Set Your Skull Aflame with this Android-Controlled Shirt


No, not your actual skull, dummy. The skulls on your shirt. Thanks to Android and Arduino the level of pulsing red light coming from the flaming eyes of the skulls emblazoned on this Ghost Rider-esque garb will ebb and flow in reaction to your smartphone’s accelerometer.

But even if it is a pretty cool example of Android technology in use, wearing this would make you a total dork. Don’t do it.

[via AndroidPolice]

Kevin Krause
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  1. This would only be wearable during a Halloween party,(even then it’s questionable) otherwise it’s a complete waste of money imo.
    But if anyone watched Celebrity Apprentice last night and noticed Jose Caseco’s jacket, that was almost as bad.

  2. incredibly lame

  3. i dont know whats lamer. this shirt or the fact that toastn jam watched celebrity apprentice

  4. Please could you make another video of the tilting, I did not see enough tilting in this video.

  5. @keez LMFAO. I was thinking the same thing.

    And this shirt is pretty hideous. If I saw someone actually wearing that I would probably take a pic and send it to epicfail.

  6. wow. we are not that nerdy, or have that bad of sense in style.

  7. really ugly shirt

  8. I would love for some kid’s mom to wash this shirt. The look on uis face would he priceless. Electric, Android powered clothes, what next, lol.

    “ewww its ugly” “pfft thats nerdy”
    Tsk tsk tsk, its an android fansite, you should be covered in cheesies surrounded by a pizza box fort basking in the glory of the shirt!


  10. super cool

  11. Y’all should bask in the glory of this guys creation. Nerdy, yea but it rocks!!! I want one that pulses to the music on my headphones. Im a android techy phan and I approve!

  12. Propeller caps are out of style this year.

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