AT&T & Samsung: Froyo for the Samsung Captivate Begins Pushing Tomorrow, Feb. 24th


Earlier we speculated that a leaked build of Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Captivate might signal the imminent release of the OS update, and lo and behold through the Galaxy S support Twitter account it is being announced that the new firmware will begin pushing tomorrow, February 24th. Word also come by way of the AT&T Facebook page.

It is likely that the KB1 build currently floating around will be the same build that ends up on devices. By my reckoning the leaves only the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon as the only Galaxy S phone on a national carrier to be lacking Android 2.2. That time will come soon, we suppose.

[via Twitter | thanks, Mike!]

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  1. Well Well Well!!!! Look he finally decided to start supporting their own products and doing what they should do……

  2. Android 2.2 is hardly current but it is a major upgrade over 2.1

  3. About damn time. Ill believe it when I get it.

  4. What are you talking about? My galaxy s has had froyo since november of last year. Dont blame samsung blame american carriers

  5. This has been the longest September ever!

  6. Wow 2.2 is coming. Now more bitching about 2.3. I hope 2012 is real!

  7. This feels like an unexpected Christmas.

  8. @Infinityzero Did I say samsung….???? Did I say carrier…..????? pssh…. Square.

  9. BGR & the QQ’s…

  10. Now Phandroid & the QQ’s…

    I bet if I go to Mobile Engadget, there will be QQ’s there too…

  11. So, what “improvements” does it have over the Rogers’ version released 2 months ago for the exact same hardware?

  12. @Infinityzero It’s both Samsung and the carrier because my Nexus One had 2.2 since May 2010.

  13. Too little and much too late.

  14. In other news things aren’t going so well for the Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets either, there are reports of people’s phones being bricked. I could care less for WP7 but maybe Samsung needs some new employees handling there updates, it is probably two people working in a small room. Samsung has said before on the Engadget show that updating theirs phones isn’t a priority.

  15. Does anyone know if the update has to be done through Kies? Or as OTA update?

  16. FROYO! Oh my God how cutting edge! I can’t believe Froyo has been pushed to the Captivate already! This is seriously bleeding-edge Android at it’s finest! Oh, wait, it’s almost March 2011, and two stories below there was an article about 2.3.3 being pushed to the Nexus S. Good job! I’m sorry, but ANY praise for this is horse shit. Like giving kudos to Motorola for having an unlockable bootloader on an $800 device that YOU own. Do we give bonuses to people who manage to show up to work on time too? Glad I didn’t buy a Sucksung Android phone in the US. For some reason, the US is the bitch-slapped red-headed stepchild market for anything Samsung. I say this from personal experience. Never again.

  17. Rejoice Captivate owners for your time has come. That said, I’m very upset that the Fascinate is not seeing Froyo.

  18. Fascinate is next….

  19. Besides the Nexus S, what other phone is officially on Gingerbread? So go ahead and keep complaining, but our Galaxy S are already caught up to the Evo and Droid X

  20. So with the logic that everyone here is using; we might as well just say heck with it and just buy an iPhone and be done with it…

    Personally, I have a Galaxy S (unlocked) and have had Froyo damn near out of the box. BUT if this fragmentation continues, I’m going to opt for a HP Pre3 and Touchpad.

  21. Might as well wait for gingerbread for the fascinate…

  22. So happy that I returned my Captivate once it was evident they didn’t care about delivering a complete product on AT&T. Buh bye, POS!

  23. Too little to late. I just bought a Motorola Atrix on Monday. Bye, bye Samsung. I won’t be buying s*** from you any time soon

  24. will the GPS fixed? will the hotspot be locked down? will it ROCK OUR SOCKS?? it had better do something, its been to to long!!

  25. I’ll stock with my 2.2.1 Serendipity 5.11 thank you! My Captivate is flawless with it! No official ROM can touch that!

  26. This is good news, but it doesn’t alleviate my concerns about Samsung support. I passed on the Galaxy tab based on support issues with my daughter’s Captivate, and I’m still not particularly happy.

    Now, it’s possible that all this flack was undeserved, that there was some serious hardware incompatability that the Samsung engineers heroically programmed around after months of late-night brainstorming. We don’t know, because Samsung DIDN’T TELL US.

    And that is the real issue, much more important than mere lateness. Not conveying a reason for the delay was the primary mistake Samsung made during this incident. Generic placations may make the corporate lawyers happy, but it loses customers.

    Pragmatically, Samsung could consider it this way: In absence of a credible reason, disgruntled users will make up their own reasons, and they’re almost certainly going to be worse than what actually happened.

    So, Samsung, nice you finally came through (or will tomorrow) but in order to restore trust, you still need to come clean.

  27. Captivate release date July 18 .. so 7 months and you got a updated phone (actually 6 months as the first Froyo phone didn’t launch til August).. myTouch 3g release date was Jul 8th 09, got 1.6 like Aug or September and Froyo update December of 2010 so that was 15 months between updates.. I don’t see myTouch users whining and saying “HTC sucks, never again”.. sheesh, your all going to get the update and then realize that you sure wasted a lot of energy on bitching, and it’s not that big a deal.

  28. @DJ, that’s funny stuff. I couldn’t agree with you more and it’s exactly what I’ve been saying. It’s almost like ATT and Samsung feel as if they are doing US a favor, the ones who keep their comanies aflot, who pay their bills!!! C’mon, we’ve been promised this for months and months and while I shouldn’t complain since I am still a captivate owner, I still feel as if I’m continued to be slapped in the face while they laugh at me.

  29. Actually on equal footing from release of Froyo, The Galaxies are updating about a month and a half behind the HTC myTouch 3G

  30. What about my Transform Samsung :(

  31. I like my cappy but they screwed the pooch by not fixing the malfunctioning GPS. The phone also doesn’t have a camera on the front. Hardly an iphone killer but a decent phone if they supported it better. I am pleased though that att got out an update

  32. If this were news about releasing source codes so cyanogenmod 7 could be finalized for SGS than I would be excited.

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