CyanogenMod Officially Discontinues G1 and MyTouch 3G Support After CM6


The folks that make up Team Douche have officially announced that the original Android phone and its cousin, the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream, Android Dev Phone 1) and the MyTouch 3G (HTC Magic, aka G1 without a keyboard and – in some cases – more RAM and a headphone port) have been dropped from the list of officially supported devices.

The original “Google phone” was revered as a device that could seemingly never die. Even after T-Mobile discontinued the device, Android purists clung onto their phones knowing developers like Cyanogen would keep it relevant long after its original life expectancy.

Like anything, though, all good things must come to an end. The G1 is still used by many – including myself every now and then – and will always be a permanent nostalgic piece of Android’s history. If history repeats itself, then we know XDA won’t let it die just because one of the most influential developers have signed it off.

Other developers have already noted that a lack of official support from Cyanogen doesn’t necessarily mean future updates won’t be in store. CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project, which – in turn – means that CyanogenMod itself is open source. Just as with the countless Windows Mobile 6.x and earlier phones, the G1 will still maintain a cult – if not huge – following from now until whenever. [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. a tear will be shed

  2. Indeed, R.I.P.

  3. My poor poor G1 your time has come… a worthy replacement will follow you.. i hope.. maybe the HTC Pyramid. Until then soon you will rest.

  4. Sad, sad day in Android history. I remember my G1 <3. Whoever owned a G1 is a true phAndriod

  5. Thats why more developers exist(thank god we have xda and 2.3 :P )

  6. I loved running CM on my magic and I am sad to see they are no longer supporting it. However Yoshi and his team at xda have Gingerbread running on the G1/Magic. It is still an RC but it is fantastic!

  7. I remember when I got my G1 October 21 2008 release day at Tmo store. When I download my first app “pac man” ahhh the memories.

  8. This shouldn’t make users sad. Sure, CM discontinued support for the device, but I have an Eris, which has NEVER been supported, and I’m running Gingerbread based of off CM7 and my phone has never been better with regard to battery life and performance. I’m sure some developer will step up and save the G1 and MyTouch 3G.

  9. The g1 will never be forgotten

  10. F cm. We don’t need them. G1 all the way!

  11. I have two G1, one a spare in case the other is stolen/lost while I am traveling. Sometimes I use both, with a different SIM in each. With CM 6.1 I finally get decent battery life and everything is running nicely. I will hold off replacing them until some decent 5″ screens come along…

  12. This was announced a whole time ago. The biggest problem was that Cyanogen himself got tired of supporting it, and there wasn’t much interest in taking over his job. Nonetheless, if another supporter will arrive, the Dream/Sapphire will be supported again.

  13. It had a nice long run, but let’s face it. This thing is ancient when it comes to smartphone technology. Anyone still using one of these… it’s time to upgrade.

  14. @Bela

    I’m still using one. >_> …I believe in getting the most out of my things before discarding them. If my G1 can still do what I want it to do without unnecessary strain (which at the moment it can) then I see no need for an upgrade….yet…..

  15. My favorite android phone , I used to defend this phone, but its time came and gone, riding with the Powerful Mytouch 4g now lol

  16. Well I guess I have to pay homage! the g1 was really my first phone that gave me joy. A new found passion for learning more about flashing rom, kernals and themes. It gave me a android family. And yes I was in line on 10/21/08 at 4:30 in the morning to pick one up(chi-town). I put mine to rest on 07/15/10 for the vibrant and my wife sometime in October for the g2-so loyal. A phone that will never be forgettin!

  17. g1 had had a great long run! Time for the g2 to pick up where it left off! It’ll always be my back up phone tho! ;-)

  18. I have to ask out of curiosity – why does Phandroid News call Team Douche “Team Douche” in the news, but in the actual forums, the mods edit posts so they say “Team Touche” I noticed it in a thread → “Last edited by EarlyMon; March 10th, 2011 at 02:09 PM. Reason: Yeah – we’re not big on that word, changed it Touche “.
    I could care less if it was changed to “Team Purina Cat Chow”. I was just curious as to why there, and not here. Well, at least they didn’t call themselves “Team Motherf***er” lol

  19. I have 2 G1s, one which i got when it first came out and the other i use for voip. I also have a G2.

  20. I loved my ADP/G1, it’s the only droid I ever saw with a decent keyboard. But this move is understandable, CM5+ performance was horrible, battery live sucked and the lack of memory killed speed. CM4 is unmaintained and recent market updates made living with it to hard, so I replaced it with the G2. A nice phone but the 4 row keyboard sucks, how am I to administer a *nix machine without pipe symbol?

