Sony Ericsson: We’re Not Against Rooting If Done Right


Sony Ericsson has become one of the most interesting manufacturers to watch in 2011. They transformed their smartphone business in 2010 with the launch of their first Android phone – the Xperia X10 – and followed that up with Mini spin-offs. Contrary to what you’d hear on sites and forums like ours, the phones were actually quite solid for a lot of people.

There is definitely room for improvement, though, and they’ve showed all of their cards for at least the first half of this year. Now that we know they’re serious about the hardware front, their developers are out to prove a point about their software.

Simon Walker – the head of Sony Ericsson’s developer program – has gone to Twitter to say that he’s not against rooting if it’s done right. That statement was preceded by a promise that he’ll bring those discussions up internally.

We’re not going to get our hopes up for a crop of Sony Ericsson phones that are easy to hack as the Nexus series or the Motorola XOOM, but as they work toward improving users’ perception of them, we’re sure they’re taking this every bit as serious as they say they are. And whatever they do, don’t expect the Xperia Play to get much love in the “rooting” department due to its PlayStation Certified tag. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. heh.. allow people to root it, advertise with it now being encouraged by Sony, wait a year and then remove the feature via a built-in rootkit. Then file a lawsuit against the people who are working to get the feature back in the hardware they bought.

    They have experience with that over at Sony.

    Too cynical? Maybe. but i still aint buying another Sony product.

  2. Sad days ahead for PlayStation 3 owners, indeed.

  3. I am sure geohot is itching to get onboard, leopard and spots anyone?

  4. Far from a sad day for ps3 users i can do anything with my ps3 now that its opened up Sad day for Sony if anything.I will never buy anything from Sony anyways attacking people who fix the problems they caused f u Sony if you would have left the other os in the ps3 you might not be facing the problems you have today.

  5. So why not make their own rooting tool?

  6. Sad that I spent thousands of dollars on Sony products and software for those products and Sony wants the control over those products without my permission. It is messed up that I can spend $1000 on their PlayStation Store and they can change their policies and terms to take away all I have paid for because I would want to alter my own device that I paid for. What a ripoff!

  7. So I guess the verdict with buying Sony products is:

    PS3 avoid

    Android phones OK

  8. @chris: eff that! Nothing about or from sony is ok! Avoid sony at all costs!

  9. I’m ok with the play not being a rom that goes out to every phone! If that’s the case you’d prob get people ripping off all their games!
    If sony was smart they would put out their on custom roms and sell em for key boarded phones! Key boarded phones cuz they can be used to game…
    Just a thought!

  10. I buy Sony product if its a good product i buy it. For people say dont buy any of there product is plain stupid and ignorant. Dumb ass.,

  11. @MrJoeylike: Anything purly software would get modified and pirated. This way they make you buy their hardware and they keep pirace to a minimal.

  12. @johnny. So true i will keep on buying there product cause I love my bravia hx800 series and my x series walkman is the best mp3 player out there. Remember i say for music player not (gaming) it is hand and feet down best. I use my ps3 for gaming and blue ray movie, enough with that removing the OS , less than one percent of people was using it. Don’t care and wont care.Not a major factor there for your 99 percent of ps3 user.Except for those who support geohot so they can use it for piracy. Dont tell me they wont cause they will. Just look at the iphone yea its was his phone he own it but look what happen now cause of his jail break million of app being dl for free. which will happen to the ps3 as well with piracy if it continue.

  13. @johnny For people to believe their lies and buy any of their products is plain ignorant and stupid… Dumb ass.

    Or have you never heard the phrase “fool me once…”?

  14. Stfu, sony sucks. Stop trying to put a positive spin on the company that installed rootkits on customers pc’s and was still shipping android 1.6 when 2.2 was out for 6 months.

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