Mar 15th, 2011

Although Verizon has finally officially announced the HTC Thunderbolt’s launch today – it’ll be in stores this Thursday, for your info – we haven’t gotten many details on what you can pick up beside it. New images sent to us confirm they will be offering an extended battery and a multimedia dock with it, though.

The battery is 2750 mAh – a step up from the stock 1400 inside the thing – and will run you about $50. Sounds like it might be worth the investment considering how much juice you’ll need to keep those LTE radios going. Staying in the realm of batteries, there’s a special battery door going for $39.99 that’ll allow you to charge your device wirelessly using induction charging technology.

For $59.99, you can grab the multimedia charging dock that’ll prop your device up in landscape mode and – well – charge the thing. We’re sure there’s some sort of port other than micro-USB on there – it wouldn’t be called a multimedia dock, otherwise. We’re not sure exactly what’s on here, though. It’s a toss up between mini HDMI and a 3.5mm headphone jack. We’ll be digging for more information on that, obviously.

What’s more is that it not only has room for an external battery should you choose to install one, but it can also charge a second battery while your phone is sitting inside. It’s clear Verizon and HTC have thought long and hard about the power requirements of the Thunderbolt and want to afford every option possible to the end-user.

Less exciting stuff include a couple of holsters and cases. It wasn’t said whether or not any of these accessories would be available at launch, but we’re not going to assume they will be. (We all saw how long it took the EVO’s more desirable accessories to come to market.) Any of you thinking about picking any of this stuff up? [Thanks, anon!]

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