Google TV Garners Little Attention from Developers at GDC


The Game Developer Conference is going on right now, if you haven’t heard, and Google has a pretty decent presence there. You had to imagine that they’d be there to entice developers to adopt the Android platform and show them how they could get started with it on phones and tablets, but another sect of Android was present: Google TV.

We didn’t attend the event ourselves, but there are plenty of others who did. LA Times was on hand to see the reception Google got from the crowd of coders packed into the Moscone Center. Google’s phones and tablets session attracted many eager developers as lines reportedly snaked from one hall to the next inside the convention center.

On the other hand, attendance at the Google TV sessions were said to be uninspiring, and whoever did attend wasn’t 100% sold on it: they were likely just there out of curiosity. We want Google TV to succeed on multiple levels, but the industry is speaking and whether it be from content providers or from game developers, their words don’t sound too good.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. son of a bitch.

  2. I thought they killed off Google TV already? Overpriced HW launched before allowing custom software will die this way.

  3. Why would developers be interested in a platform onto which they still can’t get their products. No Market, no side-loading = no interest from devs. Has Google really not figured this out?

  4. If they did it the right way, every google tv would be a game console for your TV that any OEM could make an really shake up the big 3. Nobody will go just for a browser in their TV

  5. I bought a revue because Google promised the Market “early” in 2011. I was expecting CES maybe… Still mad. I use it a lot though, mostly for netflix which I could have done on my PS3 or computer..

    Maybe the market comes at I/O? Hope so

  6. So many retards dont understand the power GoogleTV could bring. Its pretty lacking at the moment, but with some backing it could be amazing. GET ON IT PEOPLE!

  7. guys, GTV is weak ATM but man do you have to recognize potential! i have this thing hooked up to my TV and i love it, idk how i would go back. the app market will be HUGE but GTV is certainly not limping without it.

  8. Wait to it gets its ARM port before you deem GTV dead or not. Samsung will start making its own GTV enabled sets.

  9. I just don’t see much of a need or use for Google TV anymore. A television with Android running in it will soon be able to deliver any content you’d want from Google TV. Android is open source and free employ, which means almost zero cost to implement keeping the prices low to the consumers. There was no real technical reason not to be able to stream content, just DRM issues which are almost hammered out.
    With Honeycomb I’m not even seeing a real need for Chrome either. The power, speed, and graphics of the new processors is amazing. Think of the dual core Tegra 2 (with quad cores on the horizon) tablet with the paid version of Documents to Go, a .pdf reader, and Flash 10.2 (when it’s available) and there’s almost nothing you could do with a laptop that you couldn’t do with this set up.

  10. Our new vizio TV has Yahoo so I have pandora, netflix, limited facebook and a few other apps on the TV. I think this TV should be able to do a lot more.

  11. ctown, yes GTV needs ARM. The whole intel romance was a waste of time. Yes I know Android is supposed to be multi-platform and wants to dance with the leprechauns in the magical forest blablabla but let’s get real. Android is all about ARM. It is the one cpu design that is easily licensed by multiple vendors and I wait for the day when ARM beats intel desktop cpu’s.

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