Meganoid Brings Classic Old-School Gaming to Your Android


The folks at Orange Pixel have pinged us to let us know that their new game – Meganoid – is now available in the Android market. Meganoid takes you back to those frustrating days as a child playing the same level of Mega Man over and over again as you secretly pray to God and ask him why he’s torturing you.

I love the tagline they use for the game in the Android market: “THIS GAME IS NOT EASY!” 8-bit purists are going to love this title, but if you’re more of a casual player I urge you to stay away as it will make you want to kick babies and cry. Go ahead and find it for free in the Android market.

PS: The name isn’t a play on the word “Android”, but rather a mix between Mega Man and Metroid, the two games Orange Pixel are said to have drawn their inspiration from.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks cool. I actually love 8 bit graphics, and the metroid series is the best series ever, so anything inspired by that I’m gonna check out.

  2. Looks cool! Ive wasted many an hour playing both Mega Man and Metroid. Now if my Game Grip will finally be delivered….


  4. Very boring. When I saw that it was inspired by Mega Man, I figured, I would get to shoot stuff. Jump jump diamond jump diamond.

  5. I already want to kick babies and cry…wonder what will happen to me after playing this game….we shall see.

  6. I want to kick babies THAT cry…

  7. I want to cry like a baby after being kicked!

  8. Hahaha oh please someone send me the .apk for this.. damn deployments.. Damn babies that cry..

  9. I want to kick it with my babies… and cry.

  10. Control options not there as shown on video (at least on the XOOM) :(

  11. If it was really a mash-up of Mega Man & Metroid, it would be called … wait for it … MEGAROID.

    I can see why they didn’t go that route.

  12. pretty ffun.

  13. A better mash-up would be MetaMan, a game wherein the hero knows full well that a) he’s a pastiche of classic video games like Metroid and Mega Man, but also b) that he’s in a video game.

  14. Don’t kick the baby…

  15. Want to? That sounds like my Saturday afternoon.

  16. I wanna cry with babies then kill it with fire

  17. Oh baby.

  18. Metroman

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