Bejeweled 2 Now on Sale for $.99, Still $2.99 for Verizon Users


Many of you were Angry souls who thought Bejeweled 2 took so long to come to Android. And when it finally did come, its price tag made a good chunk of you fall ill with sticker shock. EA Mobile’s put the game on sale, though, and it can now be had in the market for just $.99. I know it’s not the latest and greatest Bejeweled experience to be had anywhere, but it’s something. Find the reduced price in the Android market.

As for you Verizon folks? You won’t be able to install this. You have a separately-maintained version of the game in the Android market for some odd reason. Your version still costs $2.99. We’re not sure what’s up with that, but don’t shoot us as we’re nothing but mere messengers.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You shouldn’t advertise that half-assed effort…Bejeweled 2 as been out for couple of years now and we can’t even get a iOS equivalent…no blitz and facebook integration…seriously the people working on those ports are very lazy or just very bad progs…

  2. Blah what’s the issue with is not being available to UK O2 users, that’s BS.

  3. If I had a Verizon phone, could I buy the $.99 one off of the web Market?

  4. Download market access, change your market to Sprint and download for only .99

  5. @Crazed – I just checked on my D-INC and it’s showing up as $2.99 when I go to the Market Place – Games – Brain & Puzzle.

  6. Thanks, Brian.

    When I saw it for .99 in the web market, I thought I’d beat the system; then it wouldn’t let me select my device in the dropdown. F that.

  7. I refuse to purchase any more EA games for Android. Both Fifa 10 and The Sims 3 have been nightmares, with the games working one day and then “unsupported” the next. Now, I can’t even find The Sims 3 in the market for re-download – there’s another version there that I would have to purchase.

  8. Just got it on friends Droid 2. Using Sprint through market access.

  9. This was available through Verizon’s app store for quite a while. It crashed my phone (Droid Incredible) and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get a refund, including getting on the phone with Verizon.

  10. So it’s still not available to anyone in the UK? (and possibly other non-US countries)
    Nexus One, Vodaphone UK

  11. Not available with Virgin UK or Telenor in Norway either.
    Guess I will ignore this when it comes to Europe.

  12. Not available in NZ? Not impressed :(

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