Thunderbolt Multimedia Dock, Extended Battery & Wireless Charging Battery Door Leaked


Although Verizon has finally officially announced the HTC Thunderbolt’s launch today – it’ll be in stores this Thursday, for your info – we haven’t gotten many details on what you can pick up beside it. New images sent to us confirm they will be offering an extended battery and a multimedia dock with it, though.

The battery is 2750 mAh – a step up from the stock 1400 inside the thing – and will run you about $50. Sounds like it might be worth the investment considering how much juice you’ll need to keep those LTE radios going. Staying in the realm of batteries, there’s a special battery door going for $39.99 that’ll allow you to charge your device wirelessly using induction charging technology.

For $59.99, you can grab the multimedia charging dock that’ll prop your device up in landscape mode and – well – charge the thing. We’re sure there’s some sort of port other than micro-USB on there – it wouldn’t be called a multimedia dock, otherwise. We’re not sure exactly what’s on here, though. It’s a toss up between mini HDMI and a 3.5mm headphone jack. We’ll be digging for more information on that, obviously.

What’s more is that it not only has room for an external battery should you choose to install one, but it can also charge a second battery while your phone is sitting inside. It’s clear Verizon and HTC have thought long and hard about the power requirements of the Thunderbolt and want to afford every option possible to the end-user.

Less exciting stuff include a couple of holsters and cases. It wasn’t said whether or not any of these accessories would be available at launch, but we’re not going to assume they will be. (We all saw how long it took the EVO’s more desirable accessories to come to market.) Any of you thinking about picking any of this stuff up? [Thanks, anon!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I will definitely be picking up the extended battery and car dock.

  2. 2750 mAh battery could be a must. too bad it didnt come stock

  3. The HTC Pyramid blows this PoS out of the water

  4. @keller, too bad the pyramid will be on a pos network.

  5. #2- That’s a very strong comment to make about a phone that we know little to nothing about. If anything the Thunderbolt already has an edge over it by having the Dolby Surround sound and a Kickstand.. Just saying…

  6. I really want a dock. I hope it has HDMI. Doubt it will but who knows….

  7. Anyone know if the extended battery is thicker than the stock?

  8. ‘What’s more is that it not only has room for an external battery should you choose to install one’

    kinda implies its a thicker battery.

  9. the real question is – will the induction charging battery door also have a size option for a 2750 mAh battery

  10. More accessories at launch than the DINC has a year later.

  11. Lmao @Niame too bad u always broke for payin too much for your self phone bill. Tuah that POS network on the come up though. And Verizon basically isn’t gettin any amazing devices like T-Mobile. Tryna shit on somebody dumb ass

  12. What? So, tmobile is good because of their phones and not their coverage? Ill stick with the decent phones on the great network. And, be honest, the phones on verizon are more then decent. The coverage of tmobile is close to decent.

  13. Anyone know if Verizon would let me upgrade a week early for this?

    I’m eligible for an annual upgrade next Thursday.. but I figure, one week early shouldn’t be a big deal for them, right?

    Any VZW employees here who can answer this?

  14. Nope you can’t.

  15. call them up yourself you fucking idiot. Why do people post stupid questions online when they can easily get the answers themselves.

  16. @ KSChris
    I don’t know … highly doubt it to do early upgrade for a new device that’s game changing (first 4g phone) specially with iphone 4 being available

  17. 9. They’ve let me upgrade a week early before. It was a couple of years ago so you might want to check another source, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they let you.

  18. @update_me the SS says “battery and cover”

  19. @kschris you can upgrade 30 days before your upgrade….

  20. @KSChris, They let me upgrade early last year, by about a month actually, don’t see why they wouldn’t let you do it. Probably depends on who gets their mitts on you. I was hoping to see a dock for this, good to see that it will house the bonus sized battery as well.

  21. @KsChris i dont work for verizon but with my experience dealing with them i doubt they will want to upgrade you a week early as they already are granting you an upgrade at 10 months from purchase. Thats 2months ahead.

