ScoreLoop’s Go Android Program Aims to Bring More iOS Developers to Android


ScoreLoop – in a move that isn’t all too uncommon these days – looks to trump their competitor OpenFeint and will give iOS developers incentive to port their existing titles to Android. ScoreLoop will offer up business advice and funding for developers, but the catch is that they’ll have to use ScoreLoop’s online platform.

ScoreLoop was around long before OpenFeint announced their Android ventures, but the platform didn’t gain much traction. With this move, it’ll help them remain competitive and will give their name some legs in the Android market. ScoreLoop still has a significant presence in the Android market, but OpenFeint came in and undid whatever stronghold they had in just a few short months. Sign up and learn more here if you’re interested. [via PocketGamer]

[Update]: And now a press release. Take a gander below.

Scoreloop Reveals Its ‘Go Android’ Partnership Program for Game Developers, Launched Quietly In January

Developers of top iOS Games Geared and Toobz first to have benefited from the program

SAN FRANCISCO, USA; MUNICH, GERMANY; BEIJING, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA — – March 10, 2011 -Scoreloop, the no.1 cross platform social gaming ecosystem and the first on the Android platform, today reveals the launch of ‘Go Android‘, a partnership program designed to help top iOS developers bring their hit games to Android. The program was launched in early January with the goal to remove the operational, legal and financial overheads of porting games from one platform to another.

This new initiative from Scoreloop offers eligible developers the ability to reach a new audience without the time and resourcing hassle that comes along with porting. As a trusted partner to mobile game developers, Scoreloop launched Go Android as a way to make the shift to Android as simple and pain-free as possible. And the resulting Android versions will benefit from Scoreloop’s position as the largest social mobile gaming platform for Android devices. Gamers will benefit from having more cross-platform games to enjoy and share the gaming experience with friends.

“We launched the ‘Go Android’ Program earlier this year to help developers who don’t have the time to deal with the development, legal, admin and market experience necessary to launch on a new platform,” said Marc Gumpinger, CEO of Scoreloop. “We’re providing real value for developers, not just funds. Navigating the Android waters is not a simple task and we want to be there for developers. We’re thrilled to launch this program along with Geared and Toobz, two top iOS games, that will soon be accompanied by many more.”

Launch partners Geared and Toobz, collectively downloaded over 20 million times on iOS, joined the Go Android program in January and will be available on the Android Market in just a week. Along with their Android versions, cross-platform play will also be made available through updated iOS apps at the same time.

“It’s been terrific having Scoreloop take care of everything,” said Bryan Mitchell, creator of Geared. “Getting support through porting, testing and launch can make a major difference. In such a competitive market, the added extra that social features brings to a game can make a real difference to the level of success, and Scoreloop has been there to help add that to Geared.”

“Scoreloop’s support in developing an Android version of Toobz has been invaluable,” said Jason Haslup, founder of Off Center Software. “While iOS remains a key audience, the rise of Android represents a great opportunity to find new players, and this initiative is sure to be a great help to many developers hoping to get their game to as wide a market as possible.”

Any developer can apply to be part of the program by showing how they would leverage Scoreloop’s social features as part of their app. Developers can find out more and sign up at

Scoreloop’s social gaming platform and SDK creates instant communities and connections, and new ways to generate revenues from mobile games, with the ability to add in-game purchasing, virtual currencies and in-app promotions. For developers looking to maximize visibility of their games, Scoreloop adds reach to a new audience through a user base growing at over one new million players a week.

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