Sprint-Branded Motorola XOOM Image Surfaces


If you needed some more legs to give to that rumor yesterday about two high-end Motorola devices heading to Sprint, then look no further. One of those devices – the Motorola XOOM  – has now appeared online with a Sprint logo instead of Verizon’s. Don’t let the “r0fl” in the upper right and lower left corners fool you: that’s the leakster’s username and members at SprintUsers.com say he’s legit. (He’s reportedly leaked early images of Sprint devices before.) You should still take it with a grain of salt, but if you were hoping for this and the Motorola ATRIX to come to Sprint I’d say there’s now a pretty good chance that’ll happen. [via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. r0FL!!!!!!

  2. Imagine the craptastic “4G” on this thing. Good for them carrying it though.

  3. Wonder if it’ll be stock or whether or not they’ll put their apps on it like they did their phones. Not a fan of bloatware but the Nascar app would be cool to use on a tablet.

  4. People won’t be dissing my Sprint’s 4G when we got LTE… Our time will come too when we have even better top of the line phones and the fastest 4G speed with true unlimited! As for now, an Atrix and a XOOM are some nice goodies :)

  5. Yeah they will!!! Why? Because their coverage is a joke.

  6. And, it is YEARS away. Sprint will never touch the GRANDADDY OF CARRIERS. VERIZON baby!!!!!

  7. I commented before richard yarrel .
    My life=complete

  8. CTIA is going to be wonderful


  10. r0fl

    Oh he is real and has an excellent track record…so you can add that to legit.

  11. all sprint need is the iphone and good android phone they be on top from verizon… there price are the best

  12. No, they need to improve on coverage, and speed. ALL they offer is a cheaper price. Thats it.

  13. @JR: Good android phone? You do realize that the EVO has been the king of the hill for almost a year, right? Even still, there is only one new Android phone that can dethrone it which is the Atrix.

  14. Awesome, and you fools touting verizon should remember that anywhere sprint doesn’t have coverage they roam to verizon for free on almost every plan, even if verizon is the slow poke slug network

  15. @NYCHitman1

    You seem to forget quite a few phones. The Evo was good the 65nm Snapgdragon SoC is outdated now.

  16. If you didnt notice, sprint is now the next to last big carrier in terms of speed, and yes, they roam off verizon. For voice, with roaming charges.

  17. @NYCHitman don’t WORRY about these VERIZON ASSHOLES there just populating pages here on Phandroid with there typical USELESS JARGON about verizon.. They never DISCUSS METERED OR CAPPED DATA OR OVERCHARGES NOR DO DISCUSS VERIZONS LACK FOR UPDATING THERE PRODUCTS… Don’t discuss anything with THESE DOPES @NIsme and @ksizzle9.. @sqiddy20… @tim242.. @Dj… There are so MANY VERIZON DWEEBS on this Site that loves to COMMENT ON SPRINT OR WHEN ANYTHING ABOUT SPRINT IS DISCUSSED ON THIS SITE… We know what sprint represents and we know what THE HTC EVO 4G IS AND HAS BEEN FOR 10MONTHS NOW… We rule all carriers and always will… Next Tuesday is CTIA AND THE HTC EVO2/3D WILL BE INTRODUCED and these same ASSWIPES will chime in as usual…. DON’T FEED THE VERIZON TROLLS most of them are current IPHONE USERS LIKE THAT DOPE ksizzle9 who left ANDROID FOR APPLE WHAT A WASTE HE IS

  18. Umm, my droidx had froyo before your evo. Dipshit. I have never been throttled, or capped. I use my phone in places you cant. And, the best part, verizon has knocked sprint out the water in terms of speed. Now, take your 2 decent phones, and your “rumored” devices, and shove them up your ass. Douchebag.

  19. the evo was dethroned the day the galaxy s came out the hummingbird destroys the snapdragon espically in a gpu standpoint. and lets not even try to compare super amoled to s-lcd

  20. The evo was dethroned long before the galaxy s.

  21. Woah woah woah… Evo will remain King, thats why they’re making a second version of that beast! Verizon has good speed and coverage but like they say. You get what you pay for and im not gonna pay double what im paying now at Sprint to have Verizon speeds as I stream movies and youtube videos while on 3G on the road( I dont need more speed as im not running a server on my phone). Sprint is still holding on to unlimited so i can use my Evo unlimited unlike Verizon where you have “limits”. Please just stick to your Verizon and dont worry about what Sprint has to offer. Like an unlimited 3G Xoom. Bitches! Suck a fat one. Yeah Verizon customers also pay more than Sprint and Verizon will CAP your shit if they havent yet. Xoom Xoom Xoom

  22. And the Evo isnt a Droid1 2 or 3 that come out every 2 months with the same BS. Evo hasnt had a second version becuz its so freaking good no one wants nor feels the need to upgrade past that. Doing this is just what smartphone customers needed. A really good, fast upgraded device that blows past the other products just looking at them from your rearview. There is no competition.

  23. If there is no competition, why is. Sprint number 3? And, the og droid sold double what the evo has. And, that phone feached its end of life at verizon a LONG time ago. And, that XOOM your touting, Ive had one in my hand for a while now. XOOM XOOM XOOM.

  24. Why do people insists Sprint needs an IPhone? Go to Verizon if you need one so badly. If you haven’t heard, people didn’t exactly go apeshit over the release on Verizon by the way.

    Im not opposed to a Xoom. Motorola needs to wake up about what people will pay though. Especially if the Playbook & Touch Pad come out cheaper.

