Android 2.2 Froyo Update for the Motorola Milestone Hits Europe


Attention all Motorola Milestone users in Europe: No longer must you be mocked by your American counterparts running around with Froyo on their DROID handsets, Motorola released the Android 2.2 update you have bee waiting for. If you are in a region supported by the update, you can grab it directly from Motorola’s support page. Motorola has also provided release notes if you are unsure of all the goodness that awaits you upon updating.

We can’t tell you what took the update so long when the same phone under a different name has had it since last summer, but let’s let bygones be bygones and be happy it arrived at all. Now, how about that Gingerbread…

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. what about Canada?

  2. Have bee waiting for?

  3. Holy Froyo Batman.

  4. Any word on how much longer for those of us on telus in canada?

  5. Motorola’s update software is useless. Firstly, it runs only on Windows. Secondly, after 10 minutes of downloading and installing my phone is still on 2.1-update1.

    I don’t understand how Motorola can be this bad..

  6. We American counterparts are running 2.3.3 via CM 7.

  7. Pfff… Motorola keeps telling that. First it was announced last quarter (Q4) 2010. Then, already in Q1 2011 they moved the date to “late Q1 2011”, admitting via Facebook they were only starting to test now.
    After months and months of being fooled by Motorola I decided to take matters in own hands and installed Froyo via CM 6.1.2. I wrote an easy tutorial for everyone who wants to do the same:

  8. @Steve – cos you guys have no locked bootloader on Droid. Milestone was locked. That’s OK though the next one won’t be as the next one won’t be a Motorola.

  9. I wish i was as cool as Steve… He’s running 2.3.3 via CM 7.

    l33t h4x0r5 ftw

  10. @zed good plan. My standatd is if CM does not support I don’t bother buying it.

  11. I would buy an Atrix in a second even though I am with Rogers, unlock it and enjoy, but Motorola Released the Milestone an year ago no update and now the are saying they will update the Atrix !!!!

    You would be a fool to believe it.

    Learn from the Milestone if you buy a device from Motorola do not count on updates.

  12. I was avoiding rooting/updating mine but went ahead and did it a few months ago. My Telus Milestone is still not updated and I don’t care because I will never be getting another motorola and I’ve always bought them over everyone else.

  13. Too late for me, I sold mine and escaped from the locked bootloader nightmare. So long Moto!

  14. I’m european, was waiting for months (years?) for Froyo…
    I’ll wait a little longer (for some feedback)
    ’cause I don’t trust Moto (remember the first 2.1 version Moto released with the constant reboot)

  15. First thing as stated non USA users did not have the option of CM as the bootloaders are locked. Secondly Motorola took so long because they advertised the phone as Flash ready when they knew it could never be so to avoid law suits they kept it on 2.1 as 2.1 is not capable of running Flash and they said it would be able to with 2.2 but oops it’s not available yet….. To cut a long story short they screwed the rest of the world and have effectively lost a huge customer base. Mine went back last summer and I will never touch a Moto product again. Good luck going it alone “Consumer Motorola” without the enterprise side to boost you up you are going to need it now.

  16. Hi,

    Do you know when we receive the update for the canadians (Montreal,Qc) Telus users ?

    Thank you very much and have a fantastic day !

    Jean-Guy Boulianne

  17. would it work if i use it on an israeli milestone????

  18. About time! However, as many have pointed out, the pace of updates is slow. Despite this I’ll keep buying Motorola phones (and I know I’ll get some flak from the hardcore Androiders) because I trust them to build a quality phone. I’ve owned several manufacturers devices and the only ones that I’ve never killed are Moto’s.
    I agree the pace of updates is painfully slow, but remember the day when phones didn’t recieve updates? I can live with slow updates and I would imagine so can the less tech savvy of us. As long as the product works, then I’m happy!

  19. Oh, and how long till it’s available over the air?

  20. awful my phone is gone to shit. thank you very fucking much motorola my phone is now un-useable. fix this shit now you cunts.

    anyone know if its possable to go back to 2.1

  21. Got it on my gf’s milestone.

    Instantly buggy. Screen turns off during use.

    Also, Moto have added their own Compulsory slide unlock screen. You cant disable it, even if you use the pattern unl myock. Now my gf has to unlock twice every time! Pointless. Another Moto fuck up.

  22. C’mon guys, give poor old Motorola a break, they’ve only had a year to work on this.

  23. First feedback on the internet about the overdue Froyo update is not good.
    Looks like all the “extensive testing” that supposedly caused all the delays amounted to three guys sliding the keyboard out and in again: Bugs, freezes, a few report bricking their phone.

    So, to sum up: The sell an inferior product (less RAM, less memory on the SDcard that came with it, locked Bootloader) to non-US-Customers. It’s promised to be able to run flash.
    Then they change the description, saying, it’s only “flash-capable, pending a software update”.
    Then they update the Droid, but not the Milestone, to 2.2 back in August.
    Then they delay the Froyo update for the Milestone to Q4 2010.
    Then they move the update to early Q1 2011.
    Then they strike the “early”.
    Somewhere in between they announce they won’t update all Milestones (there’s no Froyo-love for Russia, for example) *and* they release the Droid/Milestone 2 (both of which haven’t seen any update so far as well.
    Then they release a buggy update for the Milestone (as far as I can tell, only in the UK so far) and, let’s say, threaten to roll out the same update to the rest of the Non-US-World. Except those areas that won’t get an update at all. (Maybe they do love Russia after all…)

    No they’re announcing the Droid/Milestone 3. Hm. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?
    Motorola clearly wants us to pay 500 Euros/Dollars every year or so *if we want the software to be up to date*.
    To that, I say: No thank you.

  24. @Markus: COMPLETELY right!

    Do not, by any means, update your Milestone with this buggy froyo release. BTW, did you notice the files are dated 19 January… OMG!! They have NOT updated any but on the German trial.

    If it is a joke, I´m not laughing. Even their social manager on facebook has disapeared.

    Remember: DO NO install this BUGGY froyo version.

  25. @ Markus: Good summary. We all should have learned the big lesson by now: No more Moto!

  26. stupid moto, I already moved on to a superior phone, which is the LG GW620. My milestone is as useful as a.. uh. Don’t know, really.

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