Sidekick 4G Will Have Support for Mobile Hotspot and Tethering [FYI]


In case you were wondering, the new Sidekick 4G announced yesterday will launch with mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering options. It wasn’t mentioned in the press release T-Mobile issued, but the folks at Samsung have confirmed with us that the phone would be launching with these features. We’re not totally surprised as most of their high-end devices support it, but there it is.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Has it been confirmed that the new sidekick has a 3mp camera??

  2. Am I a 13-year old? No, I’ll pass. I could see kids liking this phone and their parents liking it if it’s less than $100 on contract.

  3. Nice keyboard. For anyone that uses a phone for work that is a big deal. Ssh sucks with a touch screen keyboard taking up half the screen.

  4. really dont think anyone is surprised. and even if it didnt support tethering, some developer would make sure it did

  5. I wish all phones with a keyboard had a trackball. That would be great for games

  6. What about the battery size?

  7. I actually dig this layout. If the body itself was more sleek and had soft buttons.

    The trackpad and slide-out display makes it look very comfortable for texting/messaging and gaming.

  8. Questioning if it comes with tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot is like asking if it comes with a processor web browser. Of course it does.

  9. Being a previous sidekick owner,I know for a fact that this layout is extremely comfortable. If the camera was atleast 5mp and the screen was a Tad bit bigger,I would trade in my mt4g for it

  10. I am so EXCITED for this phone I can’t wait to get my hands on it

  11. this is great news t-mobile sets the bar i was using my mt4g as a mobile hotspot for my laptop yesterday
    its great i was averaging 4mbs up all the way out in the hamptons

  12. Anyone know the name of that clock app/widget/live wallpaer? Its sick!

  13. Motorola: this is how to make a keyboard.

  14. Im wondering if tmobile/samsung are attempting to come out with a (lx) like version.. While the specs are great… it does make you wonder about
    1. the screen size.. The even the lx was larger..
    2. The camera ..3mp? Um.. Not when it has front facing camera should the m.p. Be less then 5… in addition to the fact that it doesn’t have a flash…3mp no flash??? Not even that silver thing that reflects some kind of light towards the lens?? And its 2011.. Really? Kids toys have cameras now.

    We know why samsung did it…but c’mon.. I so thought it would be more of a competition for the Samsung Epic.???

  15. @zogie pretty sure the last lx (2009) had a 3.2 inch screen. this is a 3.5 inch

  16. man what a beautiful keyboard!

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