Oscar Nominees to Receive Gold Motorola XOOM Worthy of the Stars


Here is definitive proof that all it takes to get your hands on a free, limited edition version of the Motorola XOOM is some serious acting skills and an Oscar-worthy resume. This basically means if you aren’t Natalie Portman, David Fincher, or the like, don’t expect to get one of these gold-emblazoned Motorola XOOM tablets. You will have to settle for the standard black deco (or in the case of the Wi-Fi only version, silver) and continue living your life of mediocrity and obscurity.

Hosts and nominees in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director categories will each receive the special edition XOOM complete with custom leather envelope case. Better start working on those acting chops.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I love how they make so much money and never spend a dime of it… makes you wonder how other people can go bankrupt so fast.

  2. “Wi-Fi only version, silver” more and more reason not to buy the Xoom for me, why are they not both coming with Silver or Black options, I want(ed) the Wifi only version but in black, more waiting to see what happens with Samsung and iPad2 now…

  3. And the next oscars what a playstation revolution x with brain controlls??

  4. Give them away because Motorola won’t be able to sell many. iPad rules!

  5. Yeah, that’s great. Give the rich everything for free. God, capitalism has doomed us to envy these fools when the rest of us who have respectful, worthy jobs get shit on every day. F*ck you, Hollyweird.

  6. @twistedcore & @Steve Sboj shut the FUCK up apple faggots. You can’t afford the best tablet a.k.a Motorola XOOM. FUCK off. Play withyour useless IPADS (that dont have flash player).

  7. @Steve Sboj you can’t spell your gay apple CEO boyfriend name properly dumbass. You FUCKING retard.

    It is spelled as Steve Jobs not Steve Sboj. What next, you don’t know Steve birthday.

  8. Perfectic apple faggots. Can’t afford a real true tablet (Motorola XOOM). whining like babies. Bunch of whining Bitches & apple faggots.

  9. …seriously? they’re getting these? really–because they don’t already get more attention/free stuff than they deserve. they’ll probably leave it next to the 90 other free things they get & it’ll never see the light of day.

    i swear. if Oprah controlled the world it’d be nothing but mindless viewers having the latest gadgets with absolutely no idea what’s underneath that casing. oh wait, that’s already happened…

  10. I’m 100% behind Android stuff, but this is a REALLY lame marketing gimmick.

    If makers of Android and Windows stuff can take any lessons from Apple at all, it’d be in marketing and how to create and manage an “image”. Android device makers need to get some focus, take the power out of the hands of the moron telecommunication companies that are run by the basesed idiots who couldn’t market anything if their lives depended on it, and create a broad based, unified strategy.
    AND get these things all into the market a bit easier without being shackled to limited distribution channels and competing service providers! I can go out and buy a crappy ipad ANYWHERE, super cheap. People are literally giving them away free too with all sorts of promotions. But to get an Android tablet is just waaay too hard right now., unless it’s one of the shitty low power no-brand Chinese ones.

  11. i love black 4G Xoom more!
    awesome tablet computer, a list of its specs on Motorola’s webiste is breathtaking. Can’t wait to buy it.
    So, this Thursday?=)

  12. 1. Giving stuff away to celebs is hardly anything new. It’s very cheap marketing. If one of these people starts talking/tweeting about this cool new device, these giveaways will have paid for themselves.
    2. Is there an admin who could please clean up the comments in this thread? Seriously, BigTechBen sounds like he’s a 12 year old who just got sent to detention for the first time.

  13. iPad 2 is going to be the first of many disappointments for Apple-bobber fanboys.

    Same dull 1024×768 screen. D’oh!
    Low resolution cameras. That is sooo ’90’s
    512 meg of ram. dude!
    no usb port. Gimme a break.
    No flash. Seriously? This is choice of Hubris, not user satisfaction.

    iPad 2 is going to look 2nd rate next to xoom

    Dear twisted core. When your #1 most important criteria for a computer is the color of the panel on your lap, nobody cares or has any interest in what you like or want to buy.

  14. Sad the things they give out for poeple that dont even care about what theyre getting. Ill bet half those actors dont even care about an android tablet.. Most are gimmic followers and probably own the ipad. I wish I could go up to each of those actors after they recieve their xoom and offer them an unreasonably low price for it.. would probably score on a few for pennies on the dollar as most of hollywood dont even look in those gift bags they get.

  15. XOOM Wifi only — fantastic! If they’re just giving them away then production is wrapped up and those babies are sitting in a warehouse somewhere… let’s get these things into the wild already.

    …not a big fan of the silver backing but a case will solve that easy enough.

  16. hahahahaha.
    i love this thread.
    i hate the actors and actresses are getting the xoom.
    i wish theyd give them out to users that would actully use them.
    apple fanboys stop hatin on android and be real.
    android fanboys stop hatin apple fanboys, you just stoop to their level.

    im %80 android, 20% apple.
    no i do not own an iphone(gay)
    nor and ipod(gay)
    i do however love apple computers
    hahaha getover.

    whyd you read this far. must be bored.

  17. only one more day till i get my stoney hands on one!

  18. Apple and android are colliding but not iPhone. Honeycomb looks more like Mac OS X than ios. Compare:

  19. That thing is damn sexy!

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