  22. @kschris if I was you I’d wait the week anyways and hope to see some real world reviews of this phone. I like HTC but the delays this thing has had make me a little suspect of it.

  23. @update_me I have the same extended battery for my evo. It is a bit thicker and does require diff battery door but well worth it.

  24. They want to afford every option possible because considering the pre-release rumors about the battery life sucking, and the fact that now they’re touting all these extra cool extended batteries and wireless charging options just tells me that this thing is gonna suck up power like it’s going out of style.

    …though that probably won’t stop me from picking one up eventually, along with one of the larger batteries.

  25. @hawki8624
    Is it thicker to the extent that you cannot use the cases that are made for the Evo?

  26. defin coppin that battery and the charging joint

  27. Any other Incredible owners getting a case of deja-vu here? Remember the desktop charging dock this very site leaked that never saw the light of day? So until this lands in a store near me and I can actually buy one, I’m inclined to believe history may repeat itself.

  28. The TBolt extended battery does come with an extra battery door similar to the Evo…or so says my Verizon rep with whom I have already place my order. Did not know about the induction charge method. That may be worth another look.

  29. If Tmobile has bad reception in your area, then to move to somewhere people actually live.

  30. Keller, Tmo Sucks.

  31. Verizon doesnt have a problem with were I live, or travel for that matter. Tmobile cant compete where it counts. You know, actually using my “mobile” phone as a “mobile” phone.

  32. @kschris yea you can upgrade a week early as long as its a standard upgrade and not a annual upgrade. I do it all the time for customers, but anything more than a week is hard to get approved.

  33. @9 KSChris I can make the exception for the upgrade for you, no problem. I work for VZW. email me with your info. =)

  34. @Lies – too bad you can’t afford good coverage and have to go with your cheap TMo – those that can afford quality go with it. take you ghetto a** back to the ghetto.

  35. @19 Keller: I live in a county with over 3 million people, and I don’t get very good reception. In fact, I know 12 other people in different parts of the county and most have issues with either keep a call connected or slow data connection. It’s not that I am knocking TMO, but you need to understand that coverage isn’t great everywhere there are people. Every carrier has this problem..some more than others.

  36. I personally would stay as far the hell away from the Thunderbolt as I possibly can. Too many delays and setbacks. They’ve pretty much admitted it was battery problems. Do I really want to be one of the people that tests if the problem is fixed or if Verizon and HTC just figured its “good enough” for release.
    I hope I’m wrong but this phone could be destined for failure.

  37. I meant “didn’t” get good reception…

  38. this makes up for every thing. think about it.
    (just returned it) atrix= $500= 2000mah battery +hdmi and dock and external screen with keyboard an dual core with terrible reception slow internet on 3g (clocked at.23mbs upload and .56mbs download. 16gb internal no included chip.
    tbolt= $400= wireless charging+ dock with hdmi+ 2750!!! mah battery +32gb micro sd blazing speeds with lte + no dropped calls + great service + 4.3inch screen and htc sense and a kicksatnd.
    plan prices——-
    atrix= $45 gets u 4gb
    tbolt= $30 gets u unlimited
    we can see the clear winner

  39. @25 marc It’s funny that you mentioned the slow speeds of ATT’s 4G. It’s being said that it is actually SLOWER than their 3G. “AT&T has reached a new low, though, by delivering “4G” devices that are actually slower than the carrier’s own 3G devices. Yes, you read it correctly: for AT&T, 4G is a step backwards.” Check this link out.,2817,2381915,00.asp

  40. Tnx for link

  41. you know the nice thing about that dock, is it will make a nice christmas present…

    this phone had its chance months ago… too late now. And with all the delays, I too am a bit skeptical about it… there’s no LTE where I live and won’t be for at least another year or 2, so what’s the point…

  42. @my 2 cents have any of these accecories come in to ur store yet

  43. $50 for a battery seems a little pricey. anyone have any experience with the knockoff extended batteries on their evos? they’re $20 on ebay. wondering if i really need to plunk down the cash now or if i should wait for the aftermarket batteries to show up.

