T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Gets Its First Promo Video


We went from the device being rumored, to T-Mobile’s CEO sort of announcing it at a press briefing inside of a town hall, to a more official unveiling, and now first video of the device being used. Joe Fernandez from T-Mobile gives us a quick look at the device and shows you what to expect once you boot it up for the first time out of the package.

T-Mobile’s doing everything they can to make sure that the messaging experience that made the original Danger-equipped Sidekick phones so good translates well to Android. We didn’t get a deep look at their instant messaging features – something Sidekick fans are very critical about – but I’m sure that’s something that has come up as a priority in research and design.

One thing we were wondering about was the device’s opening mechanism – would it flip or would it slide? It slides, and does so pretty well. Once open, the display is slightly tilted toward you so you can type at comfortable viewing angles. Things looked pretty snappy, but that’s to be expected with Samsung’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor inside.

As far as the custom user interface goes, it’s definitely some form of TouchWiz but has been customized specifically for the SideKick 4G – that much is apparent simply by looking at the lockscreen and the applications dock. It looks like they’ve included some new widgets too, but it’s hard to tell what exactly they are.

We’re hoping to get a closer look at this device next week as T-Mobile is expected to show up to CTIA in a big way. Look forward to our coverage when that time comes.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I really want it to be honest, despite the lack of flash on the camera and 3.5 inch screen. That keyboard/form factor… *drools*

  2. Who hired that guy? lol He’s horrible at speaking.

  3. indeed he is horrible at speaking but i did enjoy watching the video of the phone :)

  4. Back in the day, we didn’t have these fancy slider touch screen doohickies, we had a swivel black and white screen haha…

    Can’t wait until this releases, this phone has the best keyboard ever as far as I’m concerned….

  5. About time someone made a good keyboard. That’s one of the biggest advantages of Android that you won’t get from Apple.

  6. The guy says that the Sidekick 4G has the Sidekick’s unique slider, but that is not the sliding mechanism I remember from my last sidekick. Lair!

  7. Actually, ari, there was a Sidekick that actually used to slide. It was called the Sidekick Slide.

  8. Quentyn, I think you meant Tom… :-)

  9. Damn i haqd a sidekick back in the day im really feeling this device!!! go tmo

  10. I want one now,I saw the old Sidekick and did not like it ,this one I like !

  11. Whoops, haha. I need to stop commenting at night.

  12. Funny how he was afraid to call the backside pink, that definitely isn’t magenta. I don’t own a Sidekick, but if I did and was going to upgrade, this would certainly work.

  13. I’m not completely sold on that keyboard. I like well defined and spaced keys, but those look a little excessive to me. I’m worried about responsiveness with the little keys. I like the keyboard on my Epic alright, but my favorite ever has still been on my G1.

  14. wow im a little dissapointed. i HATE the sliding mechanism, if i wanted a slider i will stick with my g2. the skin is ok. and for some reason i would rather the sidekick stick with the danger os. they should have customized android so much to make everyone think it was danger. that would have been so sick. im loving that keyboard i have nothing bad to say on it. i love the sidekick series, sad to say i probably wont get this one. : [

  15. no flash 0_o … that’s crazy

  16. Um, i’ve had this phone for almost 2 years now. It’s called a G1. Very similar keyboard and slide method, despite the tilt up. This is what the G1 maybe should have been, though I still won’t get it if it has no camera flash. Getting closer to what I want though.

  17. Jeff it’s not so much like the g1 if anything it’s like itself . A SIDEKICK . onlyy difference is added and upgraded features .

  18. I’ve had like all the Android devices worthy enough on tmobile since I.get bored easily I will leave my mytouch4g for this sidekick :)

  19. NO JOE, what makes a sidekick a sidekick is the damn swivel screen not that BS slide!!!!

  20. How much for it no contract?

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