No Multitouch on Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock, Despite Capability on In-Store Demo Units


If you were out considering the Motorola Atrix 4G and had a chance to check out the laptop dock in-store and subsequently purchased it, you will find that the demo units are mysteriously more capable than the product consumers are taking home. Numerous people are reporting that while checking out the laptop dock demo they very clearly had working multitouch scrolling capabilities, something that almost seems standard for a netbook style device heavily featuring a desktop build of Firefox. Compare that to the actual laptop dock, which doesn’t feature the capability.

According to Motorola, it won’t ever feature multitouch scrolling, either. So don’t go hoping for a firmware update to address this. Based on this we have to assume the demo units either feature different hardware or run a version of multitouch Moto didn’t feel fit for the end user. Just a wee bit disappoint, I should say.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Why would we need multitouch scrolling? Single touch scrolling works well on my synaptics touchpad. In fact, I could even enable multitouch scrolling but I prefer single touch.

  2. That’s a pretty serious accusation.. Why would the demos be any different than the docks they sell ? They would have to custom make the demos.. doesn’t sound right.. not that I would care, I hate track pads anyway.. I’d hook up a mouse.. but seriously, this custom dock thing doesn’t make sense.

  3. That Blows… I think I’ll stay with HTC devices

  4. I bet the product shipped with the wrong build. I doubt they have any intention of misrepresenting the doo doo. It sounds pretty funny though, since I don’t have one of those:-D

  5. just got the atrix, so killer! fast, fast, fast, fast. great screen, can’t wait to watch my pict on the my flat screen. now only one more day till i get the xoom!

  6. First.

    Also, this is an epic fail.

  7. Yeah, i’m never buying a motorola. It is extremly dev unfriendly and it’s ugly. Hurry up and give us the Galaxy S2!

  8. Imagine that, a manufacturer trying to fuck consumers in the ass without them noticing. Only problem is, consumers are getting smarter.

  9. I dont like the location of the Dock on the laptop. If I was sitting somewhere someone could quickly swipe the phone.

  10. @ Contraus, ya, Moto is getting worse and worse, they hit a home run with the OG Droid (my only complaint was the lack of memory), then they turned into faggots and started locking bootloaders, THEN they announced (after people dropped deposits) that the Xoom doesn’t have flash but will soon (heard that one before?) Now, AFTER selling these ridiculously overprices laptop dock things, they say “oh, by the way; remember the demo? well, it’s not really like that, but thank you for your money! and fuck you, fuck you very much! I’ll never buy another Motorola phone again. The bionic spec sheet looks nice, but locked bootloader=go fuck yourself. I don’t care iof it has 19 cores, if I have to wait for VZW and Moto for an update, it’s a worthless piece of shit to me. Obviously, a lot of people will enjoy it and either don’t know about or care about what version they’re on or rooting, etc. and that is great for them, but I’m not one of those people. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

  11. Hope this takes off and becomes the norm for future devices , price is a bit high though .

  12. the phone and the laptop dock is 499 that a fucking deal

  13. goddamn cheese and rice

  14. @JR It is a good deal but it requires a 2-year plan WITH TETHERING CONTRACT. Without the tethering contract, it will cost $500 for the dock and $200 for the phone (on regular 2-year contract) and you can only use it on WiFi.

  15. So they have a demo unit for people to try and decide if they want to buy that has features that the final product doesn’t have?

    Misrepresent your products much Moto? They should be forced to take down all the demo units.

  16. Wow. I checked out the Atrix and Laptop dock at AT&T yesterday and was surprised that it had multi-touch scrolling. I thought all those folks testing the Atrix last week and claiming no multi-touch, were just stupid. I guess it makes more since that Moto and AT&T are this lame.

  17. I have two OG Droids and they are my first and probably last Moto phones I’ll ever buy. Damn shame…I think they make some decent hardware. Moto went from cool to stool in a little over a year.

  18. wow why must people use such language to say what they want, totally inappropriate, i enjoy reading the comments but not the f words etc

  19. I think it is extremely funny how everyone is making such a big deal about the LAPTOP DOCK not having multi-touch. It’s not like the phone is missing one of its cores. Chill out.

  20. That’s dirty.

  21. @mitchell i think it should slide into the body somewhere personally

  22. Moto. Can’t misrepresent. That would be illegae. There has to be an ezplaination.
    Give a joansie awarsd to the besr article explaing gps vs g4. Who would have guessed the conflicts. Certainly worth the strain and pain of typing this on my droid.
    Anyone out there ready for a seven inch phone with tablet, riding the gingerbtrad man,,…my first droid will have to do until they catch up to my imagineation.joansie

  23. So you you need tethering to plug in a keyboard and screen (which is all this laptop is doing for you …) … why!
    You I get that if you didn’t get this you might tether a laptop and a phone – but if you did, you’d have two independently capable devices so if one was broken/stolen you weren’t totally screwed. Seems like Moto got this wrong on so many levels – over-priced, jacked by AT&T tethering requirement. Why should you pay to tether to a dumb terminal – which is what this ‘oh so cool’ laptop dock actually is.

    So, if you buy the other dock – with 3 USB’s and HDMI – will the phone start ‘webtop’ or is that restricted to the overpriced laptop dock ? For that matter, do you need tethering ?

  24. Come guys, if you really need to have a laptop with your phone, just buy a laptop and use the phone as a 3G Hotspot, and just use the laptop, i mean come on, it is just a screen and a keyboard. Buy a normal laptop, and use it, if you get rid of the phone, atleast you wont have a $400.00 shell of a laptop laying around. For the price of that laptop dock, you can buy a netbook, and use it instead. So just chill out about this, its not like Motorola actually cares.

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