Amazon Appstore May Launch Tomorrow, March 22nd


No official word has come down from Amazon just yet, but new rumors have popped up that the Amazon Appstor for Android will launch as early as tomorrow, March 22nd. The launch will coincide with a new app for Android devices for purchasing and installing applications directly to Android devices, though a web interface will allow for the purchasing of apps from a desktop computer as well.

We first heard of the Amazon Appstore back in the fall, and after countless leaks and rumors culminating in an early peak at the Appstore going online last week (and word of an Angry Birds Rio exclusive), the signs on the horizon suggests we will be seeing this third-party retail giant jumping into the app game very soon.

[via Wired]

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  1. is a shame, it seems only offer paid applications, of which
    there is very little reference and does not guarantee quality …

  2. as long as they bring third third party markets to android fold, the more the better. especially like gameloft. they design some nice games, but signing into your account is so messed up. i have no idea how they tell what games i purchased or not. only option is complaining to their sales department.

  3. well as long as they improve the quality of apps on the market and ensure its safe, i guess paying a ‘premium’ for this service is worth it.

  4. This is exactly the reason to love Android. Imagine a day when Apple would allow this to happen on iOS? Never!!! Competition is a great thing!

  5. I am a developer, they will also offer free apps and, to my glad surprise, all apps have to go through a very rigorous testing process before being accepted.

  6. as long as they step up the customer service (dev support) and stop slacking off….

  7. Agreed Josh, it almost seems to me they only got one guy working on this thing, communication with devs is not really that good right now, and lots of little mistakes are happening all the time.


  8. I hope the app store will also have some affiliate programs. Hope this rumor is true.

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