Sprint Sticks to Its Unlimited Data Guns With New Ad [Video]


In a time where all major telecoms are switching to tiered data plans to offer different pricing options for their subscribers and to help ease the strain on their networks, Sprint has come with a pretty strong message saying that they simply won’t allow their customers to be subjected to that.

In a new ad, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse reiterates the importance of unlimited everything, including data. Here’s a quote from the ad:

“The other day, I looked up the word unlimited in the dictionary. Nowhere in the definition did I see words like metering, overage, or throttling, which is code for slowing you down. Only Sprint gives you true unlimited calling, texting, surfing, TV and navigation on all phones.”

“Why limit yourself,” says Hesse in an ad that should keep their customers smiling. Sprint’s willingness to go against the grain throughout this trend is sure to attract and retain many paying mobile phone users. The ad didn’t send a message saying they’d never consider limiting users’ data, but if it were to happen you can be sure it won’t be in the near-term.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Been with sprint for close to 20yrs. Seeing all the cool phones on other carriers was the only real issue. But I have evo now

  2. Wow, you Americans pay a lot for your mobile services. Ouch!

  3. I switched last year to Sprint from Verizon due to the coming caps after being there for 15 years.They were eyeing the ATT BS for data caps and I knew they would follow like the greedy pigs they were. I know I was grandfathered in, but I felt Verizon did not deserve my money the way they were planning to model their pricing. If more people complained or switched perhaps the other carriers would have been more reluctant to stick it to their customers as well. Also before I get homers talking about they gotta make money and yakkity yak yak..they made plenty of cash and just wanted a bigger cut like oil companies.. so I went and actually did something I switched to make my point. I do not regret it in the least .

  4. If I ever loose my unlimited data plan on AT&T then Sprint here I come.

  5. Good for them…would like to see this on verizon…

  6. Been with Sprint for years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

  7. Serious, after hearing about Verizon throttling (and experiencing it first hand) I’m seriously considering a switch to sprint.

  8. I’m with sprint and plan on staying with them but don’t forget people sprint is the only company to charge an extra $10 a month just for having a good phone.

    I am guessing they are raking in a good deal of cash from that.

    I have an Evo in las Vegas and almost never use 4G due to it killing battery and being spotty.

  9. I don’t know, I think T-Mobile’s looking better at $10/month cheaper for pretty much unlimited everything. Yes, they throttle your bandwidth after 5GB…but unless you’re tethering or doing a lot of streaming video you’re probably not going to use more than 5GB per month anyway. My $0.02

  10. I’m on Verizon, and I experience bottlenecks on their network in my city. Honestly, with the fact that Sprint’s service is better and cheaper (corporate discounts) I will be switching after they release their new phones.

  11. Been with Sprint for 6 years and have no intentions of going anywhere else. But I barely even use 1GB on my Evo. So this doesn’t bother me.

  12. I like Spints plans and prices but I wish they would get more great phone choices.

  13. I have had Sprint for almost 9 years, it’s been my oonly sellular service. It’s cheap and I’ve never had an issue with the service. With that said, if they don’t get HP’s new Pre3 and TouchPad, I’m out! WebOS is the coolest OS out there.

  14. I was thrilled when I seen this commercial on tv last night! Considering im a Tmo customer I hate to get throttled after 5 gigs every month. Yes I tether Android 2.2 but SO WHAT! I pay for my “unlimited” data plan just as much as everyone else on Tmobile and I expect it to be “unlimited”. How ever I choose to use that data is up to any end user in whatever fashion they want to. On your smartphone or laptop..doesnt matter its all 0-1’s..binary baby. Maybe this Sprint ad may light a fire under all the other carries asses not to throttle,capping,metering,etc and start delivering real “unlimited” data. I applaud Sprint for being ballsy and really caring for what their customer really want..UNLIMITED SERVICE!

