PewPew for Android Reminds Me of Geometry Wars [Video]


I stumbled across a new game in the Android market called PewPew today. It was released a couple of weeks ago, but I figured it was worth shouting out if most of you haven’t heard of it. It’s something like Geometry Wars if you’ve ever played that – you move about the playing field trying to avoid and shoot different shapes that are trying to take down your shield and destroy you. The game ends when you run out of lives.

I didn’t play long before making this video, but I played it enough to know that it’ll be a mainstay on my phone for quite some time. I’d love to see this get updated for Xperia Play support in the future as those digital thumbsticks would be perfect for this game. Check out the video above and then head on over to the Android market to check it out for yourself for free.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Geometry War clone… SWEEETTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pewpew is a great game, but it freezes up my nexus s very often. sometimes i just have to wait 1 or 2 minutes until it responds long enough for me to exit the game, sometimes my phone just reboots after a few minutes and i see that my battery has been drained significantly. i can’t even exit to home screen or turn the screen off while it’s frozen. i wish the developer would focus on these issues first before adding new features.

  3. I absolutely love this game. The controls are nice and smooth. But it does get really hard, just like geometry wars.

  4. Stumbled across it, hmmm…

  5. @ soopa
    Did you e-mail the developer? They’re usually responsive. They profit from good comments and care a lot about their apps. It may also be Gingerbread that is causing you problems.

  6. Nice review, gents.


  7. that market page is rarely showing up for me – anyone else experiencing this?
    im from germany

    nice game, wanted to get it when i found it wasnt working (like several times last week)

  8. I am sooo addicted to this…

  9. Don’t forget to also check out
    Geometry Wars 2: Euclid Strikes Back
    and Geometry Wars 3: Return of the Dodecahedrons
    But the prequels sucked. They attempted to prove the parallel postulate in order to fend off the evil Lobachevskiians.

  10. i’ve been playing this game for quite a bit today. So would you guys recommend this or Geometry Wars?

  11. Its soo nice to play pewpew on my galaxy tab =D never had a problem. its smooth und fast =D

  12. nevermind, I just found out Geometry wars is for the xbox lol. Anyway, it runs fine on my Galaxy S as well. Highscore is about 12000 on normal mode.

  13. Kinda reminds me of Meteor Blitz, another outstanding game with wicked graphics.

  14. Hmmm….it wont let me install it from the Marketplace website. Says my Incredible is “not a compatible device”

  15. Awesome! Runs smooth on MT4G with CM7!

  16. Geometry Wars is also out for the Nintendo DS. But I’m going to be trying this sucker out. See how the touch screen works for a shooter like this. I’m a hard sell on touch screen buttons, but we’ll see. :)

  17. Wait wasn’t pew pew listed as on of the so called infected apps? Just checking, as it looks sweet. Anyway once the all clear is given on the market i am so finding some new games.

  18. Did any see the recent posts about PewPew being malware that opens a backdoor and both uploads your personal and phone info to the developer and also downloads malicious apks? Google pulled app along with 50 others from same developer. I loved this game till I saw that.

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