Mar 11th, 2011

Within the past 24 hours we have heard two new rumored release dates for the HTC Thunderbolt: March 17th and March 21st. Depending on how HTC responds to Verizon’s conditional final approval of the device, we may or may not miss those anticipated dates. According to an inside source, Engadget is reporting that Verizon has finally deemed the Thunderbolt ready for primetime, but the actual release of the phone hinges on HTC agreeing to requested fixes and updates to be included in future firmware updates following launch.

It is pointed out that this process typically takes two to four weeks. If this holds true, we may indeed see the Thunderbolt on March 21st at the earliest, though given the pressure to release the handset we don’t see why things might not move quicker for a release on the 17th. HTC rep Imran Shahid seems to agree with the earlier date based on a recent tweet, though it was retroactively removed after being picked up by media outlets. See the original tweet below.

[via Engadget, BGR]

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