  15. Been with sprint for years and I doubt I’m ever leaving

  16. I would use Sprint if only it weren’t CDMA. CDMA isn’t very applicable to international people.

  17. I expect I’ll be heading their way if verizon ditches my unlimited.

  18. Sprint not having a cap on data will eventually hurt their network (not that its the best anyway). With data hogging customers I’m sure that their towers can only hold so much traffic. If you use more than 5 gbs a month you probably need a life.. I use to be with Sprint and their coverage is horrible it barelly even worked in my hometown. So no matter what ads they run about unlimited data id rather pay for quality over quantity.

  19. @mart we make it all back in tax savings

  20. Truly…NOBODY BEATS SPRINT… We appreciate Mr. Hesse KEEPING IT REAL TO ALL HIS TRUE CUSTOMERS. Everyone loves to RAG on sprint but it appears to me that they truly do care about there customers and they try to do there best to offer a fair service not trying to RIP OFF ANYBODY OR OVERCHARGE ANYONE. They are good with there device updates and have supported all there flagship Htc Evo 4g customers to the hilt. Verizon, and At&t can ONLY WISH THEY WOULD BE BETTER. With there upcoming New devices The Evo 3D and the Nexus S 4g, as well as the Htc Evo View 4g they will have the most current 4g devices on the market including the current Htc Evo 4g and the Samsung Epic 4g along with the Galaxy Tab and Blackberry playbook there lineup is the STRONGEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Where is @Dj @kaizzle9 @ksizzle9 and all the rest of the BUMS that always populate this page with there USELESS JARGON about verizon and and at&t?????? They can keep there useless Thunderdud, Atrix 4g, and Iphone4 cause they really can’t use those devices as intended on THOSE OTHER NETWORKS… that’s for sure

  21. @Frank,

    No, I believe you are wrong. If T-Mobile had a hard cap (ie you pay x amount for y gigs of data) then I’d agree that it doesn’t matter how you use that data – you paid for it, you should be able to use it, as long as the access point is your phone. But if they offer “unlimited,” they have every right to add the caveat that it is unlimited phone data. When I’m on my phone, I check my email and stream audio. When I’m on my computer over cable internet, I download movies and torrent. I would not dream of doing the latter on a phone.

  22. Sprint has the WORST ads. Nobody wants to see an old balding man. Thats why T-Mobile pwn. Hot, boneable women <3

  23. I just saw that commercial on TV tonight for the 1st time with my 13 year old daughter. She asked why that man said that. I said because he’s selling his strength, sweetie. That’s what you do.

    I recently looked into voice/data family plans for my family of 4. Nobody could touch Sprint’s pricing– especially after my Microsoft-employee discount. Same as always. That’s why I’ve been with Sprint since 1998. I love being able to watch video on my laptop PC, while tethering for free, without ever worrying about data overages.

    I too used to have phone envy, but Sprint’s phone lineup is very competitive lately.

  24. bah Virgin Mobile has the best

  25. what bout that $10 for “premium data”

  26. @Ksizz…..This add is perfect there is NO NEED for some Bimbo representing for nework….ANY DAY NOW SPRINT WILL OWN TMOBILE and they will be much BETTER OFF than they are today.

  27. Wow those prices are absolutely unbelievable….we can only DREAM of that sort of value over here! Hell it costs $200USD a month on contract for 600 minutes and 600 texts and 3GB of data!!!
    You guys have it so good…

  28. @Matt: I use my data how I want when I want. Unlimited means unlimited. How I use it tethering or not is pointless. Those 0’s & 1’s are gonna end up either on my desktop or phone. Sprint just spat on all the other carriers faces with this ad. I don’t fall for all the marketing b.s. or have sympathy for a carrier & or a weak network they have implemented. I can’t stand the excuse that’s always used..”our network can’t handle so much data traffic so we’re gonna throttle it after so many gigabytes”. BULLSH!T! Then don’t offer 3G/4G if you know that the network is going to get bombarded by faster phones that access data at a much higher rate and an OS that allows tethering hotspots i.e. Android 2.2. What you do with your phone is up to you as the end user. The way I look at is is simply put I paid for my phone & I’m on your network with your “promised” unlimited plan. Not the consumers offer it we pay for it. If the network can’t keep up then DONT offer those services! I pay for unlimited & I choose to do with it what I want. If they (Tmo) doesnt like it..I don’t care! I don’t care if someone elses data is slower because I hog up the data I paid for for MY plan. Its up to the carrier to fix that. Stop blamming customers for their faults in not providing enough data to everyone. Instead of wasting millions on CEO bonuses or celebrities hawking 3G/4G or whatever else is new, spend the money on the network to make it better & truly provide an “unlimited” service for EVERYONE! One that can handle whatever you throw at it. I shouldn’t (or anyone else like me that uses their data to its full potential) be singled out for the weak networks short comings. END RANT.

