Google Body for Honeycomb Tablets Now Available


Remember that cool 3D human anatomy application Google showed off at their Honeycomb event earlier in February called Google Body? It was then described as the “Google maps of the human body” and it is now available in the Android market for free. The app has launched with a female figure to start and Google promises that a version with the male’s anatomy will be on its way soon. [Thanks, PhaseBurn!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. I would love this on my Nexus One

  3. No, this does NOT mean that google has figured out how to sell advertising on your internal organs.

  4. I’m having trouble downloading it. Possibly due to 3G download data limits like on my iPhone?

  5. Can’t get it to download on xoom says file is not found?

  6. too bad it still doesnt show up/install soo nope to this article

  7. It is not downloading for me either. The market link above finds the app, but I could not find it in market on my xoom.

  8. I can find the page from the link, but the file is not found if you try to download the app.

  9. Does not let me install on my Xoom

  10. cant find it on my xoom

  11. I can’t install it on my xoom maybe because I have a droid

  12. It says Android 3.0 only???

  13. Wont install on zoom. They market website says its not supported on my device when trying to install

  14. I too can’t download this

    “Purchase Cancelled

    The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found. [Retry] [Cancel]”

  15. Similar issues for me on my xoom… the link takes me to the market page, but I can’t find it in the market via normal searches, and when I try to install, I get an error that says “Purchase cancelled – Google Body”. Looking forward to checking it out once it’s available!

  16. it’s been pulled from the market…

  17. Stupid I’ve been waiting for this app since I’m in Med school

  18. can’t find it on market(xoom)and can’t install from web browser.

  19. LUV It…LUV It, irritates me to read the smart guys write about how that I-thingy has more apps…what would you expect, it has been out a year longer…the apps are going to come and even faster as Google is in the process of hiring 6000 more developers to create more apps for Android…LUV It, keep them coming!

  20. So the Motorola Xoom comes out and suddenly its cool kid with all the cool new apps .
    Please tell me were getting this on phones , froyo/gingerbead .

  21. It was pulled from the market but you can download the apk here…..

  22. thanks robert!

  23. Everybody is aware that this has been up online for awhile now right, just seems like everyone is way too excited about this

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