Feb 25th, 2011

Now that NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices are starting to trickle out into the market, it’s about time we get some high-quality gaming to go along. Monster Madness is based on the Unreal Engine and promises a console-quality gaming experience thanks to the power found in dual-core devices. We have seen this top-down shooter in action a few times during various Motorola XOOM, Honeycomb, and Tegra 2 demos, and we must say in terms of mobile gaming this one looks at the top of the pack.

Aside from full 3D graphics featuring over 70 types of enemies spanning five environments, over Wi-Fi multiplayer co-op adventure mode lets you and a friend pummel hordes of monsters together. For all of this, the game isn’t the cheapest we have seen. It will set you back $9.99, and that is the launch sale pricing. If you are looking for something to test out the power of your new XOOM, we recommend giving this one a try.