HTC Thunderbolt Rumored Launch Date of the Week: March 17th


I feel like we’ve been through this before. Anyway, after CLEARLY missing the March 10th launch date that was rumored ever since the rumored March 4th, 3rd, February 28th, 24th, and 14th dates were missed, and after March 21st has become a new date of interest, another new date has emerged: March 17th. That’d be next Thursday. If you let Verizon tell the story the phone is already out, but we all have our wits about us. We’ll be circling this date, just like the hundred other ones we have, and will continue to tap all the resources available to us to see if this one will stick. [via Android Central]

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  1. Oh ffs just give it up already Verizon… LTE rollout is failing hard.

  2. I’ll believe it when I have one in my hands…

  3. I’m not holding my breath….however, I am holding my money!!!!

  4. lololol really???

  5. Unbelievable. Now blogs will do everything to make people read their articles. I hope that the March 17th is true, but looking at the picture, it has been made up. Format is different from the one on top. You have “Handsets/Data Update from Verizon” and then “Update Device Launch Date Information”. I mean, Verizon is a huge corporation and I am pretty sure that they will not write once screen two different formats. I don’t know if these blogs are being paid by Verizon to spread this rumors and make people more eager to get the phone, or just doing this to get attention and then laugh at the readers.

  6. Seriously, this is actually stupid now. Verizon is STILL airing commercials that only say “exclusively at Verizon” with no “coming soon”, much less a release date. These are Verizon commercials, not HTC commercials. After noticing last Sunday night (probably during The Simpsons or Family Guy), at least in my market that the commercial didn’t say “coming soon” anymore, I tried the vzw website, which was bogged down – likely with people doing the same thing I was; trying to see if this thing actually exists, or if it’s a mythical thing, like unicorns, leprechauns, and social security. I started paying close attention if a TBolt commercial came on to make sure I seen it correctly (I did). If you call vzw 3 times, ask 3 different people when it will be released, you’ll get 3 different answers (at least I did). I don’t even care anymore, really. I’ll just wait until a dual-core phone with a qwerty and an unlocked bootloader is actually released. I like some of what Sprint is coming out with, but they simply don’t have the all-over reception-in-odd-places that I need that, unfortunately, vzw does. I could care less about the Bionic due to the locked bootloader. They should either stop airing the damn commercials, or set a frikkin’ release date already, even if it’s April 28, 2317.

  7. My friend who works at VZ says to expect the phone on Monday.

  8. *Please note launch date rumors are subject to change.

    These “dates” are like hitting the target with closed eyes who knows may be you might get lucky.

  9. P.S. I’m joking.

    …I don’t have friends.

  10. Also, rabble rabble rabble. Verizon fail, et cetera.

  11. i hope i dont get drunk on st. pattys day and drop it…but it wont be out by then anyways : P

  12. Who even cares anymore!

  13. Nothing special here gentleman by the time this comes out it will mean NOTHING TO NOBODY ESPICALLY WITH THE various smartphones coming out within the next 90 days from today’s date.. IE… Galaxy S2, Evo 3D, Lg optimus 2x, Lg optimus 3D, Lg Revolution, Nexus S 4g, Droid X2, NEED I SAY MORE..

  14. This is not your dream release date; it’s the one after that.

  15. My roomate has done some research into this and it appears that the Mayan calendar that ends on December 12th, 2012 is actually a countdown for the Thunderbolt. Its been verified that this phone was promised to them by their gods and even they couldn’t get it out in time. Using their remarkable math skills and with a little help of prophecy they were able to determine the date of the Thunderbolts strike. Then again at this rate we may miss that rumored date as well.

  16. DJ: agreed, sprint has horrible service. It’s actually not horrible, however not only does Verizon has service for voice everywhere I go but it has 3G and data services every where I go. Sprint simply doesnt offer that. They do offer a nice slew of devices, they will not ever catch up with Verizon as they simy dont have the funds. As well I wouldn’t count on the nexus s coming out on sprint. Wasn’t the nexus one supposed to be on vzw and sprint? Yes. As well if the nexus s cones out on sprint it’s already outdated hardware wise and it doesn’t even spec up to the bolt. So it’s gonna be interesting to see just how good things get for us phone enthusiast this year and beyond. Soon there will be no need for a pc

  17. my cousins a best buy mobile manager in brooklyn… i spoke to him on the phone today, as soon as i said thunderbolt he said march 17th… i believe him because every other time i asked him he said he doesn’t know.. but this time he answered very quickly.