  25. The iphone broke verizons sales records. And verizons sales records beat sprints. Just sayin.

  26. Hello again DICK. In case you didn’t bother to READ the comment I left in the other article, I’ll sum it up for you. 1) I am and have been a SPRINT customer for about 9 years and am not planning on switching anytime soon. 2) My current phone is the rather antiquated Samsung Moment on SPRINT, and although I wish I had a more awesome phone, my upgrade doesn’t come for a few more months. 3) My name on this site is “squiddy20” not “sqiddy20″ Be somewhat civil and actually spell the manes right of the people you’re insulting. And stop pulling me into this sh*t. I don’t want to be a part of it. All I was gonna do is read the article and move on. But noooo, you had to specifically call me out like a little 10 year old… grow up.
    If I’m not mistaken, I remember reading an article somewhere on here or another site that said the ORIGINAL Droid was getting 2.2.x via Verizon/Motorola. It came out about the same time as my Moment, WELL over a year ago. So, objectively speaking, I’d say Verizon is doing pretty well with what you call their ” LACK FOR UPDATING THERE PRODUCTS”. Have the decency to at least be a little objective…
    btw, doing a quick google search of your name leads to some pretty interesting results. Good to know the “man” insulting me is around the age of 40. I’m 20 and am more objective and thoughtful than you. Good day sir.

  27. @Nlsme:

    Are you trying to be the Verizon version of Richard or something? The official Froyo update for the Droid X was about 1.5 months behind the offical one for the EVO. As for unofficial, I wasn’t following that closely, but surely you realize there are more options for that type of thing for the EVO.

    I carry both phones. They’re both great. Lighten up.

  28. Umm, froyo wasnt even out a month before it was on the x “officially”

  29. Sprint doesn’t need another tablet or even another dual core phone. Evo2 and Epic2 will be enough to carry them into Q4. The Atrix is not that great and the Xoom is a failure for several good reasons, which is why Motorola is crawling to Sprint. Both will be forgotten by summer.

  30. Seems like NIsme is the verizon version of Richard. I guess every carrier has their village idiot.

  31. Ahh, nice retort. Guess some carriers have more then one. (Im calling you out)

  32. Another thing @Richard, you don’t “DISCUSS” anything to anyone. You yell at them and insult them like a child who isn’t getting his lollipop. This isn’t a Sprint only site. People from all over the world are able to view and comment on these articles, and are free to do so. If all you can do is insult people that are not with Sprint, which you apparently can’t since I am with Sprint, then maybe you should go comment on websites that deal only in Sprint stuff. That would be more agreeable to your tastes and opinions.
    And I must point out that by making such outrageous comments as you do, you yourself are “FEED[ing] THE VERIZON TROLLS”. Take a spoonful of your own medicine.
    I have never been with any other company besides Sprint. Therefore, I have no basis for an opinion of any of the other 3 cell companies. Unless you have firsthand experience with the other 3 companies, don’t say anything about them. Simple as that.

  33. I pay more, yes, but my phone works everywhere. Guess my carrier.

  34. I’m not the one making retarded fanboyish posts. Remember that.

  35. I’ll be the second village idiot for Verizon. I have all 4 major carriers. At my house AT&T is good for voice, data is spotty. T-Mobile is fair for voice and poor for data. Sprint is poor for voice and no data. Verizon is good (not great) for voice and data.

  36. EVO is going nowhere. When the EVO 2 comes out, Verizon will be left behind

  37. @Guardian452com
    If you don’t mind me asking, how/why are you with all 4 carriers? Is each member of your family (assuming you have 2 kids) on a different network? lol

  38. Froyo for Evo came out Aug.2, 2010 And that was before Droid X had it. But it has it now, so it makes no difference

  39. Stupid fanboyish comments? Ohh, you mean facts! Got ya.

  40. Ohh, sry, the x was all of 2 weaks behind the evo. Damn verizon, you really DO suck at updating your devices.

  41. Yes The htc evo 4g was the second device behind the Nexus one to recieve Froyo…

  42. @squiddy20….. You called me out so i called you out too live with it my man don’t cry now

  43. @OtisFeelgood… Who are you… sounding like some judge… I will give you a break cause your new here but don’t make me call you out

  44. I’m not crying you fool. Where did I say, in any way, that my feelings were hurt or some other sappy boo-hoo crap? Nowhere. I’m making real, logical arguments to your overly biased, sensationalist comments, in a mostly calm manner. I think its also sad that if you really are 40+ years old, you certainly are not acting like it. All I ask is that you leave me out of your stupid rants. If you can do that, I won’t respond to anymore of them. I’m being the bigger man here by trying to end it. What are you gonna do?

  45. Why are you guys arguing? We should all revel in the fact that Android gives us the choice of the devices with the features we want on the carriers we want – unlike the iPhone which just got it’s second carrier.

    Myself, I love T-Mobile. They are the friendliest and their customer service is second to none. For me, AT&T and Verizon have the rudest customer services people and Spring has the least knowledgeable ones. But the carriers all have their advantages and disadvantages and those depend a lot on where you live.

    As for phones, I have a Nexus One. For me, the N1 is the best device. I have Gingerbread and I’m loving it. Both the EVO 4G and the Droid X seem like great devices. If I was a Sprint customer, I would probably want the Samsung Epic 4G and the EVO 4G as my second choice. And if I was a Verizon customer, I would probably want the Thunderbolt with the Droid X as my second choice. As for AT&T, I would not want to be a customer on a company that cripples Android. Why Motorola would waste such a nice device on AT&T is beyond me?

  46. @Nlsme:

    August 2: http://www.androidcentral.com/evo-4gs-official-froyo-update-pushing-out-now

    September 22: http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-x-froyo-update-available-now

    It’s not a big deal, but seriously – there’s no need for revisionist history.

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