Mar 1st, 2011

Always wishing you could take a screen shot of the display on your Android phone but then realizing you haven’t actually rooted your device so it’s not even possible? Me too. But that won’t be the case anymore, thanks to Android 2.3.3. For the tiny 0.0.1 increase in version number it is, the latest version of Gingerbread has brought along some pretty key enhancements, root-less screen capture being one of them.

While it is definitely possible, you will still ned to find an app in that Android Market that supports the functionality. Right now, most screen capture tools are designed for rooted phone, but we reckon it won’t be long until a few show up that run with native 2.3.3 (heck, a recent update to ShootMe accidentally enabled screenshots without root). Of course, a phone on Android 2.3.3 is still a bit hard to come by. Unless you are a Nexus S or One owner, root may still be the easiest way to grab a screen of your phone pronto.

[via AndroidCentral]