Coming this Spring: Android 2.3 for the HTC Desire


HTC’s new lineup of Android smartphone unveiled at Mobile World Congress will supposedly launch this spring with Android 2.4. That includes the all new HTC Desire S. The original Desire will be getting a little treat as well: an Android OS upgrade. It won’t take the phone to Android 2.4, but it will bring it into the candyland of Gingerbread with Android 2.3, according to an HTC rep at the global-focused mobile event.

The upgrade to Gingerbread for the Desire will roll out two months after the release of the Desire S. This works out to range of late spring/early summer. HTC, unlike some other companies, tends to be a bit more punctual with their Android updates, but we’ll say sometime before summer ends at the worse.

With Gingerbread coming to the original, the small updates in to the Desire S suddenly make it feel a bit less appealing.

[via CNET]

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  1. So I guess that Nexus One owners will have to wait till Spring to get 2.3 as well huh? smdh!

  2. That’s nice to know…but where is my gingerbread update for my N1. They said it was going to be out in early January, starting to think its MIA

  3. Droid Incredible should get it shortly after then since the Incredible was a US version of the Desire for Verizon with a different design and some enhancements.

  4. No reliable or quotable source? I only take it from the horse’s mouth.

  5. what about honeycomb? when …?

  6. Hurray! This is a sexy device and 2.3 will be welcome.

  7. The Galaxy S2 is launching with 2.3 but the Galaxy S phones are still stuck with 2.1. no more samsung.

  8. This is awesome, only a 6 month wait for one of America’s best Android phones.

  9. My provider is cellular south. I know HTC will give 2.3 to the desire, but it is always to the cell providers discretionto release it. I know froyo is coming but when. Hurry hurry slow pokes

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