  29. @ Richard Yarrell Bro is the Bronx not treating you well? I love smashing “bimbos”. Also T mobile’s 4G will rape sprints 4G anyday. And eventually Tmo will get LTE+ which rapes wimax+. Also T Mobile is bumping their Data soft cap to 10 GB which will get very few people throttled

  30. @Keller

    I did 180gig in data last month over Wimax, at an average sustained speed of 7mb. And here you are talking about 10g. LOL. Can you even watch a single HD film without hitting your “soft cap”.

    What a joke. Sprint does data and bandwidth better than anyone. As a customer I love having Wimax powering two phones, a PS3, and two PC’s and not having to worry about retarded limits.

    T-mobile doesn’t even come close…at least until Sprint buys them :)

  31. @Keller I am glad you are happy with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile is terrible for data. Have you ever seen their 3g map? MetroPCS has more 3g coverage. T-Mobile might be good in the one spot you are in, just don’t move much.

  32. Yeah i agree unlimited should be unlimited. However, i guess in a sense since you’re not actually cut off from data services, it’s technically still unlimited. Kind of like how everyone’s home internet service is constantly throttled during peak hours i guess. I still have to pay the same price to the cable company. The point is that every mobile network provider stretches the truth in a sense. The commercial states true unlimited calling, but it doesnt mention that’s only to mobile phones, and you’ll get hit with overages once you go over that 450 minutes to landlines. You can argue that more people have or use mobile phones nowadays, but then the same argument applies that most people don’t exceed 5GBs a month. If you like you’re carrier that’s great! There’s really no need to argue, promote, and justify their marketing bullshit. Just saying.

  33. @ Patric I consistently get 7-8 mbps in Beverly Hills.
    @ SIGINT That is impressive and i applaud you on bending Sprint over and raping them, thats is a shitload of data. But I only need to tether when I’m not home, so I wouldnt ever come close to that. And also 7mbps is too slow for me, and I have fiber optic in my area. BUT I will give you this: If I cancel my internet provider and want to tether I’d definitely move to sprint, because who doesn’t want unlimited data. It would also save a TON of money, Also they may be more tempting if they switch to LTE

  34. @Keller…All appears to be well here in the BOGGIE DOWN BRONX espically with SPRINT my EVO 4G, and my New York Yankees about to start battle….PREPARE YOURSELF….To become a sprint customer when we purchase your tmobile within the next 6months….You will be happy just as all us customers on sprint are…BEST NETWORK, PLUS BEST DEVICES…WIN WIN SITUATION…DON’T HATE BROTHER APPRECIATE

  35. Where is @Dj…@ksizzle9…@kizzle9…@mensah…ALL THOSE BUMS ON VERIZON AND ASST&T THAT ALWAYS COME ON HERE BASHING SPRINT WITH THERE CRAPPY SMARTPHONES????Figured they would’t show up for this posting…BUNCH OF CLOWNS…

  36. I’m not sure I agree that they don’t throttle. After I hit around 8GB one month (tethering, no home internet prepping to move, etc), things got terribly, terribly slow. It could just be bad reception or something, but it took a week or more before it got up to speed again.

  37. I hear that Sprint has come around somewhat in the past few years. Even so, with the scandalous and evil way they used to treat their customers when I was with them before, I’ll certainly never switch back. Same cost as Verizon but less reliable and worse coverage. They’d have to throw in a unicorn ride or something for me to even think about switching back.

