Google’s Cloud Music Service In Place, Working on Rooted Devices


We didn’t see this one coming. Well ahead of any official announcement of any kind, the folks at XDA have figured out a way to use the new cloud music service Google introduced last year at Google I/O.

For those who don’t know, the service allows you to sync your music to Google’s servers and will allow you to stream that music on your device, effectively getting rid of the need to install music to your SD card.

It’s not unlike some third party services already out. This service was to be built into Android at some point, but Google never gave us a timeline when they initially announced it. The hack requires the music player found in Android 3.0 and a rooted device. You can find more information at this XDA thread. [via RWW]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. so people will be uploading their pirated music to google?

  2. Ooooh… can’t wait

  3. If this can be anywhere near the quality of Rdio, Im so in. Im currently trying to Rdio trial and I dont think I will ever go back to anything else.

  4. Hope well be able to download from the site.. I wouldnt use it to stream but to back up music sure.

  5. i can see this being useful over wifi, but too much of a drain on the battery for in-car without a powerkit. granted, everyone has one. but you take the good (freeing up more space for anything else on the SD card) with the bad (battery drain)

  6. I’m rooted and running the 3.0 music player. I am currently uploading my entire SD card. It shows as syncing. This is frickin amazing…

    i wonder:
    1. will there be a front end for users to upload through their home computer instead of just through the phone.
    2. how much space is the by G going to give all of us for music storage.

  7. Poor Bryant…now he’s gonna get spammed.

  8. ^ lol @ bryant comment

  9. I have no music on my sd card… under account and sync and music it says it is syncing but what is it syncing if I don’t have any music?!

  10. @Ben W: are you running a Gingerbread ROM, or just rooted (like on 2.2) and running the 3.0 music .apk? (and was it needing just the Media Player .apk or something else, too)

  11. Is there anyway to put the 3.0 browser on your device as well?

  12. No one knows where there music is syncing to. Seems a bit early to sync your music without being able to control where it is being sent.

  13. I use Audiogalaxy currently, it’s free, high quality, and syncs with iTunes playlists and my album art. It rocks!

  14. I would love to try and sync my zune subscription downloads to my rooted incredible. Dont think it’s possible with the DRM though.

  15. actually this is not new news … i tweeted this out over 60 days ago…

  16. Aaaaand, were in!

  17. Does anyone have a Honeycomb build for my Motorola DynaTAC 8000X?

  18. I wrote to audiogalaxy and was told that uncompressed files are not supported, and that if I uploaded them (i have a lot of vinyl), that the service would stream a compressed version of songs, if available.
    with a 32 gig sd card in my dx, I’ll just play music and videos from the phone.
    as far as google’s cloud: good luck with that. I hate google.

  19. Depending on the price I’ll buy music from google, but I’m not paying to stream music. I want it on my phone. I listen in my car where I barely get a decent 3G signal.

  20. @Jake: Yes, this functionality was old news. We all saw this months ago, but the story here is that it’s finally working. It hasn’t worked up until now.

  21. @Joshua, like you said, everyone has an in car charging kit who uses their phone a lot for music.

  22. @Joshua.
    I’m running CM7 nightly number 13 for the EVO. It’s the latest gingerbread build.
    i deleted the 2.3.2 music APK using Tititanium Backup and installed the 3.0 version that is spreading all over the interwebs.

    Hope that wasn’t too nerdy for ya.

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