In One Year Android Market Revenue Grows a Remarkable 862%


If you think all the way back to the launch of the Motorola Droid, you might remember a time when there were no more than 20,000 apps available in the Android Market. Today that number has cross the 250,000 mark. With the increased number of applications should come an increased income, but would you believe that revenue from these applications has grown by 861.5 percent? Well believe it, because it’s true according to IHS. In cold hard American dollars, 2009 saw revenue of $11 million, while 2010 saw $102 million dollars incoming.

Still, with the large increase in revenues on a platform that is quickly becoming the world’s top, this only equates to a 4.7 percent share of the total mobile app revenues. Apple still takes the lead there with an 82.7 percent share of the currently over $2 billion industry.

Something tells us the profits might not increase this much from 2010 to 2011, but with the way Android is quickly spreading, we could see a large chunk of Apple’s lead begin to fade.

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  1. Pretty good for android

  2. I think even if market revenues stayed flat at current levels through 2011, we’d still be looking at 300%+ growth year over year. And it’s not likely that revenues will be anything like flat. I’d say another 600%+ growth year is easily on the way.

  3. And again Kevin. “News” from several days ago.

  4. I remember when there were only 20 apps in the market. Android has really grown.

  5. We need to remember that revenue rests on total number of devices in the wild. Android has just now in the past couple quarters really started to sell in large numbers–this accounts for the big disparity between iOS and Android app revenue. 2011 will be a huge year for Android and hopefully Google will start counting all the tablets and PMP devices. So, we should see massive revenue increase for Android apps by the end of this year.

  6. Is this from paid apps only or does it include revenue from advertising?

  7. of course this would happen when pretty much every device a manufacturer can make has android

  8. Huge revenue not a good thing. The less revenue means apps free which good for us. If all apps free and no revenue mean all apps free and that mean Andeoid win even more market share. Sooner crApple dies sooner apps will be moved to Android and if they free then this is win for Android users.

  9. I laugh at all this with Apple have just 3 phones total and only God knows how many Android has. Android has come along way since the beginning and WP7 is in the same boat now. We’ll see how they’ll do compare to Android.

  10. Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced in his address that Android has 150,000 apps….where did 250,000 come from????

  11. @AndroidFan – Perhaps you live in an imaginary dream world of alternative economic reality, where you are such a special and wonderful person that all software developers should just work for you for free, and how they pay their bills is not your problem. LOL.

  12. 250,000 comes from here I presume but yeah it’s just over 150,000

  13. Data is fishy… Apple goes from $769 to $1782 and that is only 131.9% growth? Seems like 200-something % to me

  14. The true competition will begin after iPhone is introduced on every carrier. Hope Apple comes with screen sizes of 4.5, 3.5, 2.5 this Jun2011. The only diffrentiator that Android really are
    – Carriers
    – Screen Sizes

    Apple come on step it up and android can start licking their wounds….. Go Apple

  15. iphonerules – you stupid American dick. Android rules and you will crawl back under your rock with crApple and other American cronies. No one want crApple any more because it just copy Android handset makers. Only reason why crApple make so much money by ripping off customers. Android will overtake crApple money soon and free world of Americistic garbage.

  16. When I can go on my iPhone find a really cool app, and the go to my inspire and buy the same app I will believe them. Because for every 50 cool apps I find in the AppStore, I might find 1 in the market place. Smh also have you ever played a high end game like modern combat 2 on android and then on iPhone it’s night and day. It’s awesome on iPad and iPhone and is choppy as he’ll on android. I’m using the htc evo and inspire 4g as examples. Why do I need a duo core processor to keep up with the iPhone gaming experience. Smh

  17. @Android Fan – At this moment Android makes money nothing as compared to iPhone. So shut your stupid mouth till your android makes even half of what iPhone makes. You pathetic slum dweller who has no money and respect. Just get lost.

  18. Wow two retards fighting on the internet. May I suggest you work on your spelling and grammar? It leaves much to be desired. At least your ranting will be readable.


  19. @iphonerules – you just are jealous because Android games and apps free and paid ones can be taken free easily. You just upset because crApple sucking up all money from buyers with cheaper imitations of Android phones. The money saved on apps mean we can upgrade two time a year. This mean we get all the Android new innovation with phone innovation. This why Android rules.

  20. @ Simple Engineering I do think you should probably change your nick to Simple Minded. I quote, “Data is fishy… Apple goes from $769 to $1782 and that is only 131.9% growth? Seems like 200-something % to me”….. Since you obviously have a simple mind, I’ll make it simple for you. If Apple sold $769 million one year, then sold $769 million the next year, you would have 0% growth. Get it? You didn’t grow at all, you stayed exactly the same. Now if you double $769 (769 x 2) you get $1538 but you increased your previous year by $769 which would be 100% growth. Since the growth was from $769 mil to $1782 mil (a difference of $1013 million) you increased your sales by 131.9%). The formula is $1013 mil (amount of growth from previous year’s total) divided by $769 mil (the previous year’s sales). BTW, do you own an Apple? Thought so…

  21. There should be a significant growth in revenue now that Google has fixed their server issues with Google Checkout/Android Market not adding valid credit cards. Google that and youll see how many people including me had this problem. We just simply couldn’t purchase apps

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