  38. Hrm, Sprint has 1 good Phone. Verizon has 3-4 good phones. T-Mobile has 2-3 good phones.

    Troll more, Richard. :)

  39. Reading this makes me want to root my HTC hero and never switch companies. Problem is im not the best with rooting. Anybody know any good auto rooting things or good rooting steps on the internet?

  40. with Sprint–mainly for the unlimited. but WiMax sucks where i am (even green on the coverage map), so i can’t really tether @ home and run everything off of it.
    if i could–i’d definitely use up this ‘unlimited’ portion of my contract and be happy enough with Sprint that LTE wouldn’t tempt me.

  41. @DWells<
    depending what you want to do with it,
    either use Z4Root (for running a program requiring root like WirelessTether)
    UnRevoked which will give you more permissions with Root, but not full Root

    search 'em on google

  42. @Craig…You need to go someplace else with your useless jargon…Verizon as of today 3/13/2011 has only 3g devices on there crusty network including last years iphone 4 which is only a 3g device…Name one 4g phone on verizon??????GUESS YOU CAN’T….DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME RESPONDING…Verizon LTE IS UNPROVEN…AT&T fronting with there so called 4g is also full of dog poop…There inspire 4g device is nothing more than a WELFARE VERISON OF THE EVO4G MISSING SO MANY FEATURES FROM THE ORIGINAL EVO IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY..Now getting back to your Thunderdud that device is usless as of today and won’t add up to much..go take dive of a steep cliff….

  43. I really hope that the iphone comes to sprint. Love the evo but android blows. Verizon is just as bad as att

  44. So they are proud about being 10 bucks cheaper than Verizon, which throttles the top 5% of users (who are almost certainly eating dozens of GB a month)? All this with a network that doesn’t have half the coverage of VZW. I have Sprint, and have been happy with them, but this is nothing to be bragging about. Gut that bullshit $10 smartphone fee and you would have something…

  45. Ditto, Craig! Lol! Averaging 14Mbps on my G2! Haha!

  46. @Mart,
    It has very much to do with the size of the country. FWIW, I don’t see any EU unlimited plans running any cheaper. The prices listed here are basically the top of the line plans from the top four US providers.

  47. @Frank,
    Perhaps you are right. It is the company’s fault. That is why most of them are adding caps to their data. People did what you do on ATT like crazy with the iPhone/ What did ATT do in response? Made all new plans a cap of 2GB with $10 per additional gig, no acceptions. Sprint can still afford to do unliited (like ATT could afford it when they first got the iPhone; they simply didn’t have an overload of customers). If people like you keep doing this we will either have data caps around the board or simply more expensive pricing. Where do you think Sprint’s $10 premium line nonesense is coming from? The answer is, users who think like you. Honestly, what these companies need to do is write into their contracts that if you tether a single kilobit of data you are charged an exorbitant amount for that data, or foced to do a tethering plan. They do this with in-network phone minutes, texting, etc. How is it and why should i tbe any different for data?

  48. Back on point, it’s nice to see a network stand behind their brand and not go behind peoples backs, lure them in with an iphone launch then introduce teired data plans for the summer. Whether or not it will effect them, it still feels a little like betrayal to me. Yet another point for me to consider switching at the end of my contact next year.

  49. ^^^ And for the record, I am guilty of tethering for free, but I don’t go as far as to abuse it by using it as my main line of internet where I go on streaming netflix, playing online games, etc. That is simply ridiculous and not what the plan is intended for. Why would/should WIRLESS data cost less than landline data? Again, something is eventually going to have to give. You are not sticking it to the company, you are sticking it to your future and that of current and prospective customers.

  50. “Where others see risk, some see opportunity.”


