Samsung Galaxy S 4G Price is $199.99 After Rebate [Official]


We’d already gotten prices from third-party providers WalMart and Wirefly, but T-Mobile has gone ahead and announced their official pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G: you’ll be able to grab the thing up for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. I’d see if I could get a better deal at a third-party retailer if I were in the market for it, though. Look for this device to hit store shelves starting February 23rd. [via T-Mobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Its nice one but the cost must be some what less .

  2. oh look. a vibrant. with 4g.and correct os. yawn.

  3. Waste of money! The gs2 are coming!

  4. And this is where Samsungs ship will soon start to sink. If people are that STUPID to buy this phone than they should be slapped in the face. At least the people who have knowledge of Samsungs infamous past with smartphones wont fall prey. A vibrant with a front facing camera, 21Mbps? I really doubt that, my girlfriends mytouch 4G wont even reach 7. WARNING: This is just a marketing scheme from both Tmobile and Samsung. Phones will not reach those speeds within the next two years yet they claim to have a phones that go that fast? LOL, Damn liars!

  5. Sad T-Mobile would treat their customers like this.

  6. Well call me stupid because i like what i see. Maybe i will upgrade to this. Oh and i do see samsungs record when it comes to smart phones and from what i have been noticing is a lot of their smart phones have been or are in the middle of getting android updates. Samsung isn’t only just the Behold II. I will go get make up to cover the hand print.

  7. how much does a samsung galaxy s cost?

  8. @jon po engadget did a test of the fastest phones and the gs4g bay every phone with speeds up to 20 mbps dl. So you are wrong there.

  9. @jon you need to chill.

    There is nothing wrong with this phone. If you have a phone from 2010 like the Galaxy S Vibrant, obviously this is not a good upgrade path.

    But if you have an old phone and were looking at getting the Vibrant getting this phone instead makes sense.

    Phone speeds will vary greatly depending on where you are. But if you have the Vibrant from T-Mobile and the Galaxy S 4G and compare them side by side you WILL get faster speeds with the new device.

  10. @poorjon, know what you’re ranting about before posting further bs. You Don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, lol!

  11. Jon Po may have no tact and misplaced hostility, but he is still somewhat correct. The average peak speed for the Vibrant 4G is 7.81 Mbps. For the MyTouch 4G it is 4.71. for the iPhone 4 it is 1.78 Mbps.


  12. Anyone that buys a phone from a carrier through a contract is an American retard.

  13. Fone speeds do vary, greatly. As i dont know, just what is significantly beta with the GS 4g over the GS 19000 2.2? Whats happening with a dual core version? I still believe the 19000 is a brill piece of kit, and Android is the way ahead.

  14. lo que hace la compañia es mantner el producto actual con alguna novedad y a la vez sacar el nuevo manteniendo las ventas o mas.Es lo mismo que apple con el iphone saca el 4 y manteniene el 3,la gente sigue comprando los dos.

  15. look at radio shack they have instant rebates saves time and money

  16. No thanks!

  17. @Elmer Wabbit
    Not necessarily, it depends on the person. If you buy a phone with the plan that you are going to keep it for 2 years, and you make your decision based on whether or not you can live with the phone you buy (as it is as you bought it) then there is nothing wrong with a contract. If your the type that can’t stand to watch other phones than yours progress with hardware and software, then a contract “may” not be for you.. However if you buy a phone off contract then you have to be aware that NONE of the 4 major carriers are compatible in 3G and 4G, and you have to be the type who is willing to go through the hassle of selling your old phone if you get a wild hair to get a new one.. Not everyone wants to deal with these problems, so contract is the way to go for them. If all the carriers were compatible, giving you a wider market for resale (and also giving you the choice to jump ship), then things might be a different story.

  18. @jonpo 21mbps is like not quite 2megabytes per second. When carriers say Mbps it means megabit not megabyte. their are 8 bits in a byte

  19. LOL… You people realize that the vast majority of people are clueless and regardless of what us geeks think, this device will sell no matter what?

  20. omg, i soo want this phone..lol Should i get it or not?

  21. I have an upgrade availabe for only 14-days. I am going to possibly buy this and then sell it as new to make some $

  22. Go to.radioshack there gonna have it.and they do instant.rebates saves time

  23. Damn, i guess the truth does hurt. And to Tq745(are you to stupid to spell your name?) Show me a phone that can hit 20mb download speeds and i will personally hand you a thousand dollars cash. You stupid ignorant fool, it isnt going to happen this year do some fucking research. I see someone dropped out in elementary school

  24. @daveloft no it doesn’t make sense for ANYONE to get this phone. There are like 10 different phones that have surpassed the Galaxy S line and are out or are coming out soon.

    This is just T-Mobile and Samsung trying to get dumb people’s money. It really is a slap in the face.

  25. My G2 regularly does 18 Mbps in the Midwest-so, you were saying what, Nimrod??

  26. Alex you really are a stupid fucking idiot, it is impossible for a G2 to run at 18Mbps if its maximum capacity is only 14.4 fucking retard do some research. Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the first phone to reach 21Mbps, I love when stupid fucking people talk shit. Do some reading, thats if you can read. Check the specs of that shitty G2 of yours and find the facts. I dont know where your getting your useless info or is it that you just have one hell of an imagination. When you actually get some credible info with some proof to back it up come see me. Try to shit out of your ass instead of having it come out of your mouth. Loser!

  27. Oh and Alex! There are nothing but ignorant retards in the “mid-west”. I see your one of the many.LOL!

  28. Lol just read the comment about “Engadget’s speedtest of 20MBPS on the Galaxy S 4G.” If that is the case, then why isn’t it on Endgadget’s website?- http://www.engadget.com/tag/GalaxyS4G/ . If T-Mobile’s HSPA+ does ever hit that speed (which I doubt it does right now, maybe a few years down the line when all the other carriers are doing faster on LTE), it would probably be around 3AM directly underneath a tower.

  29. Idk why people say the G2 is shitty it certainly can hold a candle to any phone that’s available n some of the dual core phones so watch wat u say. It can definitely surpass an Evo cuz my sister has an Evo n it definitely has some glitches and my G2 doesn’t have any that I’m aware of. The G2 was over clocked to 1.9 giga hertz n 2 giga hertz too

  30. When it only runs 800mhz it’s a decent phone more decent then any other. N I don’t wanna hear that bull shit about the keyboard hinge nothings wrong with it your never go to lay down n have your phone facing the floor or nothing so that’s not a good excuse to say it’s a shitty phone

  31. JonPo, thanks for proving you don’t really know anything. Don’t post if you can’t realize possibilities, jerk.

  32. Dude relax! It’s a freakin phone. What do you care if somebody buys it or not. Sounds like someone needs back on their meds.

  33. Dunno why others argue against the G2 unless It’s jealously. Well, here you go. My wife’s G2 gets 15 without issue in Chicago. Now, what was said about the Midwest again? Idiots, lol!

  34. “There are nothing but ignorant retards in the “mid-west”.”

    If that isn’t an ignorant statement, I don’t know what is.
    If you don’t like the phone, that’s fine, but there’s no need to be an asshole about it. Fuck off and wait a few years for a better phone if this isn’t fast enough for you. For some people, this phone WILL be a decent upgrade.

  35. By the way, there are several forms of the word “your”.
    You’RE not doing so well as far as using them correctly go.
    Perhaps you should do some research and learn to use proper English before you spout out rash accusations against strangers’ intelligence.

  36. I wanted this too but at 200 i’ll just wait for the dual core version

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