DROID X “Old Version” Means New Version on the Way?


One Verizon customer signed into their account online that was tied to a Motorola DROID X, and noticed that its title had changed: they’ve appended the words “old version” to the end of it. This may suggest a new version is on the way, but what? A new version could just be a change in SKU – that happens often enough.

But it could also suggest that a sequel is forthcoming. The latter isn’t as likely considering the original X would just remain the X if a sequel were to come out. Just some speculation to pass the time, I suppose. What do you guys think? [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. A “new version” with an unlocked bootloader for the DX/D2would be frikkin’ sweet! Ya, ya, I know, wishful thinking.

  2. Funny their Galaxy Tab is $499 off contract and $499 on contract.

  3. It could be that the old one is the one with more internal phone memory and the new one its the one recently shown with only 2gb internal memory. Maybe?

  4. Droid X Global!

  5. I doubt Moto produce new phone so quick. They slow sluggish company like crApple and BB. they try usual tricks to stop buying the premium handsets from HTC and Samsung. Most likely Moto will cease to exist just after crApple dies. US must realize by now that they can not compete with the faster innovators in far east. They get bogged down in marketing spin and branding crap while the others are focused on coming up with the innovations.

  6. According to phonearena there’s a Droid x 2 coming out. They have leaked photos and everything.

  7. My account also said “old version” in the morning, and later in the afternoon, it changed to “16GB version” and this morning it says “Droid X*”, with the asterisk.

    I read elsewhere that late build Droid X will have only a 2GB SD card instead of 16GB…

  8. Yes the New version of the Droid X will show it’s face very soon. The Droid Incredible S has landed so you have to know that the Droid X 2 is coming just like the htc evo 2 4g will also be coming… It’s ASHAME that it will only be a 3g device on Verizon’s network instead of LTE.. total shame

  9. @8.MArnold: Your right about the 2GB. When the current inventory of DX with 16gb run out, they will ship with 2gb. I had the same thing showing on my account as well.

  10. Droidx and android is always last in everything. Last for updates. Last in best apps. N Verizon is overpriced n over rated

  11. The droid X 2 has been confirmed for weeks, what moron wrote this article?

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