  21. go g1! replaced with the mt4g. but it still has a spot in my heart (and next to my bed)

  22. My first HTC, Android, and t-mobile branded phone was the g1. If it wasn’t for the g1, we would have been slaves to the Apple. Let’s have a moment to reflect on what the g1 has meant to us.

  23. Meh, CM5 and CM6 were too heavy for the G1 anyway. I was using CM5 and 6 on my G1 for a while, but then I realized that there’s absolutely no point in using them, so I switched back to CM4 and everything was just much better, even though it’s 1.6

    People who want more should get a new phone (I got a G2, the keyboard isn’t as good but everything else is just better)

  24. Hats off to the original “iphone killer” the little phone that could will always be remembered as the daddy of all Android phones. Thanx to the G1 is that we know android as we now know it and love it. Im not with Tmobile n e more but I have two G1s in my drawer, white and black, that I never plan to get rid off. I know CM is a very good project, but let me tell u that they r not the only and to some degree not the best either. I was sporting HtcClay roms on both my G1s and on the MT also. Superbad and Superfast. I aslo liked the Super D and Super E roms. So to me it is not the end

  25. i still miss that keyboard. and the working GPS

    -vibrant owner

  26. Standing Ovation to the guys at CM and teams like them, as they have kept more devices relevant, as the vendors have kicked them and us to the curb!

  27. I have an MTG3; I’ve never rooted it or ran another ROM on it, so I’m no expert about the CM ROMS. I love mine and all that, but knowing how it performs with Froyo, I wouldn’t want to try Gingerbread on it. I would imagine an alternate ROM based on Gingerbread might be a bit much for its processor as well. I understand CM6 runs very well on the G3. Why should CM feel obligated to try to push these devices well beyond their limits?

  28. I agree with xarophti. I have a MyTouch running the official Froyo and I’ve tried CM in the past. I would cringe at the thought of Gingerbread on it. It’s nice that independent devs are out pushing these devices past their life expectancy however these phones no matter how much tweaking you do can barely run these ROMS. To the people say you should just upgrade need to remember that the MyTouch is only about 1.5 years old so there are probably a lot of users like me still stuck in 2 year agreements. So breaking contracts for the sake of faster phone is not financially feasible. Which is why I appreciate the efforts of these devs.

  29. I miss the days when all Android development and support was centralized around a single device. I never had to worry about whether what I was making would work on this device or that. RIP G1. Im almost sad i recycled mine….almost.

  30. ….. If this was discontinued, then why are the commits still being pushed to the CM gerrit? And why does the G1 still appear in the changelog? Cyanogen has said multiple times that the G1 is not yet out of the picture, just not high enough priority.

    The CM page was not updated by cyanogen himself, but by SatanR1. This has been in his website for weeks now, ever since the redesign. The G1 will still have official CM support. Just not now.

  31. I’ve still got 2 G1’s, and there is nothing I want to do on them I can’t. I tether, use GPS, surf the net, and the speed is all I need now that TMo upgraded the towers. The only thing I’m missing is flash, but I wouldn’t say I’m “missing” it. If I’m going to watch UTube, it’s going to be at home on my PC. I was looking at a G2 recently, but the keyboard wasn’t all it could be, and asked myself what new thing would I actually do with this. Not what could I do, but what WOULD I do different. Probably nothing. This friend I know bought 2 phones with the frontfacing cameras so he could video call with his wife. He did it once. The day he brought it home. Never since. Will it get me past the TMO data cap? I’ll stay with the G1 till something with an equivalent keyboard comes along.

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