Pixel Art Clock Widget Feeds You Your Time in Blocky Goodness


A pretty unique clock widget has just hit the Android market. Its name is Pixel Art Clock Widget and its name describes it all. Adding the widget to your homescreen will give you a unique looking clock made in the popular form of art that originated in the digital age. You can change the color of the text and add pre-drawn ornaments to the clock, but options are otherwise scarce. Still, it’s worth a quick download if you’re a pixel art fan. Get it from the Android market. [FrAndroid (Translated)]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 1st ha ha

  2. 2nd lulz

  3. Might have to take a look at this.

  4. Just after I finally got my whole minimalist, text based home screen the way I want it! Now I just need a widget like Minimalistic Text for pixel art.

  5. How do i change clock type? not military time?

  6. @Daitron, click on the icon in your app tray.

    This would be perfect if it hid the preceding zero and the am/pm looks like an/pn.

    (could be better if made scalable to work with Widget Locker and if color gradients were possible.)

  7. Anyone else using this with widget locker and experiencing lock ups, screen lags, or random reboots?


  9. Time wont update, jumped the gun on this announcement

  10. @timmyjoe42, Yes my phone hanged after installing

  11. @timmyjoe42 yes I experienced every single one so I removed it and my nexus 1 went back to normal. Uninstall.

  12. Same here with an non-branded Desire on the latest OTA, shame as it looked nice.

  13. Nice looking… But the time does not update on my galaxy s showcase with launcher pro.

  14. Using widget locker with this and haven’t had a problem! on DINC.

  15. My MyTouch 4G started freezing and giving error messages after I got Pixel Art Clock Widget.
    I rebooted several times and finally had to do a factory data reset.
    Anyone else have this problem with that app ?


  16. Looks like after the last upgrade, it’s okay.
    Time does update. Can’t see any additional screen lags or crashes.
    I’m using it now again. Let’s hope it keeps running that way.

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