Tower Raiders 2 Beta in the Android Market


I just learned about a game called Tower Raiders – another tower defense game. This one is pretty good, and although I’ve only had a limited amount of time with the beta version of the sequel, it made me want to go and dig out the original. It might have that effect on you, too. And if you already know about Tower Raiders, why didn’t you heartless souls tell any of us about it sooner? I suggest all tower defense fans check it out now in the Android market. [Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I want EB13!!! First!

  2. Tower Raiders is awesome! I never did understand why more people didn’t buy into the first version. It reminds me of Command and Conquer against the computer.

  3. Just tried in Htc Wildfire Cyanomodgen7 nightly….graphics are a lot better than before…..but it’s still a lot buggy! :) However, good job!

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