  52. Snapper, gtfo back to df

  53. Good Lord, 37 posts just because Sprint announced that they plan on keeping with unlimited, no-tiered data? (which I think is awesome – I just wish that they had more widespread coverage, so I could use them regularly). I didn’t even bother to look through the comment thread since judging by the title and the fact that there are 37 replies, I’m going to guess that 22 were Richard frothing at the mouth like an insane Baptist minister about Sprint. 7 were Richard calling people bums, asswipes, or perhaps he learned a new word (unlikely). The remaining were just comments. One of my favorite posts:

    Matt wrote on March 8, 2011 @DJ–Do you doubt the power of the Sprint? With the merging of the Sprint and the T-Mobile, the dawn of a new age IS upon us. Once the great entities coalesce into a superior being the people of the world will erupt in jubilation, the leaders of man will bow and sing praises. There will be no more hunger, no more sick children. During the day the sky will emanate yellow, the color of the Father, and at night it will be magenta, the color of the Mother. As foretold in the prophecy, the EVO will be inseminated with the seed of of the Galaxy S II, birthing the one known as the Godphone, the savior…

  54. What the hell… In my country, I got unlimited for 20 euros a month, also got a free galaxy s. Prices in the US are insane…

  55. Sprint is planning a change from CDMA to something else…not GSM, but something else. This comes from a friend of mine who’s a regional manager at Sprint. Whether this will be better or worse, and whether it will enable true simultaneous voice and data remains to be seen, but what I can say is that it’s inevitable that Verizon will dick over that remaining top 5% and drop their unlimited data as well. T-mo’s and AT&T’s fake 4g will be revealed for what it is when Sprint overhauls their 4g network in a matter of months. Say what you will about wimax, it works damn well. Can you say that about LTE? Have any of you actually TRIED it on a phone? No? Then STFU until thunderbolt drops. And it won’t matter what your LTE speeds are anyway when you tap-out that data limit and start paying PER MEGABYTE! Hah! You’ll be bankrupting yourself at the speed of light!

    Sprint, I will happily give you the extra $10/month for the right to tear ass across the internet at blazing speeds on a network that’s not totally bogged down by iPhone4 users.

    Fact: Verizon has the largest number of users in the US.

    Logical Supposition: The number of Verizon customers who switch to LTE phones (assuming it’s proportional) will therefore be much greater, perhaps overtaxing their LTE network in its infancy. Add to this the likelihood that Apple will drop the iPhone4*G* on both Verizon and AT&T this summer, and prepare to watch LTE speeds dwindle as iPhonies suck your bandwith down to nill. Say goodbye to speed, VZW users. Say goodbye to unlimited data (if you still had it).

    Can you hear me, now?

  56. ohboy,

    Sprint is not leaving CDMA, that is unbelievably false info. They are going through a frequency band reconstruction and adding in LTE, along with retiring iDEN and expanding their coverage. Type Network Vision Sprint and you will see some info on the $5 Billion project they are working on.

  57. I am with ATT, and got in on their data plans when they offered unlimited… so I got lucky, and was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan. Sprint is doing the right thing here, where as all the other carriers are screwing consumers. I say, GO SPRINT. Good for you. If I didn’t already have a grandfathered ATT unlimited plan, I would have switched to Sprint long ago.

  58. craig: what’s the point of getting a superduper phone if it can’t do unlimited video streaming?

  59. I’m not saying this because I am a sprint phanboy. I’m not even on sprint. But if the other carriers don’t have real unlimited plans then we’re not going to see more advanced phones and advances in mobile web innovation. Everyone will go back to counting and hoarding their precious resources and nobody will want to ‘play.’

  60. Richard, you truely are the douchebag I originally thoight you were. Enough said. Yes, sprint has one goid phone. Thats it. And their. Future linup is full of gimmicky phones. Wimax blows, it is only good if you are not moving. When I am not moving, I have wifi. Sorry, sprints 4g is wortheless. And, I honestly dint beleive the person bragging about 180 gigs a month.

  61. Richard…Somehow iknew you would be alllllll over this…post….somehow….somehow….

  62. @Sjonboy The United States is a big country. The entire continent of Europe and the US are almost the same size. My Sprint phone plan gives me coverage in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with no roaming fees….I would expect the plans to cost more.

  63. @Keller you seem to miss the point of what I was saying when I said “I am glad you are happy with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile is terrible for data. Have you ever seen their 3g map? MetroPCS has more 3g coverage. T-Mobile might be good in the one spot you are in, just don’t move much.”

