Skype or Qik Video Calling Coming to AT&T?


While Verizon has Skype and while T-Mobile and Sprint both have Qik, AT&T is the only carrier left out of the loop in regards to a major video-calling service provider. That may change according to PC World, who caught wind of a meeting between the two entities. Skype’s Rick Osterloh says to “…what out for some announcements there” in regards to a deal between them and AT&T. It isn’t concrete confirmation – and even Skype is declining to comment on what PC World alleged was said – but they never outright denied the story so I think we definitely will be on the lookout for some announcements in the (hopefully near) future.

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  1. Everyone knows that the true android faithful who are married to the platform reside on Verizon, Sprint, and Tmobile… At&t is late to the android party and while we as android users should welcome those on At&t we have to wonder how true At&t will be to there customers. Will they allow there android devices on there network to be used as the manufacturer INTENDED them to be??? At&t ALWAYS finds a way to block out something or OVER CHARGE for everything… Verizon copies At&t…… At&t copies Verizon and truthfully these customers are the ones who suffer.. Let’s see if they allow video chat the way it should be done… Plus on a UNRELATED note this EXCLUSIVE CRAP SKYPE has with Verizon NEEDS TO STOP android is android open source and everyone on android should be able to enjoy Skype or NOBODY SHOULD…

  2. ^^^^^ What thruth!!!!

  3. Be careful making generalizations… i have been around since the launch of the G1 which should qualify me as” android faithful” but I have to have AT&T since where I live even their edge speed is faster than Verizon’s 3G and t mo just has nothing away from the highway.

  4. @steve….. Dude how about move away from hicktown, USA? No one cares that your backwards town has shitty cell service. Clearly it isn’t in the other carriers best interest to upgrade service.

  5. Richard has some great points. I feel bad for folks stuck on AT&T wireless. I am going to switch to Verizon specifically for their LTE network and targeted the HTC Tbolt for that reason, but the Skype integration does have me intrigued. I think I would have to move to a better location that had good access to one of the other three networks, just so that I wouldn’t have to give at&t any business. Fortunately, I live in an area where we have strong coverage for all the carriers, so I can be carrier agnostic.

  6. Kinda pointless with a 2Gb capped data plan.

  7. What I don;t get is why Skype is doing this BS picking and choosing which carier can get this. Been waiting for 8 months to have Skype on my EVO. I would gladly even pay 5-10 bucks for this functionality being that we skype all the time with family on the other side of the world!

  8. @Twenty
    Not really. If you are doing a video call, chances are you are neat wifi. Currently skype doesn;t even work over 3g for Android users.

  9. @Bela

    WiFi only is stupid, why limit functionality.

  10. @Dick SHUT THE HELL UP.

  11. @ ace. What? You like dick in your mouth!

  12. How old are you? 5?

  13. Good Ol…. Ace curry strikes again… where is that ASS WIPE ksizzle9, that BUM…

  14. I’m confused. So is Skype video calling only coming to AT&T?

  15. Fuck Skype. Even oovoo make a cross carrier app.

  16. @Reap….At&t just might join verizon as the only carriers with Skype… Sprint and Tmobile use Qik… Oovoo and fring also exist in the android market… The best one for me is yahoo messenger along with the video plug in video chat works well there as well as long as your device has that front facing camera

  17. Would you want a cell phone that only made phone calls to people who had the same carrier as you ? .. Skype should be boycotted and ignored on principle.

  18. @ Twenty,
    I didn’t say it was great, I was just telling it like it is. If you have a data cap of 2GB YOU would be the stupid one for using Skype over 3G and complaining (look at the post I was originally responding to before making judgment). Even so, who the hell is going to do a video call over 3G. I can see it now, walking in the mall and… “Hold on, dad wants to video chat!” While I do agree the limit is stupid, it is certainly not going to be a dealbreaker for most in a VIDEO CALL situation.

  19. who said skype dosn’t work on 3g u must not have verizon cause on my droid x i got two skypes one is called skype mobile which is restricted to 3g and i got one just called skype which is restricted to wifi can’t wait for my thunderbolt. i hope they have a regular skype video chat for that so i can do it over wi fi if i go out the country cause the verizon one will be limited to 3g so u can’t get over when your over seas

  20. @Richard Yarrell you can use the yahoo im with the back camera i do it with my droid x

  21. for everyone pay attention there will be a skyp video chat in the market when they come out with it but verizon and mabey at&t will have the one over 4g or in at&t case hspa+ lmao (hspa+ dosent equal 4g stop lying at&t)

  22. What an ace wipe.

  23. um, i’m kind of surprised no one has mentioned the fact that ATT has ZERO androids with front facing cameras. kind of kills the video chat possibilities. oooh the Atrix will be released soon, so then one phone will have an FFC, and how many people do we think will have that particular model overall?.

  24. Can i ask what exactly the point of this conversation is? Skype OWNS Qik. sooo.. this seems a bit moot.

  25. I really don’t get this article being that I am an AT&T user and just recently switched from an iPhone to HTC Inspire 4G and Skype has been on here for a while. I say for over a year Skype has been on the iPhone and you can do voice/video calls over 3G with an recent Skype update. Also, I got Skype on my Android at the moment, just can’t do 3G voice/video calls.

    The one thing AT&T does that I notice they do for Android devices is try to keep them locked down.

    If there is an exclusive deal Verizon has with Skype its BS.

  26. True as of right now but doubt it will be true for long. Atrix is rumored to be releasing next week and Samsung Infuse sometime during March (rumored for Q1 of this year).

  27. john the lesser, while the Atrix has a FFC and ill be out in a few days (Feb 22nd), AT&T has had the Dell Streak for a while which also has a FFC.

  28. @John,
    The Atrix looks like it is going to be a hot device. I am thinking it will become ATT’s flagship Android device. Look at any other carrier. There are VERY FEW front facing cameras overall. The disparity is not just within ATT’s walls.

  29. Skype has been on ATT for a while. Been using it on my iPhone before I switched to Android recently. Also, I can do video/voice calls over 3G with a recent update they had. @John ATT has 2 Android phones with FFC; Captivate and Dell Streak.

    Also, I don’t get this article because I have a HTC Inspire 4G and I have Skype on here just can’t do voice/video calls over 3G.

  30. I think google should make their own version of facetime so a sprint user can video call a verizon user. Why rely on third party apps? This should be an integrated part of android.

  31. Oovoo is the best for me so far can call phone or laptop. Quailty is great and audio is in sync. I tried them all none compare. Qik is horrible from my experience.


  32. HTC just nixed the video Skype messaging feature, so it will be a definitely plus if AT&T could snag the video call market — which is sure to build the more that consumers buy phones with cameras.

  33. ATT DOES have android with a front facing camera. In fact, it’s first android–the backflip–has a camera on the keyboard so it is either front or back as you need it.

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