Samsung Nexus S Announced for South Korea, Gem Shows Up at Verizon


Two quick Samsung release notes: The Samsung Nexus S has been officially announced for South Korea, the native market of the handset manufacturer. The Google-branded smartphone will be available through KT and SK Telecom at a price of 800,000 won (~$712). It will feature the same specs as the version of the phone being released elsewhere in the world.

The slightly less illustrious Samsung Gem has also resurfaced at Verizon. We first heard it would be headed to Big Red last summer, but after it recently appeared on Alltell we thought any chance of that might be gone. Looks like users searching for a low-end handset on Verizon will have at least one more option.

[via SamsungHub, DroidLife]

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  1. oh thank god, the GEM is here, samsung is sure to keep this phone up to date. NOT.first

  2. Its Samsung, who cares?

  3. Google does. Ironically this Samsung may be the best phone to get for the latest updates.

  4. Nexus S I mean

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