T-Mobile G-Slate (LG Optimus Pad) Priced at $699, According to Online Retailer MobileCity


We’re not sure how true we can hold pre-order pricing from MobileCity, but the online vendor of portable electronics has the T-Mobile G-Slate (otherwise known as the LG Optimus Pad) priced at $699.99. As the astute could point out, that’s $100 less than the similarly Honeycomb-equipped Motorola XOOM.

The pricing makes sense given the smaller screen size, though some thought the dual-cameras and 3D capabilities might add up to a much higher price tag. We will take the listing as a rough estimate of what the price might eventually be, but wouldn’t go marking this one down in your check book yet.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. $699? Not a chance. $300-400 is the sweet spot. Just wait a few more months until the market is saturated in tablets just like these for a fraction of the price.

  2. I use samsang I9000
    this look very good

  3. Firsties!!!

  4. Drop one more hundred dollars and I’m sold.

  5. A 7″ screen at $399? Really?

    How much does a 3G/4G module really cost? I mean a 10″ pad from Viewsonic is cheaper.

  6. I realize the specs are alot better, but the Nook Color is only $200. For those who don’t play 3D games, it is a much better value.

  7. It says THEIR price is $699.99, but the retail price is $799.99. I was really hoping this would be around $500 to $600. $700 and $800 is just a bit too much for something that really is just a toy. Sure it’ll have functionality for certain things but. Hopefully MobileCity isn’t near the mark and its less.

  8. overprices as always.

  9. Is anyone going to make a decent tab in the $300 to $400 price range like… ever?

  10. should be interesting to watch this develop, although i think that they either need to come up with cheaper alternatives to the tablets with lower memory or wifi only or something along those lines. either way something that loosely follows apples pricing model. this should be nice if it can record in 3d although i would bet that a majority of people wont have any real use for that.

  11. I don’t understand the whole tablet thing. Sure $200-300 but $700??? U can get into a laptop for that. Sure it’s a little bigger but o well.

  12. If I were a manufacture, I’d compete with Barnes and Nobles’s Nook. At $200-$300 per tablet with built in Wifi and front facing camera, decent voice recording mics they’d take over the world since every student would be getting one. Then you have other organizations like “notebook for every child” who’d buy millions of them. Then you can have more expensive models have take card expansions for 4G etc.. They’d take over the world.

  13. I dont understand why suddenly those phone companies suddenly started to make tablet and mark those price rocket high…..

  14. Sorry, LG…I’d wait another month and pay the $100 for the Xoom OR wait until the wifi only Xoom comes out and be $100 less than the Slate.

    PRICED WAAAAAY WRONG…!!!! That’s $499-$549 device all day.

  15. @Tony: Sure. Viewsonic already has.

  16. Tony, check the Adam from Notion ink.

  17. Man these things are expensive..

  18. Quality article..

  19. The Adam is so unavailable. And so damn secretive that its hardly known. The heck wth the Adam tablet.

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