Mar 17th, 2011

Sprint is looking to upgrade all of their Samsung phones in one fell swoop if new rumors are anything to believe. It’s said that the Samsung Epic 4G would be getting another OTA – build EC05. Sprint was met with a lot of criticism after releasing EB13 for the device, but pulling it due to apparent issues in the upgrade process. They gave a quick apology and didn’t say anything regarding Froyo’s return.

According to the documents leaked, this upgrade will add Sprint ID to the device, a feature announced at CTIA last fall that helps make device setup and customization easier for consumers and businesses. (You can find more on Sprint ID here.)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also expected to get an upgrade adding the same Sprint ID features. Most are hoping for Honeycomb, of course, but Samsung has never committed to using Honeycomb for their previous generation tablets. I’d advise you not to hold your breath on this one.

Finally, the Samsung Transform – one of three devices that launched with Sprint ID initially – will be getting a maintenance upgrade that adds a few enhancements. One of those enhancements is Swype. Sprint Zone will also be updated to version 2.5, if you care. We’ll be on the lookout for the updates starting on the 21st. (And if they aren’t out by then, we’ll already be in Orlando meeting with Sprint at CTIA. You can be sure this’ll come up in our conversations with them.) [via Android Central]