    I am sure you are getting great speed where you are…just don’t leave the city. T-Mobile is seriously lacking in 3G coverage, T-Mobile’s own website states that EDGE covers 75% of their footprint. Their entire network is mostly GPRS or EDGE. I like to travel and I can travel almost anywhere and get 3G. I love my 4G on Sprint, and from what I have seen T-Mobile’s version of 4G is running faster right now, but I would never want to live life with T-Mobile and their poor national coverage.

  64. I get unlimited data no matter where I go. Others not on Sprint are always worried they will exceed their data limits. I do not. Why bother going to any other carrier with all these limitations? I have been with Sprint for the past 10 years and do not plan to switch soon….

  65. Personally i am on sprint and i really like it for the most part. Been with them abou 7 years an the prices are great. They had a bown period for a while with really crappy phones and thought about switching but then i got my epic havent been happier plus i get super fast 4g too. I dont think that the comprison is fair i blieve that the price for tmobile was for 3g only with the $10 add on for sprint you are able to get 4g with that unlimted if you have a 4g device. From the comercials i have seen tmobile charges $20 a month for unlimited 4g. Which brings the price up to $120. But what ever when sprint buys TMo they will be the most bad ass carrier ever. Go S-Mobile

  66. Sad to say Friday was my last day with sprint. I’ve moved on to ATT. I had a great run with sprint but my current employeer has a corp discount with ATT and the pricing I have with them was comparable with Sprint and the better phone selection was the deal breaker. Went from two blackberries, lg optimus s, galaxy tab, and hero to: Two Iphone 3gs, htc inspire, moto atrix, and ipad (original). I wish sprint all the best and hope they continue to provide great products and services.

  67. For the guys that are thinking of switching to Sprint because of the pricing, do research on the area you live in first. I live in the Detroit metro area and while I have no problems with Sprint as far as CS and voice service, the data is a complete joke around here. The 3g is more like 0g and we still don’t have 4g service and no plan of bringing here yet. Why I have no idea, the other carriers already have it here just not Sprint. So I’ve got this wonderful phone in the EVO but with the data speeds I might as well have my old Motorola flip phone. Just be careful, the grass isn’t always greener. Today on speedtest I got a whopping 0.09 Mbps down, yesterday was better it was 0.18 Mbps. Terrible right.

  68. I really don’t care too much about Sprint buying Tmo. I just want to keep my SIM card and my HTC G2. I don’t want to go to that battery draining WiMax. I live in an urban area and get Fo-G. (Kuz Tmo supposedly doesn’t have really four G, so its ghetto)

    I’d prefer to keep SIM cards so I kan easily go from phone to phone on the streets, rather than bank, to phone, to store. Get it? I kan trade my phones on the streets and stuff. Tmo lets you swap your SIM card and just pop it in a new phone.

    That and that battery draining WiMax. I wanna stay on Fo-G, and I don’t want to have to turn it on. -_-
    Ba-humbug!! LoL!!

  69. I’m glad I’m not paying for every 2gb. I’ll be thrilled if I ever see more than 700kbps out of Sprint on a regular basis. Suppose I shouldn’t complain too much..I can make calls and send text messages without a hitch.

  70. Oh and MR. EVO AKA Husband of Sprit AKA Richard…The fact that Sprint is going through problems with that-less then so called 4g of theirs-isss clearly the reason for their video and-statment of there still being Unlimited date-think about it smart guy…Sprint is not that big of a comp-and many people are frowning upon them day after day-theres been may reports about this…so as I was saying it makes sense they would do this, I mean got to try to hold on and gain as many people on there…small-mixed up 4g and spotty 3g network as they can…would be nice to jump aboard the Sprint trian if they got there network together…but you dont want to hear all this, becuase you feel oh so good believing test lie again and again. As well as people who OftEn speak out how spotty Sprint can be…to you its all a lie-even though its true-or even though you get a good signal where you stay at.

