LG Wireless Charging Pad Goes Unplugged


Remember the “Touchstone” Charger for the Palm Pre? When it was announced it received a ton of praise for being sleek, sexy, and easy – removing the cords that entangled battery charging. Since the WebOS hype has died down we haven’t heard much from the TouchStone since, but LG is resurrecting the concept with their own technology.

Introducing the LG Wireless Charging Pad:

I love the idea… the less cords the better. What would be even MORE awesome is if the industry would standardize this technology just as they’ve done with MicroUSB as the current standard. That would open the door for lots of accessories including automotive dashboards with no-cord charging which would excite me to the Nth degree.

What types of chargers are on your list of solutions?

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Press release:

LG Wireless Charging Pad Features Industry Leading Charging Efficiency

SEOUL, Mar. 22, 2011 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today the LG Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700). Featuring a sleek and sharp design, LG Wireless Charging Pad is poised to revolutionize wireless charging as we know it. With inductive coils built into the battery doors and internal contacts, advanced wireless charging technology allows for a cord-free power source – alleviating the need for external connections that limit the phones usability.

LG Wireless Charging Pad provides industry leading wireless charging and ergonomics. For easy and intuitive use, LG Wireless Charging Pad features audible and tactile feedback when a phone is placed on the pad, as well as multi-colored LED lights to indicate charging status. Taking the hassle out of charging your wireless devices, LG Wireless Charging Pad also sports a compact, sleek design to easily accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.

Key Features:
– Visual, audible and tactile feedback – allows user to see, feel and hear when the phone is placed properly on the pad
* Power LED – Blue = Plugged in
* Battery LED – Orange = Ready to Charge
* Battery LED – Flashing Green = Phone is Charging Correctly
* Battery LED – Solid Green = Phone is Fully Charged

– Slim and sleek design – allows for convenient storage, taking up minimal space

– Effective Range – 7mm from center of placement guide

– Dimensions – 6.29”x3.54”x0.39”

Considering all the patent infringement lawsuits being flung around, I hope LG doesn’t face some sort of litigation from HP considering they acquired all Palm’s patents. I suppose we’ll see!

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  1. usb multimedia dock and wireless

  2. Magnetic resonance ftw! 10ft radius wireless charging coming to market this year!

  3. Is it possible that a third party battery + back cover could be used to apply this to anything? I assume not, else it would have, but it seems that, using a specific back cover that attaches to the battery, you might be able to trick it into thinking it’s being charged just like normal?

  4. How about we focus on creating wireless electricity for all devices. We wouldn’t have to worry about charging batteries anymore. A battery would only be needed as a backup energy source.

    They already have wireless extention cords. (thinkgeek sells it) The downside right now is it requires direct line of sight.

  5. Man I would LOVE one of these for my phone this is the ultimate device for phone charging mobility. I would pay up to $69 for this plus the new equipment for the phone itself.

  6. Of course powermat have been promising this for a while now and delivered very little.

  7. Qi is the wireless charging standard you are looking for, its being developed by most of the manufacturers.

  8. MT – Do you realize how stupid you are?

  9. I have a wireless charging pad for my Wii remotes and it is awesome. Wish they made one for my phone. (A universal one would be optimal.)

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this IS a universal standard. I believe this specific pad is also compatible with the Thunderbolt’s inductive back battery cover.

  11. i’m happy with my usb charger that’s wireless on the other side(USB charger with built in battery, so endless charging at home or 1 full phone battery in the middle of nowhere)

  12. @ MT – the ‘wireless extension cord’ on ThinkGeek was an april fool’s joke (a pretty obvious one, I might add).

    This is also not at all revolutionary. Even on the Pre it wasn’t revolutionary. Someone might want to look at my Sonicare toothbrush that I got 5 years ago. And then of course the Powermat.

  13. It is gret to have wireless charging…but current devices need charging more than once per day if you really use them, and a regular charger or microUSB charger is easy to carry or easy to found.
    What will happend when you will get your wirelss charging phone out of battery? how would you charge it?
    – through a regular charger? which connector? from the pics I see not even LG connector to the wireless pad is microUSB
    – what about our environment…you need a non eficient wireless pad, the coils, the charger for the wirelss pad…and also a normal charger to carry?

    sometimes consumer habbits go to far! wirelss charging is a nice dream but a crazy reallity which lacks of sense on current world!

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