Firefox 4 Now Available as Release Candidate in the Android Market


Over the past year Mozilla has been chugging along, tweaking and perfecting their Firefox browser for mobile devices with a beta release making it to the Android Market in the latter half of 2010. Yesterday it was announced that Firefox 4 for Android had reached Release Candidate status; the new build is now available in the Android Market free for download.

The new release brings along quicker scrolling, a more responsive interface, and improvements to the user experience. A blog post at Mozilla provides more details and a video overview of what new things to expect. Hit up the source link below to check it out.

Android Market Link: Firefox

[via Mozilla]

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  1. Downloading now…

  2. Have to try this out. Opera also released an update on their app, noticed it this morning. Looks like tablets are getting some browser love.

  3. Flash? Anyone.

  4. Right now:
    (used to download FireFox)
    Being able to download FireFox on Android without IE could change things. :-)

  5. Firefox*

  6. Downloaded to my rooted cdma Milestone/Droid…installed…launched…got “Firefox does not support this device. You may experience errors”…wouldn’t launch…UNinstalled

  7. Too slow for my liking

  8. No flash. Whats the point of putting out a new browser if you are not going to support flash, especially on a flash enabled os. I was beginning to like it till this. Bummer

    Running rooted evo w mikfroyo 4.5

  9. Not a fan…I dont like the non smooth zoom and its reeeaallly slow…

  10. This is the fastest browser I have come across. Doesn’t seem to work with flash, but I honestly could care less. If I REALLY need flash I can always load up a different browser. Still using Miren as my daily driver until I can give this more of a test but I am liking what I am seeing. This has come leaps and bounds since even the last beta they released a few months back. I can see this as being my main.

  11. @leo It says right in the Description for the app in the market
    “Unfortunately, the Motorola Droid and Milestone are not currently supported…”

  12. Not all ppl have the skillz to read haha so perhaps he didnz noticed it

  13. Still raw. since the release of Miren I actually started browsing the web on my Nexus one … 1 year since buying the darn thing :)

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