Ad-Free Angry Birds Coming in the Next Month


With the rate that Rovio is churning out Angry Birds titles, it is a bit surprising that we have yet seen an ad-free paid version of the game for Android. Perhaps it’s the millions of dollars Rovio is raking in with the free ad-supported version that has held off a paid version; maybe they have just been to busy developing holiday titles and movie tie-ins. Regardless, a tweet from Rovio is saying in about a month’s time we can expect a paid version of the game to grace to Android Market. Hopefully that means some new levels, as well.

[via Twitter]

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  1. Ad-Blocker for root users….just putting it out there.

  2. I’ve never understood what on earth is so appealing about this game. Is it just the publicity?

  3. Ad free android for root users works great ad free angry birds had it sense it came out

  4. It’s fun at first. But had gotten really boring.

  5. I thought they developed a whole in-app payment system months ago to make this happen. I don’t understand why its taken them so long.

  6. I approve of paying for apps I own, I do not run the ad supported free version but I will buy the ad free version

  7. If they let me upgrade my current installation without loosing my completed levels, scores, etc. Then I may pay for it.

  8. Andres, there are Angry Birds backup applications in the market that should work.

  9. Awesome! I have been waiting for this to happen. Perhaps this will finally end the reports that Android users don’t pay for apps. This is simply not true. Give us great apps and we will buy them.

  10. I feel it’s getting boring too. I was addicted to it at first but no more.

  11. AT LAST! I’ve been playing Angry Birds in Airplane Mode. The ads make the game lag like a epileptic prostitute.

  12. what’s the deal with angry birds anyway? i played it once. then i analyzed the game mechanics, deduced that the rest of the game would be throwing birds at things to knock them over and sat my phone down.

    i hear there is something to do with egg bombs in later levels? sounds hilarious and repetitive.

    i guess i just don’t understand being addicted to a non-sandbox game.

  13. Angry Birds has ads? LMAO. I really didn’t know that as I use ad-blockers. Huh, well if it is a paid version, I will be happy to buy it to support Rovio for all the lost hours I’ve went through playing the electronic crack known as Angry Birds. I look forward to AB-Rio. Bring it on Rovio!

  14. @king of the sea, you obviously havent played it then.

  15. Also if u dont have rooted device, just add 2 widgets, disable wifi/data and u never see any ads, zo eazzy

  16. already beat it so whelp

  17. angry birds has ads?! I never noticed with my rooted and adblocked phone.. how would I have ever managed without these two amazing things.

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