Samsung 4G Droid Stealth To Launch April 7th At Costco, Pre-Orders Start March 24th


The Samsung 4G LTE was a temporary name announced at CES 2011 (we got a Droid Stealth hands on at the time) and considering it’ll soon arrive at Verizon, we’re not surprised to see it inherit Droid branding as the Samsung 4G Droid Stealth. Images from Costco suggest a March 24th pre-order launch and an April 7th product launch:

The HTC Thunderbolt was the carriers first 4G handset and the Droid Stealth stands to be the second depending on launch dates of the Droid BIONIC and other rumored Android handsets.

Come to think of it… that “Stealth” name really makes sense considering one of those first bad-ass Droid commercials actually featured Stealth fighters and kind of set the mood for Droid domination.

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  1. Samsung Droid Charge…

  2. Considering the newer tech in At&t, Sprint and Tmo, this is one more behind the curve chipset based device to be released by VZW. It would be okay-ish if VZW priced the devices as such, but they cost just as much as the dual cores from other carriers.

  3. @rushmore There is only one dual core phone out right now and that is the atrix. Sure every tech savvy person is waiting for the new ones to be released, but I think this is a nice release for those not too savvy people. Not everyone needs a dual core.

  4. lol exactly Minja. Agreed

  5. I miss the F117 :(

  6. Dont forget, verizon does have a dual core powerhouse phone in the pipeline.

  7. Agreed about most not needing it, though seems VZW are pushing older tech, but STILL charging premium prices for the older tech.

  8. isnt the BIONIC dual core powerhouse? thought so but NISME knows all

  9. I had a hands on with this device on Friday of last week. I was in the VZW store and their Samsung Rep was there pushing this device on the regional manager. I asked and was granted a hands on. A couple things I noticed:
    1. The screen, HOLY CRAP! This Super AMOLED+ screen is simply outstanding.
    2. The speed, it’s just as fast as my T-Bolt.
    3. TouchWiz, meh. Not as good as Sense 2.0, might have some neat features, but I would want them gone.
    4. No VZW bloat on the demo unit I played with. Doesn’t mean that this thing won’t get VZW bloat, but there wasn’t any on the one I played with.

  10. Does this mean infuse is on it’s way?

  11. The Super AMOLED+ is quite stunning, but to me the look of the phone definitely isn’t my cup of tea. Now if it was like say more like the LG Revolution, or TBolt I would be on this like hotcakes.

  12. So has the Stealth been renamed to Charge? Other tech blogs have a shot of this in the inventory system being called the Droid Charge. So I’m guessing “Stealth” was the development name just as the Droid X was the “Shadow”.

  13. Well today is the 24th and we are not hearing anything about this phone, what a bummer. I am really interested in this phone, but the lack of accurate info is making me not want to wait.

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