed at the evil and unfair world but to the dumb legal restrictions.

  61. @ Elvis the queen.
    Then the buffoons making the comments should state that clearly.. However i don’t buy YOUR theory..

    They were wholeheartedly bashing each other.. Go read the comments “including mine” Very few were actually aimed at the “legal” aspect, but the (poor us) aspect.

  62. The key question is whether or not Amazon has restricted it to the US, but is there a way to get around the lame restriction.

    I think most people are puzzled with the fact that with Google never had region restriction and you could just pay with your C/C. Why could Amazon not do the same?

  63. Google never had region restriction? I’d like to have some of what your smoking.

  64. google never had region restriction(or payment method restriction) for free apps.

    anyway, angry birds rio is available through unofficial channels now so i can happily play it despite being a european.
    no solution yet for victims of AT&T though.

  65. Is there no one on this site who’s not a whiner? Go cry to your mama about how Europeans/Americans/Martians only care about their own.

    Or just man up and take care of yourself.

  66. I have a Droid Incredible & my wife has a Droid X, I’ve installed both the Amazon Appstore & Angry Birds Rio on both successfully, works like a charm. Although I can see how it might get confusing since you have down load the app & side load the apk.

  67. Got the link but download failed right away. Very lame. Only reason I was gonna even give it a chance was free angry birds.. as I’m missing that chance I’m just not gonna bother. Googles store is worry free and doesn’t play games with free deals that you cant access.

  68. Using ATT Atrix, I was able to download and install APK, however, when I downloaded angry birds it would not let me install, it kept saying this is not safe. Anyone have an idea on how to install angry birds.

  69. Thank you Amazon, I live in Norway… I can download the appstore, but I cannot buy anything since I do not live in America. Thank you so much! NOT!!!!!

  70. Nice installed on g2.apps nice but Amazon got a few kinks to work out .the download took forever

  71. download the app store change all the settings then find out i’m the UK and it doesn’t matter. THANKS AMAZON GUESS I’LL HAVE TO WAIT TWO YEARS LIKE THE KINDLE STORE

  72. I have AT&T, the only phone that seems to have a problem without being rooted is the Atrix. Motorola does not like sideloading on any carrier. My atrix is rooted so it is not a problem.

  73. id dosent work in australia what a shame except i was really really really looking forward to this game that soooooo … how can i say this in the most polite manner bulllshiiiiiit !!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. This is super inconvenient. My amazon account is a shared family account and we ALL have android phones… now what? ha

  75. Both the Amazon Market and Angry Birds Rio apk files failed to install on my rooted nook. :(

  76. Works on ATT as long as you connect to a WiFi network to download.

    Yet another app that they block :-(

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