  71. You do realize that the main reason why Sprint can offer these unlimited everything plans is because they are a distant third among the 4 major carriers right??? The Instinct and the Palm Pre were both flops, and so the Evo was the first true data-consuming smartphone they have ever had. They don’t have anywhere near the number of data hogs on their network as do Verizon and especially AT&T, so they can afford to offer unlimited everything. Once their high-end smartphone portfolio grows, you can kiss those all-you-can-eat plans goodbye……

  72. And then add on a 27% corporate discount with Sprint. I have the $69.99 Everything plan, with $4 Roadside Rescue and my bill this month was $72.67. Beating the system, only with Sprint. Evo!!!

  73. @Jdub Actually, the main reason that they can offer unlimited is the way Wimax works. It’s essentially a large Wifi network and doesn’t use near as many resources as 3G.

  74. The Epic is the only phone on the market to have the best screen, ffc, camera flash, and the slide out keyboard, and have powerful hardware with real unlimited 4G.

    I don’t care if other carriers have more phones when none of them can hold up.

    The fact that the 3D performance of my aging Epic will slaughter the Thunderbolt that isn’t even out yet means that my phone will hold up until I get my upgrade.

  75. I’ve been with Sprint since 2003, and yeah, their prices are great. They also have crummy coverage if you live in or near a building in NYC. Not so crummy you can’t use the phone, but crummy enough that you have to be careful where you’re standing in your phone so as to avoid a dropped call.

    I’ve been using physical-keyboard phones for 4-5 years now, and I’m on the Epic now, but ironically, the dropped-letters bug with the physical keyboard in the latest update (along with a cut thumb) prompted me to try using the onscreen keyboard, and I’ve found I actually prefer it now, so I’m going to upgrade to the next Android/Sprint “super-phone”… I’d go with the Inspire, but there’s no lanyard hole!


  76. “…standing in your *home*”, not “phone”… LOL…

    4G is a joke, as others have said. You can’t maintain a signal, so you can’t leave it on, so it becomes this gimmick you can use occasionally, which is lame and not what we were sold.

    So what is Sprint planning to put out there that stands as THIS year’s “Evo”?

  77. Lmao… stick to the TOPIC folks… argue about the 4G/LTE somewhere else.

    I too have been with Sprint a very long time. To keep them honest, I always look at competitors when my contract is up for renewal. For the longest time Sprint has always offered the MOST competitive Services/Price on their contracts, hands down. Where they lack, have always lagged the competition is in the handsets they carry. I thought that with the EVO things would change, especially with the new CEO Hesse on board, it appeared they would be taking a new path. Unfortunately, it’s not so… They had better get their stuff together soon cause it won’t matter what competitive level they will offer contracts at. They need an influx of new, cutting edge handsets, the EVO is beginning to show it’s age just a bit, not quite yet, but most surely by the end of this year for sure!

    Go SPRINT!!!

  78. Sprint buying TMO? Yea, how’d that whole Nextel merger work out for Old Yeller?? Not so much. Too bad one is GSM & other is CDMA-fact that Sprint is getting rid of iden means no GSM in their futur-not that the FCC would even alow them to merge if both were interested anyway.

  79. @MensahWatts…and @John Clavis….It never fails to see the same DWEEBS here with there SAME OLD JARGON…@John Clavis “”why don’t you just go to another carrier and stay there forever…And @Mensahwatts your truly just one SERIOUS BUM why can’t you go to another site with your useless jargon and entries here at phandroid…take @Dj and Ksizzle9 with you also..NOTHING BUT BUMS YOU ALL ARE

  80. Richard…the husband of Sprint and the lover of EVO…your a fun guy…and iknow you find this bum calling n stuff fun…but well …my statements on you still remain true regardless of whatever name you call me…but I won’t brake down your simple mental illness yet again…instead I will just continue to read your phanboy …imean fan boy rants and smile…and laugh at your nutty self…what a funny guy you are….oh so so funny…well not that funny but funny enough…in a mentally ill type of way …all joking aside…you do have a problem that I hope you step away from at some point …in your Sprint life…y0

  81. Nice post here and it’s also good to see different reactions from cell phone users.

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