Your Daily Life With a Galaxy Tab 10.1 in 12 Minutes [Video]



Although we got a pretty decent look at the Honeycomb tablet ourselves at Mobile World Congress, we didn’t get to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as one would in the real world. French-bred AndroidHD took the tablet around their home country and did everything you could imagine doing with a tablet in one day. Take a deeper look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in their video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I am sold. I am ready to get rid of my laptop. All I need is a simple bluetooth keyboard that is super thin and light. Good bye laptop. Why carry a 5lb beast when I can carry a 599 gram tablet. I will turn my laptop into my new desktop. Sure there are supposed to be quad core tablets by the end of the year, but will there be an OS that supports quad core by the end of the year. WOW, Sammy did a good job on this tablet and I am sure Devs will do all the support needed for this little machine.

  2. 1:55

    Omg it’s Sylar!! D:

  3. The browsing experience on it looks pretty awesome.

  4. @Kelvin, I thought “OMG it’s Spock!” but yeah, definitely looks like him!

  5. Lol @ 7:00. So unless you can get this unlocked how is this any different than the xoom? Both run stock honeycomb on a 10.1 inch screen with a tegra 2. What features can samsung advertise to buy this over motorola’s tablet?

  6. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner and lighter than the XOOM…it’s even lighter than the iPad2 at 599g. It also supposedly has a better quality screen and speakers (has beats audio speakers). It should also sell for less…probably by about $100. The tradeoff is that HDMI and USB aren’t built in like the XOOM but available on an adaptor port. Other than that pretty much the same as the XOOM. Rumors have it they might be upgrading it with a Super AMOLED display before release. If that happens it will be superior than the XOOM as that display is even better than Apple’s IPS display.

  7. mmmm….french bread….

  8. It’s lighter than the xoom at 1.3g lbs

  9. 2 grams lighter than the ipad 2 — good move (the xoom is 129 grams heavier than the ipad 2 and to heavy in my opinion). I bet a move to super amoled would make it even thinner and lighter. I’ll be waiting for battery life specs.

  10. 7:00 is the reason I will never buy a used smartphone or tablet

  11. This video really does the Honeycomb tablet justice.

  12. very promising. Although every tablet coming out on this first go round will be stock HoneyComb, lets see which vendor does the overall best job of software/hardware integration. It does not matter if you have the best hardware or software, it is how they work together.

  13. Well, Samsung has a lot more experience than Motorola. Motorola needs to learn how to be a computer company and not just a phone company.

  14. Only one question,.
    WHEN IS TAB 10.1 AVAILBLE!!!!??????

    To answer how it differs from XOOM
    1. thinner
    2. lighter
    3. There’s been talks of XOOM having a bit “off” in the screen color in pictures. Just 1 or 2 reviews. Dont know the validity of it. And the power button of the XOOM is a bit awkward

    appearance (some people wont like the silver plate on the back and also the plastic feel)

  15. @ anon, Well, the battery last around 12 mins for sure. Is that long enough. Although it was plugged in while being used as a navigation device in the car.

  16. Im going to
    Be using my samsung epic for awhile now, its a baby tablet to me.

  17. Anyone notice in the beginning it says “Email pushed to your phone”?

  18. Good video showing what you can do with it but still doesn’t make me want to run out and buy one. A laptop is still better for what I want to do portably. If you just want to browse the web and check email it’s fine but I need to be able to do a lot more than that. To me these things are still just toys.

  19. Gaming looks pretty sweet on it.
    Where is netflix?!?!

  20. When is Samsung going to wise up and open up an industrial design office in California. These industrial designs are obvously done in Asia so you always get these looks that are a bit off for most westerners.

    That is one area….the only one IMHO….where Apple excels. Their look and feel.

  21. nicely made video. thx for posting

  22. HUH? Fruit ninja HD has multi player mode?

  23. What, no iTards saying how Apple video benchmarks faster playing some 3D Egypt game (like wtf???).

    To me these individual products are not nearly as interesting as the epic battle between iCrap and Android. iCrap has a real problem because it needs to get it right with each product whereas Android will be on EVERYTHING else and if one piece of hardware from one Manufacturer does not work for ya you get a different piece of hardware from some other manufacturer.

  24. Yeah Fred. That’s why the iPad 2 sold out the first day. Maybe you should get your facts straight before doing your nerdy little whining.

  25. iCrap 2 supposedly sold out because idiots continue to believe it is cool to spend your rent money on owning the lastest iCrap. What does that have to do with facts?

    If a bunch of people run out and buy laquered turd nuggets and all laquered turd nuggets are sold out does that mean laquered turd nuggets are a good thing?

    Please enlighten me Bob!

  26. well, my girlfriend is in the market for a tablet. This looks promising. but until the android market gets netflix, we are going to get an ipad. no im not a troll, or some hardcore apple fanboy(although id rather have a macbook over windows anyday) its just netflix means alot to her, thats all. haha.

  27. Nice vid albiet a bit long, but I didn’t see much that my Galaxy S smartphone can’t already do. A waste of money imo, but thats my opinion so trolls dont get your panties twisted, I drank my tigerblood smoothie this morning!

  28. @dork,

    If you are buying a pad just for netflix your priorities are a lot more screwed up than going with iCrap.

    Like…oh I don’t know, wanting to use netflix on a pad in the first place. I can think of dozens of things I would use this for before something on netflix…….to each his own. It’s your money.

  29. @Fred,

    Could you please stop using the word icrap. It totally invalidates any point your trying to get across.

  30. If they put all this into the 8.9″ tablet that may be just the ticket!

  31. After using the xoom, I think I want something a little bit more IPad like in the actual dimensions. The xoom seemed a little to long in portrait mode and not wide enough. I almost prefer to use a tab in portrait a lot of the time and this 10.1 tab looks like it has a litttle bit more of a traditional shaping. Plus I would compared to other galaxy products this looks rather dapper, high class. Nice metal finishes, and good locations of buttons. Also it looks like its accelerometer is a bit snappier then the xooms which kinda lags a tab bit. But overall honeycomb is awesome and as android fans if we don’t like one specific product there always going to be a competitor making something a little different but still running the great android.

  32. @pleasebeonsprint,

    It’s iCrap with a capital C. You clearly failed apple fanboy 101 school.

  33. I already have netflix on my TV. It’s not worth it. Trust me. It’s only good for getting blu-rays in the mail.

  34. I have netflix on Roku player, xbox 360, ps3 and computer. PS3 wins in quality.

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