Samsung Offers a Glimpse of the New Galaxy Tab in Latest CTIA Teaser


78910. 78910. It feels like an alternate reality episode of lost where the numbers have changed but the mysteries remain. Hopefully the ending to Samsung’s story won’t be as underwhelming, though. A new teaser image for Samsung’s upcoming CTIA event has been released and it features what else but a shot of what could be the Galaxy Tab 8.9 in profile looking all skinny mini.

For those just tuning in, Samsung will be showing off at least one new Galaxy Tab product at their CTIA press conference on March 22nd, and all signs point to an 8.9-inch version of their slate device. All should come clear in roughly two weeks time.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Ipad 2 is better because obama said so

  2. LOL @Captivate…

  3. The more the merrier for sprint

  4. ill get one if its released in swizerland <3

  5. I have faith in Samsung putting out a high quality Honeycomb tablet but I’m still getting an iPad. We’ll see next year though.

  6. I’ll get on if it’s a Google Experience tablet running on Verizon 3g/4g network!!!

  7. I’ll get it if I don’t have to remortgage to afford it.

    I’d have to get a mortgage first, THEN remortgage.

  8. @slbailey1 If those are your requirements, why not the Xoom?

  9. To get it that thin, they probably have to use AMOLED screen. If the 8.9 inch Tab has Super AMOLED plus screen, I will be getting one for sure!

  10. looks good. but i dont trust samsung.

  11. @rohdawg too big and too heavy. I was all set to buy the Xoom when it was rumored to be a 7″ tablet.

  12. 78910? 7″, 8.9″, & 10″?

  13. As a proud galaxy S and a 40inch Samsung led tv owner Im sure gonna get this one
    best hardware in town and devoted to software updates
    I had my share of Apple IOS limitations with the iphone 3G and 3GS
    And things I miss on the Ipad:
    – widgets
    – live wallpapers
    – widescreen ( come on Apple 4:3 is so 1990)
    – higher resolution
    – mass storage ( hate iTunes)
    – sdcards
    – usb without needing to buy a separate adapter
    – the same for hdmi

  14. @ LSxChevelle – I was wondering the same thing…

  15. Id love to see this Tablet with the SAmoled+ screen they are tossing in the GS2

  16. wonder if it will have a blowjob button?

  17. @Craigmier

    no, but I heard it will have a castration button for you

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