Mar 3rd, 2011

The folks at Orange Pixel have pinged us to let us know that their new game – Meganoid – is now available in the Android market. Meganoid takes you back to those frustrating days as a child playing the same level of Mega Man over and over again as you secretly pray to God and ask him why he’s torturing you.

I love the tagline they use for the game in the Android market: “THIS GAME IS NOT EASY!” 8-bit purists are going to love this title, but if you’re more of a casual player I urge you to stay away as it will make you want to kick babies and cry. Go ahead and find it for free in the Android market.

PS: The name isn’t a play on the word “Android”, but rather a mix between Mega Man and Metroid, the two games Orange Pixel are said to have drawn their inspiration from.