Mar 3rd, 2011

Google’s issued a hot (as in you probably weren’t notified) update to Google Maps in the Android market that makes a few changes to Latitude and Hotpot. Firstly, Hotpot will now give you the ability to share your ratings to Twitter whenever you rate a new place. Subtle, but something I’m sure a lot of people won’t mind having.

Secondly, Latitude now has a “Ping” feature that’ll let you ping a friend if they’re nearby. It’ll send a notification to that person with the message you choose to send and you guys can meet up for coffee, wiffle ball, or whatever it is you’re doing. And if you need to check in somewhere but it isn’t showing up in the list of places, you’ll be able to show more. All of these features should now be available to you if you have version 5.2 of Google Maps. [Google]