Angry Birds Rio Demo Pops Up at SXSW [Video]


We haven’t seen a whole lot of what Rovio will have to offer with Angry Birds Rio, so we were pleased to see this video that came out of the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas demoing the game on an Android tablet. Rovio’s boasting improved visuals, a change in premise to fit the Rio theme, and boss fights. It actually looks pretty nice and will be a refreshing change of pace from the usual Angry Birds gameplay when it comes out. Check the video out above. [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. First

  2. Not first

  3. Is that the new HTC tablet???

  4. Dah moovie.

  5. Looks like the Viewsonic Viewpad/Olivepad tablets made by compal.

  6. @mac and @Simon Carbon check this link as the new Commtiva N700 tablet looks identical to the one in the photo. If O had to guess they are the same.

  7. @5 I second you on that…either way, it has to be running 2.2 or lower as the 4 buttons are on the tab…Honeycomb 3.0 doesn’t use those buttons anymore.

  8. Available exclusively in the amazon app store…at launch. That’s good news.

  9. Looks pretty cool. I like the idea of a boss battle. As much as I love Angry Birds, there is so far you can run with slightly different iterations of the same thing with different themes.
    I’m not implying that there shouldn’t be new holiday themed games I love them, but levels with boss battles looks like a good step forward into keeping the franchise fresh without straying too much frrom it’s roots.
    On that thought, I wonder if they’re doing anything for Easter? Angry Birds…Holiday themes…Eggs…

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