  18. Excuse me I just yawned.

  19. I gave up on this device last week… there’s obviously a problem (phone and/or LTE) and I want no parts of it… I have decided to wait for the Bionic and HOPE the LTE issues are resolved… plus the Bionic will cost maybe 1/2 what this thundercrap is gonna run… $300, u got to be kidding me, especially after all these delay’s…

  20. @Jam (17) I strongly believe your cousin told you that infromation based on the blogs he is reading. I don’t think he really knows when the Thunderbolt will be release. He is probably assuming that the Thunderbolt is coming out that day.

  21. @Jam (17) Forgot to mention, you shouldn’t believe in Best Buy, they have no credibility. Remember the $50 and February 14? Does that ring the bell?

  22. My Mom’s, friend’s, Sister’s, cousin’s, brother told me that it would be out on 3/12/2011….no lie.

  23. This doesn’t matter unless it came from verizon and if it did come from verizon it still doesn’t mean much.

  24. This Thunderbolt hype hooked me into getting my 1st smartphone. So much that I jumped Big Red’s ship and Sprinted to an Evo Shift 4G. Free roaming on Verizon, WiMax is *fast enough*, and physical keyboard >> touchscreen, IMO.

    Verizon is shooting itself in the foot with bad hype.

  25. sorry Nixx, it’s December 21, 2012 anyhow, I give up. I,ve been sitting on an upgrade the last few months. Have just decided to wait thru summer and see what choices I’ll have. I kinda wanna see the Incredible 2. If it has a 4″ screen that would be my sweetspot. As far as TB won’t do me much good, My area, if lucky, won’t see 4G until end of 2013. And if Nixx and The Mayans are right, i’ll be dead anyways. Also stopped by the Verizon store today (3/12) ask about the TB and got the Verizon response “I don’t know” I then asked the rep about the Merge and his response was, I qoute, “My god !! Verizon is merging with another company ?? ” I replied, no son, that is a phone that you (Verizon) should have Q2. At that point I realized I prob was wasting my time. I’m surprised how uninformed they are and this was a Verizon Store.

  26. sorry was in store today 3/11

  27. So tired of this. I just don’t care anymore. I’m going to wait for the LG Revolution. At least VoIP is waiting for..

  28. This is set up like an operation’s menu for stores. If a store manager agrees with the date and got this as an email, it is real. If not, it is pure and absolute BS. The REAL stinky type too.

  29. Meant “memo”- not “menu”.

  30. Jake: Yeah thats the date I meant. Lol. And I definitely understand the lack of information. I was in our local store a few days after CES and talking to a couple of the Reps. I brought up how I wanted the Thunderbolt and they said “Oh whats that?” Ok…. How about the Bionic, the unnamed Samsung and the LG phone thats coming out? “Never heard of them.” Wait What!? Ok. Here’s what your gonna do. Go to your (Verizon’s) Facebook and click on the CES video. Watch it and educate your damn self! I just couldn’t believe none of them had seen it. *Doh*

  31. @ Jake – LMAO @”My God! Verizon is merging with another company?!” Yeah…as I said, I’m not believing anything until these things are in people’s hands and activated. Honestly, at this point, I wish Phandroid would stop reporting on every rumor, tweet, etc. It is just redundant at this point. If VZW’s CEO got on TV live and said that it would be out the 17th guaranteed, and if it wasn’t, he would take his own life, I STILL wouldn’t believe it until I see them on sale (from vzw or Best Buy – not some shady crap like what was on eBay last week) and activated. This is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. I think they’re high.

  32. When i have one in my hands, then i’ll believe it.Until then it’s all bullshit.

  33. what a bunch of hooooo haaaaaaaaaaa, they been tellin me about a week every time i go in, my fuckin phone i have now is broken, n i dont wanna get one of these other phones out if this one is gunna have 4 g n so on, they need to here this shit up already why are they playin wit there pricks!!!!!!!

  34. I was at a Verizon store just a few hours ago, I was told by employee March 17th. They also told me this same date 2 wks ago. (I like to ask to see if answer changes!) Later i went to a BJs that has a Verizon “store” in it and just stopped to look and they actually had the spec thunderbolt and I got to hold it in my hands! That particular “store” was closed so there was no one to ask about it but I have not seen the spec at any of the other 3 stores I’ve been to in the last 2wks. For those of you who haven’t “seen” it in person yet…..its virtually the same size, as Samsung fascinate(which I have and pulled out for comparison) but heavier than any other Droid or iphone-it definitely has some weight to it. The built it kickstand was nice and the color/style in person was really nice and sleek looking. Too bad I couldn’t actually play w/ its features!

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