Feb 16th, 2011

Honeycomb won’t make its way to smartphones — that has been the official line from Google so far — but a newly leaked handset from HTC is making a claim for the opposite. The HTC Revolver recently appeared with a spec sheet boasting a 4.3-inch display, 16GB of flash memory, 1GB RAM, and a dual-core processor, but the real standout point is the mention of Android Honeycomb as the operating system.

The unusual “CONFIDENTIAL” stamped all over and the claim going completely opposite of what we have heard previously makes me skeptical, but I suppose even if Google doesn’t think Android 3.0 is prime for phones, they can’t really stop HTC from doing it anyway. Samsung did it with Android 2.2 and the Galaxy Tab, right? If this handset emerges as real it will be a pretty unique design among an HTC lineup that has recently conformed to a pretty standard unibody design as of late.

The possible Honeycomb smartphone is said to be on its way to AT&T at some point. Perhaps Honeycomb is just a placeholder and the phone is intended to launch with Ice Cream? It would be a lot more rewarding than the rather pedestrian lineup HTC unveiled this week at Mobile World Congress.

[via BGR]

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