AT&T, Rogers’ Froyo for Dell Streak Rolling Out


Dell has finally announced the beginning of the Froyo rollout for their Dell Streak (5 inch) on both Rogers and AT&T. The update has been available in leak form for quite some time now. We once believed it may have been shipping on new devices, but that never ended up being the case. It’s finally out now, though, and folks can reasy easy knowing they’re up-to-date with most of us in the Android world. (Except most of us aren’t TRULY up to date as there are only two phones on sale with Android 2.3/2.4 Gingerbread.) Dell for more information. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I guess. It’s better than nothing! Lol.

  2. Was starting to lose hope. It’s about time they released this. AT&T needs to get with the program. Dell has had the froyo/stage update ready for quite some time.

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