Adobe Flash Will Be Pre-Installed on Motorola XOOM for European Launch, 3G Version Going for £599 at Carphone Warehouse


Good news for Motorola XOOM owners (and soon to be owners) far and wide. Word from Adobe Flash evangelist Ryan Stewart is that when the Motorola XOOM touches down in Europe come April, it will come with Flash Player 10.2 ready to roll out of the box. While this should make those in Europe eager to try out the XOOM pretty excited, it also bodes well for those in the US. We assume the update for Flash Player will be live for all concurrently with the European launch (if not sooner).

In other news, the unlocked, SIM-free 3G version of the XOOM has been priced at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse at 599.99 GBP. That’s 100 GBP more than the Wi-Fi only model seen priced at 499.99 GBP over at PC World.

[via TalkAndroid, EuroDroid]

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  1. The price is nice!

    Will buy one

  2. Finally flash. Hopefully some updates will be rolling out soon to fix some of the nagging issues with the web browser I’ve had – like the one where when I click on a link it doesn’t actually do anything.

  3. @2 Tad-try a different browser for now. There are many to choose from that work great on the tablet.

  4. I think I am leaning towards the Xoom. Though I think the price will drop more, so I will wait until the summer and see where the prices go.

  5. They better have flash on this device very soon cause the ipad2 looks like it might kick some Xoom ASS and I am not nor would I ever purchase anything apple. My wish is for a seven inch htc tablet where I can make calls on and on sprint that would be a perfect world for me

  6. Just as well it comes with flash out the box – as my Milestone will tell you there is no updates from Moto!! So I will not buy even though I want….

  7. Can’t wait for the Flash update to roll out. This will make an incredible tablet that much more incredible. Now Netflix just needs to hurry up with their Android app.

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