Angry Birds Seasons St. Patrick’s Day Update Now Available


Just as with previous updates to Angry Birds Seasons, Rovio launched this puppy as soon as the clock hit 12:00 AM. This update brings 15 lucky levels of fun, 2 new golden eggs, and – as we expected – tons of rainbows with pots o’ gold at the end of them. As always, it’s a free update in the Android market so head over there now to dowload it.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s only 11:00 pm (in the part of the country that matters)

  2. world*
    p.s. I’m not a fan of the new comments layout

  3. Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won’t live through the night.

  4. Who else seen a Leprechaun say YEAH!!

  5. SO. MANY. ADS.

  6. Great update/expansion! Seems the most challenging so far.

  7. Actually, there are 18 levels, not 15. Also looks like 3 golden eggs.

    (18 x 3) = 54 stars :-)

  8. @ Mike I wasn’t counting bonus levels.

  9. Oh no a whole morning’s work trashed. But I have finished it now on to the 3 stars on each :-)

  10. Guys you should also check out those trailers for the angry birds Rio. Lol, so cool! My life for angry birds!

  11. Is anyone else here getting sick of all things Angry Birds? Big f–kin deal. I’m surprised they haven’t released a Charlie Sheen or a Tiger’s Blood edition of Angry Birds.

  12. Did anyone see trailer for mighty eagle?…

  13. New season, can’t wait to crash the pigs!

  14. ^ Fletch – Rovio decided to forego the Charlie Sheen edition. Instead, they are going to take the…people from ‘Jersey Shore’, and use them to create a new update “Angry Guidos”

  15. YES I AM SICK OF FRICKING ANGRY BIRDS. I beat the game a LOOONG time ago. It’s time to move on. Sorry Rovio!

  16. I will not download Angry Birds until they release an Ad Free Version.

  17. Vat, no Purim Angry Birds?

  18. Doesn’t work !!! A lot of people placed on the market comments about “error unknown -18 “

  19. It’s laggy as hell!

  20. Did they fix the stupid ad placement? I’d love to play, but until they stop covering up gameplay with ads I refuse

  21. Ad placement is still crappy, and it’s laggy as hell on my Epic 4G.

  22. Very laggy on my Captivate as well.

  23. Laggy on my Samsung Epic 4G as well.

  24. I found the golden egg on 1-8. Where are the other golden eggs?

  25. not laggy or overpowered on my iPhone…. :)

  26. Does anyone know how to get the golden egg on level eight? It’s killing me not being able to get it.

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