  44. I am looking on my verizon website (for my area) and nothing is coming up for the phone or accessories. It still says “strikes soon”. Is the phone not coming out in all areas tomorrow????

  45. @ nick. I got a replacement battery (under warranty) for my last HTC and it was a $50 battery…

  46. @42 marc I don’t work in the stores…but the launch is tomorrow. Some accessories will be at stores, others can be ordered online/cs and some will come out a bit later. HTC dropped the ball on accessories when Incredible came out, but this time has been PLENTY of time to get these together for the release.

  47. @dana vzw doesn’t update website ofte. It will b available every where tomorow is wat I’ve heard

  48. lol all u guys saying ohhh no im staying away from the thunderbolt b/c of all the delays make me laugh…verizon never had a set date, and they wouldnt release a phone that isnt worth buying expecially with all the anticipation being the first 4G phone…3/17/11=Greatness..suck it haters

  49. yeah, I’ll get the extended battery and maybe the dock, we’ll see. Ordered mine yesterday, can’t want to play with it!

  50. @Todd yes it does make the evo too thick for outer cases.

  51. I hope we can get just the extended door for cheap–I have the Seidio Innocell 3500 for my Inc and I’m pretty sure the TB uses the same battery (Inc, EVO, Eris, Heroes, I think Shift).

  52. I ordered last night from Verizon … and the Dock was not offered as an Accessory. I chatted on-line with Verizon this morning, and sent them this link, and they told me no Dock was available?!?!

  53. I really did want this device, but I wanted it to be duo-core. Now that its out and not, I’m wondering if Verizon will even get duo-core HTC devices. I’m basing this off the fact that the Incredible 2 is still a single core or will be. Motorola and Samsung seem to be releasing higher specced out devices for Verizon than HTC.Even the upcoming Bionic blows away anything we’re going to get from HTC or at least so far. I’ve heard no news about Verizon getting a Pyramid equivalent..

  54. I have a stupid question, but how the hell do you know when the phone is done charging? I’m guessing that the light at the top will turn green instead of it being red?

  55. dock will be available soon

  56. I got antsy … and cancelled my Internet Order and went to a Verizon Store and bought the Thunderbolt yesterday. I told him the Dock is not on the website … and he told me it was available, and if I bought two accessories they would give me 20% Off both. I decided to buy the Dock and the Extended Battery. They had neither In Stock, so he said they would mail it to me. He called me 20 minutes later (on my new Thunderbolt) and told me the Dock is not available, but will give me the 20% Off on the Battery … and the Dock when it becomes available. FYI, he could not tell me anything about the Dock, but what is listed above in the third Pic (I asked if it has HDMI Out?)

  57. FYI … you will need the Extended Battery. I fully charged it at 10PM, and when I went to use it this morning at 10AM … the Battery was at 10%?!?!

  58. Ihad 2 docks so far. one for the Droid two the incredble, they both could change two batterys at the same time.I hope they will have one for the Thunderbolt. Waiting???

  59. I found a PDF on another website, and under Features for the Thunderbolt: “Accessories Supported: HDMI Adapter, Wireless Charging , Extended Battery (3.7VDC, 2750mAh), Audio Adapter, Car Kit, Car Charger, Mono BT Headset, Standard Battery, USB Sync Cable, AC Adapter, Simple Pouch” … I have to ‘assume’ the ‘HDMI Adapter’ is the Multimedia Dock

  60. @ keller google motorola targa then bring up your tmo pos. : )

  61. I went to my verzion store Bway 82st. I asked about the Changing dock, not in stock but will be soon.That word again. How soon is soon???. WE will see??

  62. I got a early upgrade over the phone, and i’m not due for upgrade till november. You just have to call a few times until you get a rep who will do it for you.

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