Get An Unlocked Incredible S For $559 in the US


We expect the HTC Incredible S to launch in the US via Verizon as the HTC DROID Incredible 2, but if you aren’t on Verizon and want this phone check out Plemix. They’re offering the device unlocked in the US for $560. Its quad-band GSM radios mean you can use it on AT&T or T-Mobile (or most carriers in Canada). We’d be remissed if we didn’t let you know that we aren’t exactly sure who these folks are, but a quick glance at some retailer reviews suggest they’re trustworthy and reliable. Head on over there to check it out if you’re feeling up to it. [Thanks, Danny!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It says its a sim free phone? wouldnt that meant you can’t use it on tmobile or AT&T?

  2. also it says that 3G is not compatible to US users so buyers beware!!!

  3. And people bitch about the xoom being over prices o_O

  4. Keller, this is an unlocked, unsubsidized phone being sold at MSRP, not at subsidized pricing with a contract.

  5. Holy crap was totally going to be getting this but then I saw no NAM 3g, just edge… *sadface* dammit…

  6. $500 or so is not bad for an unlocked phone.

  7. @Keller, Nexus 1/S was/is $530. $560 seems right. High-tech brand-new stuff is just pricey. Always has been.

  8. Yeah it only supports 900 & 2100 MHz HSPDA so you’ll only get 3G in Europe & Asia.

  9. They got rid of the 8 gig internal memory? That blows. The only thing this has over the Inc. is a slightly larger screen and a front facing camera. I was hoping for a lot more.
    No 4G is really a shame.

  10. Wait til the Bell version comes out. That one will have NAM 3G.

  11. It works on T-Mobile 3G network. Saw the phone software review on Pocketnow.com , as I saw the “H” icon on top when the dude disabled the wiFi connection. I’d still wait for the HTC Pyramid.

  12. umm sure you can use it on tmo and att…for voice. but why would you buy such a great expensive internet enabled device if you can’t get NAM 3g. I think you guys should have really reported this in your post.

  13. That’s about right for a brand new smart phone unlocked. Probably will be about 100.00 less in about 3-4 months.

  14. This phone although it is awesome will not work with T-mobile 3G in the USA.

  15. Keller is exactly correct.

    How the heck can a 10″ tablet cost the same and it’s brand new.

    It show the level of collusion and price-fixing the carriers and the manufacturers engage in.

    But we all sit back and say “that’s not a bad price considering”.

  16. Guys, this is exactly what most of us pay when we don’t want to sign a new contract for a couple more years, not bad pricing.

  17. T-mobile uses 1700 and 2100 frequencies for their 3G network which means you can use the phone in some areas where t-mobile utilizes 2100 for their 3G.

  18. From what I have read, it is 1700 upstream and 2100 downstream. Sooo I am assuming that you will get 3G (maybe “4G”) download speeds and EDGE upload speeds. Not 100% sure how it works to be quite frank.

  19. I think the Desire S is coming in 3 weeks and will be AT&T 3G compatible.

  20. There is so much misinformation in this post it’s amazing.

  21. The phone does work with T Mobile 3G/4G. It only works with AT&T edge. There is a Canadian version coming soon that will work with AT&T 3G/4G.

  22. I like pi.

  23. Someone has ever bought on http://www.plemix.com?

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